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Overall I felt that SJSU is a great campus. It is diverse, has many activities for students to do, and the professors are excellent as well. One way I feel the campus could use some improvement is on how safe it is, as there does seem to be a high occurrence in crimes that happen. Overall though I feel like SJSU is an excellent college and would highly recommend it.
So far, my experience with SJSU has been satisfactory. My only complaint is that the website is a bit counterintuitive, making it difficult to locate what you need. Otherwise, all human interactions I have had have been lovely. All questions have been answered in a timely fashion, and I feel taken care of.
As an incoming freshmen at San Jose State University, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the spartan scholar program that helps me with my remedial courses. Everything is pretty much covered for this scholarship including the dorm for the whole summer program. I really like the environment on this campus and everyone is very friendly and helpful.
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San Jose State is the perfect college if you're looking for your first big break in the silicon valley. The campus is fairly small so getting around campus is just a 10 minute walk. Some of the classrooms such as in the science building need to be replaced as they are very old. San Jose State is located in the middle of downtown so walking around at night can sometimes be unsafe.
During my time at SJSU the campus was undergoing major construction. As a result, the school has a beautiful new student union and health center. The professors in the history department are passionate about their work and supportive of students. GE classes are however, difficult to register for due to the school being impacted.
I've had a very positive experience so far in the academics side of San Jose State University. My professors have been very inspiring and engaging. The class sizes are small which is a pleasant surprise. I feel encouraged to ask questions and discuss my ideas in all my classes so far. I wish the social side of SJSU was improved. I hope it expands moves past its "commuter school" title. I wish there were more events on campus that lasted all day so I could attend them inbetween classes.
I didn't know how I felt about going here but once I did, I'm so glad I did. I have made life long memories living on campus and being in the silicon valley has opened so many doors for me.
San Jose State University is a very diverse, friendly campus centered in the heart of the Bay Area's Silicon Valley. It has a wide range of classes to choose from to enable students to choose their career pathway.
I like San Jose State because the resources are abundant and the location is great because it is close to my house. I think something that I am really disappointed is that the school starts way too much construction right after I attend. It not only looks bad but also noisy.
I love the diversity that this campus has to offer. Its not just one group of race domineering the others; it is an equal amount. Also, it has its fair shares of exchange students coming in as it goes out every year. The campus may seem small compared to other campuses but it is still fairly huge and really clean. It puts a lot of focus on their academics as well as athletics. Although there might be a few professors that should try to learn to teach better, SJSU has a great faculty that tries to help the students.

The housing situation is really great too. There can be a few improvements for the students regarding housing but they are doing the best they can to help the students out.

SJSU does have a lot of events that students can go too, which is a plus. There are events that every club can enjoy also.
I like it. My department was small so we really got to know each other well. The campus is right downtown so there's no shortage of bars. Schools spririt is there if you surround yourself with it, however, most don't as it is kind of a commuter school with a sizable older population.
I love the campus, but I wish the location would be better. I do not feel safe in this school, specially when I am taking night classes. I love their MSW program, and hope to join in it two years from now.
SJSU has a diverse population in campus, not only of students but instructors as well. I enjoyed classes and teachers are very supportive. Campus is beautiful!
San Jose State University is a great school. I love the campus. The people were very friendly. The school had a major that I would love to study for and its own department.
So far, my experience with San Jose State has been exceptional. The only thing that has concerned me thus far is the constant construction on campus. Each teacher that I have had has been remarkable.
There are many perks about going to San Jose State for me personally. The location is convenient and the area is filled with lots of great food locations. The area can be somewhat dangerous but if you don't stay there after dark for too long you will be fine. I've had so many amazing professor throughout my 2 years at San Jose State and I wouldn't have choose any other school.
I love the environment of SJSU and I have never had a bad experience with any of the faculty or any of my peers!
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I would like to see better lighting around the campus so it does not look too dark later in the day. The new facilities and building improvements are great, and looking forward to more. The campus looks amazing too with addition of greenery. The free events with prizes and food helped to enhance the experience at San Jose State University. The new extended study hours at the library is a great touch to the academic side for students.
My experience with San Jose State has been great. The school has a lot of diversity, which is a different environment then what I am use to. The school provides a lot of resources that help students be successful in their academics. In addition, many of the staff members are willing to help students with course work. School is in need of an update. Many of the buildings are old and lack the innovations of today.
My experience at SJSU has been relatively normal thus far. Like many universities, the experience often depends on what a student makes of it. Personally, I found a few professors in my area of study to be exceptional and continue to apply what they've taught me. The campus is nice, however there is often construction going on. New buildings and complexes are being developed, and while that may benefit students in the future, it tends to be disruptive for current students. Truthfully, it is tolerable to me because I enjoy the overall aesthetic of the campus as well as its location in downtown San Jose. It is extremely easy to participate in local events downtown when you live on or near campus.
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