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I like the school. Not bad but not super perfect. It's a little bit above average. The environment around it is pretty scary at times and smart to use the buddy system, or even group, and know where and where not to go when it's dark. The teachers and people are nice at the school. Beautiful campus, lots of green and very photogenic.
I visited SJSU when I was a freshman in Impact Academy. I had a great time just as a visitor. The campus is very well kept and students looked like they enjoyed it there. I had the chance to sit in a class and watch a professor teach, it was fascinating and would definitely recommend SJSU to anyone.
San Jose State University has an overall modern feel to it with the new buildings and additions. They are continuing to improve campus life.
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I started school here in 2008, and problems started from day one. The school is over crowded, difficult to get classes, and abysmal student support staff. The focus for SJSU was on college athletics and greek life. If you are not part of one of these organizations on campus, your college "experience"may not be what you always expected.
I'm having a lot of fun so far here. You get out what you put in, especially when it comes to the social aspect. In can easily be a commuter school if you don't try to make lasting connections with those on campus. The new dorms are up and are extremely nice, a new gym/aquatic center are going up, along with many other projects to improve the campus. This is a good choice for those who still want to be close to the Bay Area. New BART stations will be opening within the next year or two so commuting will be much easier then. Parties here get crazy and it really depends who you know in order to get into them. You don't need to be Greek to party here.
Good college in the heart of silicon valley. Very diverse student body with many clubs. Downtown area has lots of good food but also large homeless population. Engineering, and science classes are impacted and hard to get into.
Loved my time at SJSU! My professors were amazing and very knowledgeable. They kept up with current trends and really went above and beyond for the students in my teaching credential program.
I attended San Jose State University all 4 years for my undergraduate career. I enjoyed the hot weather and diverse environment. This school offers many clubs and greek organizations on campus that is available for various types of people. What I liked most about San Jose State University was the campus library and location. It is located right off of the 280 freeway and downtown San Jose was just a few blocks away from the campus. The library stands 8 floors high, with study rooms available on each floor for groups or individual study. There are also many places to eat around campus, as well as nightlife such as clubs and bars that are close by. San Jose State recently finished their construction and has a great display of new buildings and amenities for students to enjoy. Because San Jose State University is located in close proximity to the downtown area, many homeless people tend to walk near or on the outskirts of campus.
San Jose State University offers an excellent, progressive, inclusive environment, socially and academically. They offer numerous student organizations with a diverse community. There are plenty of campus resources in addition to community resources for all those who are in need. Definitely recommend for those looking for an open-minded, positive, supportive place.
It was an alright school. Unless you lived in the dorms or know people at the dorms you wouldn't know what was going on campus. People keep to themselves most of the time and a lot of teachers seem to only be there just to be there. Other than that, it is a public school be careful it is not as safe of a campus due to a lot of homeless people living there and countless alert texts. Lastly, school lacks funding and major budget cuts, which means it's harder to get classes and you got to make sure you get priority because you wont get the classes you need if you dont!
It is an amazing campus. I've visited this campus quite some time now and had enjoy my experience each and every time.
Small, great campus. May need some updates to buildings. Best for Engineering and Business. For other majors, look elsewhere.
San Jose State University is located in downtown San Jose, within easy walking distance of entertainment and shopping. The university is highly focused within its majors, and offers classes that well prepare students for a career-- both in education and connections.
I am an art major in spatial (sculptural) arts.I am in my second semester of my graduate program. I have enjoyed the classes I have taken so far. The teachers here are really interested in your success.
San Jose State University is an amazing school. They have various different programs, clubs, events, etc that can make you feel at home. All of the teachers that I have had offered me all the help they could give. The campus is diverse and accepting and I never feel like I don't belong.
The school experience is what you make of it. Lots of diversity, great professor/mentor support if you seek it out.
My exeperience at San Jose State is amazing the teachers are very helpful they let you know when their able to give you a one on one time conversations. As well as let you know what resources are avaliable for you to use free of cost. Along with trying to make your experience as comfortable and easy as possible as they can.Which is great because in a class of 500 student or more it's hard to answer everyone's question and needs.
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SJSU have lot to offer to their students. As a student myself, I enjoy visiting to the MLK library where I can be able to work, study, and hang out with my friends. I also love going to the SJSU Art building. All artist students comes from various states and have different art backgrounds. The art professors are also helpful teaching and mentoring the students on developing their skills. One thing that SJSU should change is to provide more art classes as well as finding more art facilities.
I like the downtown area surrounding San Jose State. There is always something to do and to eat in the late hours. I would like to see dorm improvements such as new furniture in the common rooms.
If I could go back in time, I definitely would've gone to another school. The culture he is not that great, no real sense of community, and often times the administrators are incompetent.
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