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My experience in SJSU, had been remarkable. For example, the professors are very accommodating when you are in need of assistance or are struggling with a subject. This school has a variety of events for FREE for the students, and they have great resources to help the student.
I very much enjoyed my experience at SJSU largely due to the social aspect. SJSU is a fun school to go to. The campus is small. I don't know how it looks now but when I was there it was like a construction zone everywhere. One thing that is important to note is that downtown San Jose is not exactly the safest area to live. Every day I would get alerts of someone being either robbed, shot, sexually assaulted, ect... Nothing ever happened to me; however, I have had friends who have had things happen to them.
I am a junior transfer student at San Jose State University. So far, my experience has been great! There are a lot of resources students can take advantage of!
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It is a small school but has alot to do, downtown is right next to the school and everything you need is a walkable distance.
University is solid all around. Some facilities are brand new while others make you question why they aren't torn down yet. Professors come from both sides of the spectrum and can be hit or miss.
San Jose state university is a very diverse campus. There is a place for everyone, and anything desired to do. Professors are very nice, and helpful if you reach out to them. In addition, the campus is very close to San Jose downtown in case students want to eat something else that is not offered on campus.
It is a very diverse campus where you can be involved in pretty much anything. If you like a certain thing or activity, there will already be a club/ team/ organization that is present on campus. Whether it may be Greek life, or playing on a sports team. San Jose State university is a place to be yourself.
San Jose State has a beautiful campus with many student resources available, such as the MLK library, the wellness center, the sports club, and the student union. The student population is very diverse and almost like a community. The professors I've had have been great thus far. You get a mix of small and large class sizes but most professors are still willing to work with individual students.
Beautiful campus. The people are very nice. However, it is a commuter school so you will not see many people around. Also, it is not unexpected in the city, but there are a lot of assaults on campus. I would recommend to have pepper spray.
I have a very great experience with San Jose State University. The school offers many great programs and offers free supplies & resources to students.
I love San Jose State University. It offers many great services for the students. The teachers are amazing and knowledgable in the subject they teach. The campus is beautiful and many great areas to study and/or relax. The student population is very diverse which is nice. They have very good food shops in or around the school so you never get bored.
I like about San Jose was the friendly atmosphere. It was different from Southern California. There were new people I am able to met. The campus is very easy to navigate around and was not like the other campuses I have visited before San Jose. I enjoy the weather in San Jose.
I went to SJSU for a college tour and automatically fell in love with the campus. The environment on campus was great which included the greenery on campus everywhere and the people with welcoming attitudes.
LOVE the school! Teachers are extremely helpful, kind, and want the best for their students. The students are exceptional, everyone is kind to each other.
I love how diverse it is and the fact that everyone is working together to get by the 4 years! It makes me feel at home and comfortable.
San Jose State University is an incredibly diverse school, but it is not that good at representing it's students. We pay over $40,000 to attend, yet our school library is open to the public. I do not see the benefit in this, it makes me feel unsafe and cheated out of my right as a student to have the library only for other students (like Trinity College in Dublin). The campus is open to the public, but you need a special key card to get into the library.
SJSU is a highly diverse school which is what made it stand out to me the most out of all the universities in California. There is so much school pride here. There are school spirit events going on all of the time and there are so many opportunities for campus involvement. There are a lot of clubs and organizations to choose from. Additionally, there are so many concerts on campus. In my two years of being here, I've seen DJ Carnage, Future, YG, Young Thug, Fifth Harmony, DJ Alan Walker. Some of these were free to SJSU students!
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San Jose State University is very crowded. My classes are great. Parking is an on-going conflict. The food-court is always crowded just as most places on campus.
I enjoy the students and the personalities of the professors here. There is very little to do on weekends and many people go home on weekends. I live in a suite on campus as a first year and 7/8 of my roommates go home every weekend.
I have fixed feelings about SJSU thus far. I chose this school as it came highly recommended and communication seemed good prior to starting. Since starting that has changed. From day one we got an incorrect class schedule just three weeks before the program started. We’re still waiting for grades from a class that ended nearly 2 months ago.
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