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I have had good professors at delta, but they need to actually make the Mountain House campus buildings instead of portables.
I enjoy going to Delta. There is a huge diversity of people that go there. Just like every other college everyone minds their own business and gets what they need to get done, done.
Welcoming enviroment with several class options available. The campus has just been re done, very simplistic and modern looking.
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San Joaquin Delta College has a very clean environment and I feel safe attending the school because it is right in front of a busy street. In addition, there it is close to shopping malls and fast food restaurants and so it is very convenient to eat between or after classes, and hang out with friends. I've taken Delta classes on campus and from my high school. The teachers are very nice and helpful.
yeah this place sucks they got no water no food no service not a good restaurant the place goes on lock down the moment you walk into the building not a good place to eat i walk in once and ask if they got a bathroom and know one was there how rude to leave me there i had to stop at a gas on the way why leave your doors open when know none is working
The campus is beautiful, and the food provided is amazing. Furthermore, there are many food shops and other recrational places around. Plus the proffesors are very friendly and kind, and they want the best for you.
Like any other school, Delta College is a place where one could participate, learn and grow as an individual.
San Joaquin Delta college is a great stepping stone after High school. It gives the students opportunity to finish the first 2 years of general education courses. Also has a sense of diversity with the courses given. Their is also a huge diversity in ethnicity backgrounds among the students which gives the environment on campus a more opened area. Certain things I would change is the campus security, because there's a lot of heinous crimes committed on campus. Also would expand the idea of having a more general education classes open on campus because there's a lot of students and causes an impact on certain courses needed for a degree or transferable degree.
The professors are really great here. The classes for the most part have around 30-45 people. Does not feel crowded.
The campus was great. It was large, peaceful, and beautiful. The food was good and the professors were good. There is a large pool for water based sports.
I enjoy delta college it s class are easy and the professors are nice . I like learning here. The campus is nice , there are food trucks that offer deals. The class werent as easy to find at first. Signing up for financial aid was pretty difficulty to me.
I loved it, as a returning student it offered me a chance to elevate myself and family. I know it is difficult for returning students to make the leap from career to academics, but this is the place to do it at, and I am very appreciative of all the help I received.
San Joaquin Delta College offers a good start into the community life, but merely expands on the basic establishments set by college state curriculum. In terms of location, Delta College is located in Stockton, a city in California notorious for its high crime rates and homicide calls. In terms of academic assistance and help during classes, their willingness to help mainly depends on the student's availability, which can vary greatly from student to student. That being said, Delta College is willing to help students pursue their careers, but offers very little in adding new advancements to help further student success and advancement.
San Joaquin Delta College (SJDC) has a pretty clean campus and the professors are very diverse- ranging from nice to strict.
I love the assistance that I am able to obtain at San Joaquin Delta College. Resources are carefully and thoroughly described to the students in order to help everyone reach their goals. I feel very comfortable at this community college, and I offer this school to others that are interested in furthering their education.
I thought San Joaquin Delta College was a very good choice for myself and I believe that anyone who wants to earn college credits before entering a 4-year university would love this place.
I love the staff at this school. Most of the professors I have learned from are very personable and will go to great lengths to help you succeed, given that you also put in the effort. The other students here are also great people. I truly believe that I have made some life-long friends here.
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They really work to get you through, whether as a transfer, through the nursing program, or through the various certificate programs. Lots of opportunities for assistance and tutoring. I've worked here too and it's not too bad. Food situation varies from semester to semester, but there is plentiful nearby restaurants with reasonable prices.
San Joaquin Delta College has a bad connotation because it's not a four year university, but it is a great school.
My experience has been good. There is free tutoring and the teachers are very approachable. The financial aid office also helps a lot. Counselors are very nice and attentive and there are many programs that can help.
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