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I am currently a freshman at SJDC and I have honestly enjoyed my experience so far. I am only taking general education classes, but they have really helped me transition smoothly into the college academic system. The campus is beautiful, but make sure you have enough time to park and get to your class on time!
San Joaquin Delta College has a very helpful, resourceful, and supportive programs. The professors and staff are very understanding.
This is actually a really good college. The professors are helpful and dedicate to their students, especially if you work hard in class. Lectures are easy to understand and I have never met a terrible professor here. Delta College is also one of the three places in the US that have an electron microscope, which is pretty cool to see.
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I had a bad image of college in my head before I started SJDC. I just started and I love my three classes that I am currently taking. Everything is so organized and clean, and the teachers are professional and polite.
Delta College is a great Community College in Stockton, CA. I loved my experience at Delta, almost every Professor I had was amazing. Great resources as far as tutors. Campus is clean, nice and welcoming. Safe area of Stockton with malls, shopping and food places very close by. Overall Delta was great for me.
I'm a freshman and so far my experience has being good, all my teachers are awesome, and I love the environment.
San Joaquin Delta College allowed me to express my creativity with writing and being a student. I was able to gain insightful information from professors as well as students. Some changes I would like to see are more events to bring students together as well as a range in food in the cafeteria.
Delta college is a good place to start when you get out of high school. The campus has many resources available to it's students and good learning environment for everyone.
I have attended San Joaquin Delta College for a year and a half. In that time I have really enjoyed my classes and my teachers. The size of most of my classes have been large enough to prompt great conversation and debate, but small enough to create a positive learning environment and establish wonderful interpersonal relationship with my teachers. I was a little fearful starting college my freshman year, as I was only a days days away from my 18th birthday. But the whole environment at Delta was welcoming and helpful. I have truly enjoyed my experience here so far.
For a community college Delta is pretty good. Almost all my professor have been really good (there are some really bad ones. So check professors out on Rate My Professor). I would like them have have more math and science courses available at the Mountain House Campus so I don't have to drive all the way to Stockton. They are losing students to Las Positas because students don't want to take Calculus III with a bad professor all the way in Stockton. Overall, for a community college, its a good school.
Delta College has some amazing professors that have really impacted my life and have encouraged me on my path to transferring.
Delta is one amazing school I have attended. The Professors teach you everything step by step so that you can Understand more
The only complaint I have for this school is the parking situation. Sometimes, even getting there 45 minutes before class, you won't be able to find any parking.
Professors are very helpful and professional. Pick up class is easy. There are lots of resources and courses. The campus is nice and clean very close to the mall.
Delta college has a lot of opportunities and staff at the institution that can help you if you need it all my teachers have been wonderful and I think people should go their more often.
Delta College is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I loved taking two semesters there. The teachers were all incredibly helpful and very good at there jobs. There are computer labs, and lots of help with tutoring. Everyone is very helpful and welcoming. The campus is beautiful, and made it a very pleasant environment to come to school everyday. Very local and close to stores and restaurants, so when you get out of school, you can run your errands or grab a bite to eat. If I were not relocating, I would absolutely continue my education at Delta College.
The campus is easy to navigate around but counselors sometimes don't know the courses that are needed for degrees etc. very well. I took a class twice thinking I needed that class to get my AA but it turned out they failed to mention I had other options available to full fill the requirement.
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What i liked about San Joaquin Delta College is tha students seem to have a very peacefull enviroment to learn and commute with others. What i would like to see a change in is on how people view this college.
The thing I most liked about Delta college was their athletic advisors and staff, they are so resorsful and help you get the most out off Delta.
Most of the teachers are great and are very helpful. The councilors help you make your school plan and help you when you are ready to transfer. I really appreciated the time they put in when it came time to helping me pick the right college for me. Plus, picking classes has never been easier. The site is straight forward and easy to follow, which I greatly enjoy. The admissions office was also very helpful and nice about getting everything I needed in a timely manner. The lines were fairly slow though, which was a bummer. Compared to other schools, Delta was on the cheaper side and he teachers were always helpful on keeping the prices low on the things we needed as well.
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