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I love the diversity that this campus has to offer. Its not just one group of race domineering the others; it is an equal amount. Also, it has its fair shares of exchange students coming in as it goes out every year. The campus may seem small compared to other campuses but it is still fairly huge and really clean. It puts a lot of focus on their academics as well as athletics. Although there might be a few professors that should try to learn to teach better, SJSU has a great faculty that tries to help the students.

The housing situation is really great too. There can be a few improvements for the students regarding housing but they are doing the best they can to help the students out.

SJSU does have a lot of events that students can go too, which is a plus. There are events that every club can enjoy also.
I like it. My department was small so we really got to know each other well. The campus is right downtown so there's no shortage of bars. Schools spririt is there if you surround yourself with it, however, most don't as it is kind of a commuter school with a sizable older population.
I love the campus, but I wish the location would be better. I do not feel safe in this school, specially when I am taking night classes. I love their MSW program, and hope to join in it two years from now.
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SJSU has a diverse population in campus, not only of students but instructors as well. I enjoyed classes and teachers are very supportive. Campus is beautiful!
San Jose State University is a great school. I love the campus. The people were very friendly. The school had a major that I would love to study for and its own department.
So far, my experience with San Jose State has been exceptional. The only thing that has concerned me thus far is the constant construction on campus. Each teacher that I have had has been remarkable.
There are many perks about going to San Jose State for me personally. The location is convenient and the area is filled with lots of great food locations. The area can be somewhat dangerous but if you don't stay there after dark for too long you will be fine. I've had so many amazing professor throughout my 2 years at San Jose State and I wouldn't have choose any other school.
I love the environment of SJSU and I have never had a bad experience with any of the faculty or any of my peers!
I would like to see better lighting around the campus so it does not look too dark later in the day. The new facilities and building improvements are great, and looking forward to more. The campus looks amazing too with addition of greenery. The free events with prizes and food helped to enhance the experience at San Jose State University. The new extended study hours at the library is a great touch to the academic side for students.
My experience with San Jose State has been great. The school has a lot of diversity, which is a different environment then what I am use to. The school provides a lot of resources that help students be successful in their academics. In addition, many of the staff members are willing to help students with course work. School is in need of an update. Many of the buildings are old and lack the innovations of today.
My experience at SJSU has been relatively normal thus far. Like many universities, the experience often depends on what a student makes of it. Personally, I found a few professors in my area of study to be exceptional and continue to apply what they've taught me. The campus is nice, however there is often construction going on. New buildings and complexes are being developed, and while that may benefit students in the future, it tends to be disruptive for current students. Truthfully, it is tolerable to me because I enjoy the overall aesthetic of the campus as well as its location in downtown San Jose. It is extremely easy to participate in local events downtown when you live on or near campus.
It is a very nice school. Everyone there is nice and amazing. There is strong diversity of people who are all ambitious and hard working. I will say that it is an impacted school and classes could be hard to get, but overall, with the school impacted, it just means more people to meet and connect with.
I like the school. Not bad but not super perfect. It's a little bit above average. The environment around it is pretty scary at times and smart to use the buddy system, or even group, and know where and where not to go when it's dark. The teachers and people are nice at the school. Beautiful campus, lots of green and very photogenic.
I visited SJSU when I was a freshman in Impact Academy. I had a great time just as a visitor. The campus is very well kept and students looked like they enjoyed it there. I had the chance to sit in a class and watch a professor teach, it was fascinating and would definitely recommend SJSU to anyone.
San Jose State University has an overall modern feel to it with the new buildings and additions. They are continuing to improve campus life.
I started school here in 2008, and problems started from day one. The school is over crowded, difficult to get classes, and abysmal student support staff. The focus for SJSU was on college athletics and greek life. If you are not part of one of these organizations on campus, your college "experience"may not be what you always expected.
I'm having a lot of fun so far here. You get out what you put in, especially when it comes to the social aspect. In can easily be a commuter school if you don't try to make lasting connections with those on campus. The new dorms are up and are extremely nice, a new gym/aquatic center are going up, along with many other projects to improve the campus. This is a good choice for those who still want to be close to the Bay Area. New BART stations will be opening within the next year or two so commuting will be much easier then. Parties here get crazy and it really depends who you know in order to get into them. You don't need to be Greek to party here.
Review San Jose State University
Good college in the heart of silicon valley. Very diverse student body with many clubs. Downtown area has lots of good food but also large homeless population. Engineering, and science classes are impacted and hard to get into.
Loved my time at SJSU! My professors were amazing and very knowledgeable. They kept up with current trends and really went above and beyond for the students in my teaching credential program.
I attended San Jose State University all 4 years for my undergraduate career. I enjoyed the hot weather and diverse environment. This school offers many clubs and greek organizations on campus that is available for various types of people. What I liked most about San Jose State University was the campus library and location. It is located right off of the 280 freeway and downtown San Jose was just a few blocks away from the campus. The library stands 8 floors high, with study rooms available on each floor for groups or individual study. There are also many places to eat around campus, as well as nightlife such as clubs and bars that are close by. San Jose State recently finished their construction and has a great display of new buildings and amenities for students to enjoy. Because San Jose State University is located in close proximity to the downtown area, many homeless people tend to walk near or on the outskirts of campus.
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