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I graduated from UCI before attending SJVC and although it was a good experience attending UCI, I love SJVC because it's more interactive and student focused. Every day instructors ask us how we are doing, if we are feeling stressed about managing life and school, how the workload is, and if we have questions or need help with anything. The teachers get to know us as an individual and not just some student in a classroom. My class size is about 22 people and we are close already considering it's only week 4. We don't just go to class, listen, and go home. We always meet up before class, interact with each other during class, and interact with each other out of class. We have each other's phone numbers and social media accounts if anyone needs help on anything. We form study groups and make sure everyone is not feeling to overwhelmed and if they need help, we help them. I like the smaller class size, as opposed to a university class size which can be up to 400 people per class, because it allows us to get to know each other on a personal level and allows the instructor to make sure we know the material. There are a lot of courses that we are going to go through during our 15 month program, allowing us to master all skills necessary to become an amazing veterinary technician. We have a few basic classes such as college algebra but most of them are focused on veterinary practices, such as companion animal nursing and diagnosing imagining.
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The program provides an externship for us that we could even possibly get hired at. During the first week of school, they provided a program that allows students further along in the program (starting earlier) to helps us that are new to the program. One of the girls said she got hired at the externship that the program provided. All the staff at SJVC is very concerned anout employment and have provided help since day one for career success. There has not been any recruitment yet since we are only on week 4 but they have veterinary employers visit later on in the program. There are many amazing services on campus. During meal breaks, they provide a food truck and have extended the library hours so we may stay later or come in earlier to study. The counselors are very helpful and talk to us at least once a week to make sure we are on track and handling everything. The staff at SJVC really do provided everything to help us have a successful future.
Transferring credits was very easy. All I had to do was give financial aid my transcript and they did the rest. They even gave me different options for which credits I wanted to transfer. The vet tech program is flexible in that is has morning, afternoon and night classes that start at different parts of the years. I am in the afternoon classes and we have class from 12:30-5:15 every Monday through Thursday. It is not flexible in that you pretty much have to go to class everyday. We were told that it is really hard trying to catch up if you miss a day since so much is covered. And we must be there for skills day because if you don't pass skills than you don't pass the class. I think it is good that they are strict on class attendance because the program is challenging so students must keep up with the pace and the profession itself is life threatening so SJVC makes sure that the students who graduate are the ones who have mastered the course.