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LOVE the school! Teachers are extremely helpful, kind, and want the best for their students. The students are exceptional, everyone is kind to each other.
I love how diverse it is and the fact that everyone is working together to get by the 4 years! It makes me feel at home and comfortable.
San Jose State University is an incredibly diverse school, but it is not that good at representing it's students. We pay over $40,000 to attend, yet our school library is open to the public. I do not see the benefit in this, it makes me feel unsafe and cheated out of my right as a student to have the library only for other students (like Trinity College in Dublin). The campus is open to the public, but you need a special key card to get into the library.
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SJSU is a highly diverse school which is what made it stand out to me the most out of all the universities in California. There is so much school pride here. There are school spirit events going on all of the time and there are so many opportunities for campus involvement. There are a lot of clubs and organizations to choose from. Additionally, there are so many concerts on campus. In my two years of being here, I've seen DJ Carnage, Future, YG, Young Thug, Fifth Harmony, DJ Alan Walker. Some of these were free to SJSU students!
San Jose State University is very crowded. My classes are great. Parking is an on-going conflict. The food-court is always crowded just as most places on campus.
I enjoy the students and the personalities of the professors here. There is very little to do on weekends and many people go home on weekends. I live in a suite on campus as a first year and 7/8 of my roommates go home every weekend.
I have fixed feelings about SJSU thus far. I chose this school as it came highly recommended and communication seemed good prior to starting. Since starting that has changed. From day one we got an incorrect class schedule just three weeks before the program started. We’re still waiting for grades from a class that ended nearly 2 months ago.
Really took a while to get adjusted here. There is no help if you're struggling to choose a major. Counselors did not show any interest in actually helping until I switched to kinesiology. On the bright side there are many great professors at SJSU. Courses were tough but manageable if you don't overload yourself.
At first I wad a bit skeptical about coming to San Jose State. Mainly because it was still a bit too close too home, however; I have found the campus and environment here really nice. The students here are very friendly and the professors are always willing to work one on one with you.
It is really what you make of it. There are so many opportunities to get involved so there is really something for everyone. I am in multiple clubs which is making the experience for me great. The school plans a lot of events which don't always get a great turn out but I think they just need to advertise them better. Some teachers are very helpful but some couldn't be bothered if you pass or not. I guess that happens at every school though. I have had some amazing professors that have truly inspired me. It isn't perfect but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Get involved and you will have a great college experience.
Being a first year attending San Jose State University, it was fairly easy to make my transition from Southern California. My freshman orientation was lead by orientation leaders who made it easy to settle us in with the beauty of our campus. On sight, the campus is always clean and always seems to have a shine when you are looking at our sights. The people hear are so diverse and willingly to help. The professors, the academic advisers, even the students all seem to share the same goal and that goal is to help each other reach their own.
Diversity is one of the aspects that I came to SJSU. Not to mention, this university is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, hence giving many of the students the opportunity to explore for internships in some of our most excellent companies such as Tesla, Adobe, and so forth. Nevertheless, personally, I enjoy my college life within the dorms because I was able to meet new people, connect with my professors, and attend workshops that would help polish my resume. Also, the classroom ratio is 20:1, hence giving each student the opportunity to ask their professors questions, compared to other research institutions such as U.C Berkeley, U.C Santa Cruz, and so forth. I hope you all enjoy your time in San Jose State.
It's a diverse campus and you can always find something to do. Professors are very nice and willing to help you out
What I like about San Jose State University is that it is really diverse with many different individuals present. Something I would like to change is the cafeteria food that freshmen are forced to eat, there needs to have better food options since I have almost gotten sick from it. People have already gotten food poisoning from it besides that, it is the only thing I would like to change from San Jose State University.
I enjoyed my time at SJSU very much. It's a great place 2 be a young undergrad at! Campus is very nice.
Beautiful location. Wonderful professors!
SJSU is an AWESOME college campus and has a AMAZING education system. The university was built in the 1850's and is one of the oldest in the West Coast college systems!

SJSU is VERY WELL CONTAINED I.e. Campus housing; academic, social and athletic activities; campus police/policing; MANY food choices. There is definitely not a need or reason for FROSH (freshmen) to leave campus.

We love the university is DIVERSE ethnically, academically and socially. SJSU is centrally located in the heart of San Jose. It's surrounded by a lot of great culture and beautiful old architecture.
The diversity on campus is amazing, and the personalities are something that you don't see at other schools. The students and staff are very friendly and there is a lot to that goes on around the campus and outside the campus.
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I love how there is a lot of things to do on campus. It is also lucky that because it is in a big city there is plenty to do outside of the campus. There are plenty of local food hot spots, and places to shop at as well. Tailgating at SJSU football games are one of my favorite activities to do. There is always a good vibe going around. This college is so diverse and they make it known that they are all treated equally.
SJSU is a great University located in the heart of downtown San Jose. It is surrounded by a large variety of food, night life, and entertainment.
It is very inclusive and diverse. However the area is not so good and there have been safety concerns, but it is slowly getting better.
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