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San Juan College has helped me get a great education in my hometown. They have prepared me for future 4 year college plans! Thanks San Juan College!
I’m an online student. Some teachers are great and involved while some just throw you in the water and hope you don’t drown
All staff members are very helpful and willing to go above and beyond what they are asked. The campus is beautiful and well taken care of. There is always an event to attend. The website and classwork board are very easy to use. Registration is easy and a very quick process. I have had only good experiences at this college.
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I liked the small town feel of this school. It was small and connected. It was easy to schedule meetings with a professor considering they had time for individual students and seemed to genuinely care about the success of their students. At the same time i feel that advisors would try and lead you in the wrong direction to make money for the school by having you take extra classes that were unnecessary.
Everyone is really nice and all the staff is very helpful. Lots of events and they are fun to attend.
I love San Juan College. The activities here are awesome and the facilities here (for the most part) are kept spotless. The food in Mary's Kitchen is great. The faculty is extraordinarily helpful. I love my BIO-121 class, it's really simple to understand thanks to Mrs. Vliss from SJCHS (I'm from SJCHS, I had Mrs. Vliss for biology last semester).
I am a distance student, which means ALL of my classes are online. When first enrolling, there are plenty of steps to take, but the advisors, websites, and help take you step by step to understand it all. Coming from someone who hadn't been in school for 20 years this was a big help. The online classes are easy to access and the instructors readily available to me. I might never actually step foot on campus, but I'd recommend the school!
This community college is not only well maintained and beautiful, but it keeps it's tuition rates low in order to benefit EVERYONE who wants an education. From the moment I enrolled, I felt so welcomed and the staff is very helpful and attentive to your questions and needs. I always feel like I'm being set up for success.
San Juan college is a Big Bang for your buck. It’s inexpensive with a great teaching staff. I have been lucky to become acquainted with the staff and the facilities in this school. It is a great place to get your associates degree.
San Juan College is the only community college in the Farmington area. Although it is the only college they have terrific professors that are extremely helpful not only in class but also in giving advice. They lead you in the right direction to get help on registering for classes or help on deciding what future professors to take.
A small town college with a lot to offer, it has 3 branches but you can take almost everything at the main branch. There is a large trade school, and also many fine Arts classes you can take. So much of the community happens in and around the campus that its almost impossible to not get involved. Some of the best theater in the area.
My experience being a student at San Juan College is very unique, exciting, and I'm so happy being there because right at the moment I'm taking classes online but after high school in 2019 I will be a full-time student at SJC. The things that I love about San Juan is that it's very simple and you can get your job or task done easily which I love doing. All the due dates are due at the end of the week which works with my schedule. There's no need for changed at San Juan because everything that you need is there all you have to do is ask for help and they will help you.
What I like about San Juan College is the teachers that are provided for us in our programs. For me, I'm majoring in Automotive Technology and my teacher, Jim Rooker, is very knowledgeable in this area. He has over 20 years of experience and provides us answers to questions we have. He's also very good as far as hands on learning is concerned. Whenever i have a question, he's able to answer honestly and to the best of his knowledge. Also, I'm comfortable knowing he's my teacher and that I can count on him. I feel like I've learned a lot more from him aside from the other teachers I've had over the years. I'm taking 4 more classes next year and they're all with him. So as far as San Juan College is concerned, you're guaranteed to find a teacher that will help you in finishing your degree.
I like that the campus is small and easy to navigate. Several courses available online. Easy to use website. Affordable.
This school and the staff involved are helpful and have excellent communication skills. I'm so glad I chose this school to further my education, even online courses make me feel like i'm a part of something greater.
It's a great and accessible school. They offer many great programs and have a wonderful, caring and helpful staff. Some teachers are less than desirable but the good teachers make up for the horrible ones.
Staff are friendly and always willing to help students become successful. Tuition is low for local residents which makes it possible to graduate without a mountain of debt.
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San Juan college has been a great starting point for me in forwarding my career path. All the staff and instructors are very helpful and don't mind taking extra time to help you move forward. This is a great school to help you find your career path or continue your education.
I'm just getting started with the distance learning veterinary technician program but so far they have been super helpful and great to work with. I start school in the fall
Great online program, helpful instructors, resources are readily available, fairly expensive online program.
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