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San Joaquin Valley College - Temecula Reviews

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This is a great school. The staff is outgoing and caring. No one wants to see you fail. Teachers will take time out of their day to tutor you or answer your questions. The material provided for you is everything that you need to get through the course. I would choose this school all over again if I had to. I have no regrets in my career choice or school. As I get closer to graduation, it's bittersweet to be leaving this fun, friendly environment. I recommend this school to those looking for medical or business careers. You won't regret it.
Scheduling is very flexible. I was able to accurately study and still have time for my family.
Online courses were very user-friendly and an appropriate amount of material for an online course.
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The school offers a career center which helps students obtain quality jobs after graduating which is a huge bonus to this school.
My overall experience has been wonderful. The quality of my education has been able to further my career and my self confidence.
The value of a degree from this school is comparable to other school's degrees, although the program is more accelerated and fast.
My schedule is very flexible and open allowing me to study and still have quality time with my family. An internship is offered at the end of my program allowing me to expand my knowledge in my career field.
Everyone is extremely helpful and they very much so care about the student's and their success.
I havent really had any online course work.
I haven't really gotten that far to using those services.
The courses so far are great and interesting. The professors are good hands on professors.
So far so good. To early in the program to land internships or jobs but learning a lot.
Iv'e learned quite a bit.
So far so good. Im learning a lot of new things I never knew before. It is a great school if you want to learn a trade quick and efficiently.
The Academics at this school provided us with great knowledge. There were many resources, especially in the medical field, i've discovered so much help in each of my classes. I knew that if you actually wanted this, you'd achieve the A you deserve but when you slack off, "party" rather than "study", your mind is twisted. I admit, my first mod, I was stuck in that surreal "college life" but after learning the professionalism and your academic appearance, I've valued my academics as my first priority.
Each class had 1 project. Each project you'd have to present and by that, I've worked on my communication skills, speech, and my coordination. Each week was a quiz, 3rd week was midterm and 5th week was our final. I studied not to memorize but to learn and actually have knowledge.
People are friendly, diversity is strong, activities are credible, and professionalism is enforced. Success only leads to how you value your success. They focus on us being able to do great in the real world, that what we present at school, we present greater outside. I've grown from attending this school.
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Like I stated in the previous review, they had me to "Mock Interviews" to prepare me. It showed me my strongest and weakest points when it comes to being interviewed. They also have a course that specializes only in Resume building as well as Applications and Professionalism. It helped me a lot. I wished I could've taken this classes prior to all my previous interviews and applications.
I am about to enter my externship next week, and they've had me do "Mock Interview" which helped a lot as well as "Externship Orientation" of what to do and what not to do and expect at your externship. Ive learned that even though its an externship and you have to complete certain amount of hours, that you should take is as if its your career.
Overall experience, it is the best because of the fact that they work with you to make sure you succeed and prepare you for reality. If I could, I would go back to when I was 18 and would've started this sooner rather than attending Community College in which I only complete my GED courses. It wasn't a waste but I wished I'd known about SJVC beforehand.
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