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San Joaquin Valley College - Visalia Reviews

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My overall experience with SJVC is good. The staff is good and friendly. If you need any sort of help, someone is always available to assist you.
So far the school has done a great job of providing us with all resources to ensure we are able to finish what we set out to finish. I highly recommend this school to anyone wanting to attend a technical school!
I am currently studying at San Joaquin valley college. I don't regrets signing up and attending SJVC for many reasons. I like the fast pace environment of the school itself, the teachers/instructors are very supportive, the financial aid employees are very helpful when needed and encourage other methods of payments to be flexible to your expense in a timely manner.
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I believe the majority of the instructors for the RN program truly care about their students. But for the price, theres a lot lacking.
Teachers are great with working on you if you need help. Everyone is so friendly. When you first apply and get accepted you ring a bell and everyone comes out to congratulate you on starting college. You also get a free college shirt. What I love most about SJVC is that you can be any age and still go back to school to get the job of your dreams and the counselors make sure to help you get accepted.
i am currently studying at san joaquin valley college. i have no regrets attending sjvc for many reasons. it made me more a better person, much responsible i believe :), i get to like things that i would never think i’d like. Teachers and all the staffs of san joaquin valley are soo courteous & polite to students. they teach proficient and help us if needed. Not only in school related activities but also in real life matters.
I love that online classes. The instructors are so helpful super professional as soon as you walk in there’s willing to help.
I like be the one on one chats with teachers and how they work with your situations especially for me being a first time mom and all.
I have had an amazing experience at SJVC. I struggled with math classes my entire life, and I not only passed, but I truly learned the material, and had a great time in the classes. The hands-on experience I have received has really helped tie class discussions and real-life scenarios together. The educators are phenomenal and truly care about your progress and go above and beyond to provide extra assistance to any student needing extra help. If I could go back in time, the only thing I would change is having started my program sooner.
School is great. Everyone is very welcoming, but it is a very expensive school for it being a junior college. My experience has been good.
The school environment is great. its hard work but if it wasn't why would you need to pay money to learn it
The job opportunities after finishing school are endless
The class size is great we all work together nicely. The instructors and staff are friendly and always ready to help. the re is a wide variety of programs that are available
The admissions people are amazing and very friendly. I have yet to meet with the career services people but look forward to it
The Pharmacy Tech program is tough at first. there is a lot of work and you do need to study like crazy. But the instructors are amazing and always willing to help. But i would recommend that you put aside time to review as often as possible
My instructor is great. The classes are fast paced and challenging. Overall the best school i have attended
Everything is great so far
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They will help you find a job once completed and even have free business attire for those who might not be able to afford it during interviews which is amazing.
Thre professors are very knowledgeable and I enjoy that our class size is not huge. They are willing to answer questions in depth and are committed to our success.
Love my school so far!
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