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I haven't started yet but they are providing me with the supplies that I need which is

a great thing since I just had a baby.
The school is great because they are allowing me to study medical assisting online so that I can be at home with

my daughter.
With my current full time job and going to school full time, online classes seemed to be the best option. It is a little more difficult since there is not a lot of instruction on each subject. The classes require a lot of reading and trying to figure some stuff out on your own. It is great to be able to complete school assignments at times that are convenient for me.
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The courses so far have been very informative. It's also easy to get into weekly routines with the same format of assignments each week and due dates are the same every week.
Due to the program only being 14 months long, it's very fast paced and creates a lot of homework. However, I've only been in the program almost 4 weeks and feel it has already helped me in my current job. The instructor ensures that we fully understand the concepts being taught.
The online program requires a lot of reading and writing. I worried that I would have a difficult time picking up on the concepts without being in a classroom. The instructor has been great at asking questions to broaden my knowledge.
I would totally choose sjvc again I may go back for on going education
I haven't met anyone from my college but on my class website I see news etters and everyone works together all the time I love it
I love online college the work load is perfect the advisors and instructors are always there the registration process was perfect and I connect with my peers often.
I have talked to a few people who are on campus students and they say are very helpful. I am talking to my externship instructor and I am getting ready to pick a site for my clinical part
I am impressed with the tuition I think they explained everything well and I have had no suprises
I love how it is challenging and some parts are easy
the workload is very unstressful I love it. my instructor is so nice and informative
everyone is so nice and my schedule is very flexible
I love my college SJVC I am so glad I was accepted and I will have an amazing time throughout my experience
they have everything you need to get the grade you deserve and also to get on the deans list
they offered what i needed and they offered it online which is rare
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I have a externship advisor who will be calling soon to help me find a place to go to.
The teachers are there to help almost all the time.
I'm working on my medical assisting certificate. I love the work load because it challenges me. The student advisors check on me by phone which I love that they care about your success. I'm still working in class and have yet to start internships but I cant wait.
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