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I like San Joaquin delta college because they have easy going teachers great counselors and plenty of help for any of your needs. I don’t know if there is anything they need to work on in my opinion besides parking. It’s a great community college to start out at in my opinion.
They have a variety of class options that work for me and all the staff have been very helpful. I'm never scared to ask for help because everyone so far have been more than happy to help
You get help quickly and trouble free, there are always people ready to answer any questions you may have.
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Most of the professors and counselors here are really helpful and care about their students. I didn’t have any bad experiences. I felt like I got a good education for the price I paid.
College cost too much for students who are apparently broke and barely surviving off of cup noodles. I want college to be free for those who are willing to put themselves out there and learn the many creative and passionate for students career path and goals in which they chose.
San Joaquin Delta College is a great place to start if you are unsure of your academic goals after high school. Attending Delta College these last couple years has made me grow and develop as a student. The staff are strict and don't "hold your hand" through the class just as every college professor should be. You are influenced to learn in class as well as on your own in order to be successful. San Joaquin Delta College has been a great starting place for my post-secondary education.
Great professors, lovely campus, Good learning experience.
I have been attending here for about three years now and I have absolutely no complaints. I wish I could get through classes quicker, rather than semester classes, it would be nice if they were quarter classes. But the learning experience overall is excellent. My counselor is Diance Fenneck and she has been the sweetest lady and super helpful. If anyone attends there and needs a counselor, I highly recommend her. She has helped me step by step, when it comes to academic renewal, on campus work, and transferring tips. Overall I highly recommend this school.
While community colleges normally get a bad rap and are generally sold as lesser education, Delta is anything but. The professors have pushed students here more than I have ever seen, and beyond that they seem to generally care for their students. My band conductor and music theory teacher have gone above and beyond for and pushed me to improve my self. They also have the best practice room. I have been to several universities and none of them compare. For piano majors they have 3 grand pianos and countless uprights, which for a college is very good. They are all new and the practice rooms have windows, which is a plus if you are going to be in there a while.
SJDC is a good school and most of the teachers there really want to help you learn the material and see you do well.
I was at a point in my life where I thought I was about to die up until I enrolled into SJDC. The campus brought me back to life and I am extremely grateful.
San Joaquin Delta College is great at helping students plan and achieve their educational and career goals. The school offers many resources for all students to utilize and classes to choose from. The staff are all very nice and helpful. The environment is also very great. The new science and math building is great as well. As a student with a goal to transfer, San Joaquin Delta College has helped me out a lot.
San Joaquin Delta college is one of the best community colleges out there. With its unique diversity and great academic systems many students have succeeded and enjoyed the environment that it brings. The learning environment is a place where many have went and accomplished many goals in life. And It is filled with many resources to help guide you to where you want to go.
Great community college. Tuition is very cheap yet the facility comes with numerous resources and looks like a state university. Vast curriculum but since there aren't too many professors, trying to fit classes around your schedule can be difficult, epecialy in the summer.
I attend at San Jaoquin College, the professor are great, they help me and explain to me very well when I get lost during their teaching time.
The school is good just to get started and to get your AA. Although you have to do work it has a more easier access to get used to being separated from your family. It gives you a hint of what you will be like in an actual university.
Delta is a community college, so the cost per class is decent, although the books can be expensive. Most of the professors are good, and you will find few that actually care about their students. The best way to find the right professor is through
The campus is decent, and there is no housing. There is a Student Chef on campus that has bake sales every semester, and the cafeteria is decent. As far as safety goes, there is on campus security and blue phones around campus in case of an emergency.
I loved going to Delta. It was a beautiful campus with some amazing teachers. I enjoyed finding new quiet areas to study or nap in between classes. I rate it 3 stars because: although it was a beautiful campus, it was not the safest. I do not know how I didn't notice the many dangers that lurked there. If you are planning on attending, make sure to never go anywhere dark or too desolate ALONE. [parking lots, stairways, upper floors]
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San Joaquin Delta College is an awesome college to receive an education. Delta is quite the college of diversity. The Culinary Arts Program is very awesome, they provide students with the skill to enter into the world s of Hospitality and Culinary and also have an on-site restaurant for the public, students and staff to enjoy a remarkable dining experience. Delta College remodeled the campus and it is the most beautiful campus I've every attended. As a previous graduate of the Culinary Arts Program, in which graduating from the Culinary Arts Program provided me to elevate my Culinary Skills, provide my community, church and the homeless community with delicious meals that I enjoy preparing, enjoy watching , providing meals for homeless families,children through my church missions department. I am a returning student to begin my education in the Nursing(ADN) Program, the best part is that I'm attending with my son, it's the greatest feeling.
I'm a sophomore, and a film major. Most of the professors are great! Every school has bad ones, but most are very one on one. People are super nice!
Students seem to be motivated and organize a variety of school organizations and events. Professors, for the most part, want to see you learn and do well. There is a wide variety of courses available to take. Overall, a pretty good community college experience.
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