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San Joaquin Valley College - Rancho Cordova Reviews

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I had a really positive experience attending SJVC from 2009-2011. I had previously attended Heald College earning 2 degrees and had a bunch of problem with them in my last school year. I ended up leaving Heald Rancho Cordova and gave SJVC Rancho Cordova a try. This was a very good investment and worth the time I spent t here in the Business Administration Program. I was able to get the 1 on 1 help I needed. I met new people, listened to other view points and most of all I was able to become the first graduate in my family. I will never forget SJVC Rancho Cordova. That is where it all started for me.
It's okay not really much going on just review but Im excited for my other classes in the future.
I'm having a great time just some bumpy rides but its nothing big. I would like to have more clubs more spirited campus.
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I got to really get hands on experience.
I feel that I'm going to have in debt with a lot of money.
The student body is bad the president is full of ideas but none of the students or facility is involved or encouraging.
I had a great time with my professors so far but I had a problem with one she would make me feel that she was more supreme to everyone it made me feel like I was not worth it.
Many of my classmates felt like the campus was not open LGBT community I understand it's a private college but that doesn't make it okay to judge others.
The professors try to post there grades but the network isn't good so it takes awhile to see our grades.
It's not big student center is very fair small section for books and computers. No athlete team ass well.
It's a great school, my only complain is size and environment. The school is not big its small with no cafeteria.
So far SJVC has been great. There really isn't much to complain about. They expect a lot from their students, but give us all the information to not only succeed but be the best in our field. I am proud to be a student at SJVC
Our student body comes from all over and we are different in many ways. There are very young and much older students, many different religious backgrounds and social/economic backgrounds. We all get along pretty well and there is a lot of support and encouragement for our fellow students
My program is a lot of work, but the instructors really are there for all of us to succeed. I feel like the tuition is a little high, but we have very high end equipment and its an excellerated program
The classes we have to complete are very straight forward. You either have the credits to transfer in or you don't
My only wish is there was someone for us to sit down with face to face and not over the internet on a conference call w/ video
SJVC is all about helping its students to succeed and engaging us outside of class with community service and outreach
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Not too familiar with the post grad services at this point. I am giving a good rating based on what I have heard and not my personal experience
Overall my experience has been great. The instructors have been awesome and everything is going really well. The only negative thing I would have to say is about transferring credits, but that is pretty minor
All my general education classes transferred. Classes are set in stone which allows for no hassle.
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