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good school with good instructors and fun classes. too many clowns but hopefully I pass my courses and get my certs
The thing I like most about SJVC is that the programs are short. The staff are all very helpful and encouraging.
found and waived classes I didn't know i could.
Review San Joaquin Valley College - Bakersfield
The career center is all about the students, as a requirement we are to speak to them often before graduation.
Our teacher Mr. Wise brings a good mix of humor and knowledge to the classroom. Its great because the 4 hours would be dry.
We had a person that looks for jobs while we are still in class, so placement is very likely.
HVAC we learn everything there is to know about air before we dig in to the AC units.
Ive been to other schools where once you got in you were just a number. I still walk my counselors and they know my name.
The admission staff have been very helpful with everything. The financial assistance office is a bit unorganized
When I reflect back at my time at SJVC, I can't help but think of broken dreams & unfulfilled promises. The school itself, is riddled with filth & rats which is ridiculous for the amount of tuition you will end up paying...This can be overlooked though.

But that is not the problem I have...In the respiratory program, you will be outcasted by all the other programs in the school-do not take this personal. The majority of people surrounding you do not have your best interest, and scattered throughout this crowd of people you will find a glimpse of hope in the instructors who TRULY do care about your education & future as a practicing healthcare therapist... This is slowly changing though... The instructors that have been vital in this program have done some moving around, & in the year and a half I've been here I've experienced a more lax education resulting in not the strongest students emotionally or mental. If this is your DREAM career, you can work through it no problem.. If you are on the border though, I would strongly reconsider.
SJVC is the best decision for mine and my families future. The students and faculty are amazing.
Everyone on campus is super friendly! Amazing School!.
I love the fast pace, always keeping me on my toes not giving me a chance to slack off.
Students and faculty are welcoming to school. Professors always try and help out in any situation. Every course is short and very helping. Learning experience is also great.
Everyone at San Joaquin Valley College is very helpful and they are there to help you every step of the way.
Small classes help focus on all students
Admin makes it very easy for us
Review San Joaquin Valley College - Bakersfield
Some students don't really belong but most are great
Great help and wonderful advisors
Teachers were great. Overal great experience
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