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What I liked about San Juan is that there are a lot of Native Americans trying to earn a degree. What I would like to see is more Native American tribes coming together for greater education. San Juan is a good place the campus is kept clean and presentable. Their directions are clear and understandable as well as the staff.
Excellent customer service. The most reasonable tuition for the community. The academics has a long list to chose from. This makes for many career choices. The instructors are very informative and passionate. The hours for classes and gym use are very acceptable. The library is amazing as well. Classrooms are very easy to find. Friendly and helpful staff. Tutors are always available. Excellent facility. Overall San Juan college is a superb community college.
San Juan College has an excellent educational system. The teachers and students are friendly. The classes are very educational and lectures are informative.
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I very much enjoyed the two Summers that I participated in classes at San Juan. I took classes in their Experiential Education program and my teachers were well trained and very friendly. They were reasonable with their work and their expectations of you. I recommend this school to anyone looking for some fun Summer classes to take or just an associates degree to earn.
I'm currently in my second semester at San Juan College. Is a good college to help in getting your prerequisites done early. Only thing I would change is a bigger exercising area.
As I have gone to San Juan College my experience has been very positive. I am currently enrolled full time in the Diesel Technology program and would fully recommend it to anyone looking for a trade/ career. My instructors in the program have been amazing on hands on learning and discussion on current industry.
After graduation in May 2017, I’ll be in-rolling as full time Welding program. After words San Juan College also offers classes for CDL. I feel this college has much to offer to any age.
San Juan College is conveniently located in central Farmington with breath-taking views of the surrounding bluffs. The classes are affordable and the instructors are very knowledgeable. San Juan College is a short walk away from some major shopping centers and restaurants. However, you'll never have to leave campus if you don't want to because the college has a full cafeteria, bookstore, Starbuck's Coffee café, library, and gym. By the way, the gym, located in the Health and Human Performance Center is free to students. My experience with San Juan College has been more than satisfactory. The only thing that I would change is that I wish it were a four year university rather than a two year community college. With that being said, Fort Lewis in Durango, Colorado is just a short 45 minute drive from the San Juan campus if you need to take higher level classes or transfer to a major university.
Quality Educational experience, a variety of courses offered, location of school is great for small town individuals
Stasting the last semester of the nursing program. It will be the beginning of my career. The first degree towards my dream of becoming a nurse practitioner. Thanks to the college and staff for helping to make it a reality.
Although San Juan College is only a community college, I highly recommend it. SJC has wonderful professors, all who were willing to help their students succeed as best as possible. I graduated from the nursing program and we graduated with a class of 40!! The highest thus far. And lastly, the school café makes an excellent green chili grilled cheese!
Over all San Juan college is a good affordable school to get your start in higher education. The instructors are really friendly and the course list has just about anything you can think of.
My experience about San Juan College was a great opportunity to choose because when I was done with high school it was hard for me to choose with colleges. So when my advisor advise me to go to San Juan I think I made a right option to choose because going through it my first semester I thought it would be hard at first, but I kept my mind strong and strived for greatness to succeed in my classes. I like San Juan College because the instructors and other peers in class they inner act with one another, not also that but give you more advise to keep moving forward in college and to go beyond your majors. I think they don't need any to change in this area because what there doing is perfect to be honest. The reason why is because their putting students to a successful matter to commit to their majors on what they want in themselves.
San Juan College is a great small college where you can get a lot done. Classes are just the right size so you don't get lost in the system and the teachers really seem to care about your future. Personally I have found the staff to be really helpful when it comes to signing up for classes, they are helping me find the best possible path to my degree. Even if you don't finish your schooling here it is a great place to start your college experience.
For a community college, San Juan has great staff who are willing and eager to help you succeed. There are courses for all types of learners and the student population is very diverse which enhances the academic environment.
The college is great. I am in my second semester here and I really feel like the school had set me down the right path.
This is my first year at San Juan College. So far I am enjoying it. Its a small community college and a great place to start you're first year of college. Its also great to be a resident because the tuition is not so much.
San Juan College is a smaller community college in Farmington, NM. It is for the most part a 2 year college however they are starting to obtain 4 year programs through other universities, for example they now have a bachelor program for nursing through the University of New Mexico. It is a great college to go to if you aren't sure what you want to major in. They have tons of classes you can take in order to get your pre requisites out of the way. It's a clean campus and a safe campus. There are some pretty good professors there too! San Juan College also participates in a Dual Credit Program so that high school juniors and Seniors can get college credits while in high school. I knew a couple people that graduated with their associates degree days before graduating high school. It's a nice community college!
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Great overall experience! Very easy and the advisors are very helpful.
Long distance student. Not sure
I have learned a lot at my college. By no means are classes easy online but I feel like I learn a whole lot more.
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