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I love the staff at this school. Most of the professors I have learned from are very personable and will go to great lengths to help you succeed, given that you also put in the effort. The other students here are also great people. I truly believe that I have made some life-long friends here.
They really work to get you through, whether as a transfer, through the nursing program, or through the various certificate programs. Lots of opportunities for assistance and tutoring. I've worked here too and it's not too bad. Food situation varies from semester to semester, but there is plentiful nearby restaurants with reasonable prices.
San Joaquin Delta College has a bad connotation because it's not a four year university, but it is a great school.
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My experience has been good. There is free tutoring and the teachers are very approachable. The financial aid office also helps a lot. Counselors are very nice and attentive and there are many programs that can help.
I really like my counselor Diane Fenneck. So far, the professors I’ve had were amazing. I believe the parking permit is too expensive.
It is a great community college with many programs available. Great way to begin your career and has many transferable programs that qualify to a variety of schools. Teachers are very friendly and helpful. Willing to help you by giving you advice on how to proceed to you career goals.
San Joaquin Delta College has great professors that are really to assist their students when they need extra help. Also, the environment here is full of great students and staffs.
You meet a lot of diverse people here and it's a very friendly place. The teachers and staff are very patient with their students so it you have any questions or need extra time to review questions they will take their time to answer you.
The experience i've had at Delta college has been more than I would have ever expected. Deciding to go to Delta has been a smart decision for me both financially and educationally. Delta has many fantastic teachers and classes for all of their programs and fields of education. Every teacher there really wants to help you succeed.
Its an awesome college to attempt because its really secure when it comes to safety. Teachers are really nice and helpful to student, where they don't let anyone stay behind. They take their time to help you understand the work.
San Joaquin delta college is a very underrated college. People always say that this college sucks because it's a community college , but it's smart to go here first before going to the university you want to go to. The reason why I said that is because you basically get the same education that you get from universities but cheaper.
I enjoyed the South campus because it was close to home and did not overwhelm me. Professors were understanding and polite. I'd like to see changes with the professors online, for them to be more involved and explain their course and how they're being graded.
My experience at San Joaquin Delta College was great. It prepared me for University and it saved me a lot of money. Class schedules were very flexible and convenient. I completed most of my courses online and I was able to be a full-time student and work a full-time job thanks to the variability of their class schedules. Most of my teachers were very helpful and understanding. They responded to my e-mails in a reasonable amount of time. They also have plenty of resources for students that need extra help. Another thing I really liked from this college was the diversity of people that come to class. It makes you feel welcomed and comfortable. I know Delta college has somewhat of a bad reputation but during my experience I never witnessed anything weird and the campus was very safe.
I like delta college because the teachers actually help and give you other alternatives to learning and pursuing your career. I like the fact that they offer classes for a very small fee and i don’t feel like I am breaking the bank.
I feel like a lot of people look down on community colleges. I know so many of my friends who did not want to go to Delta because they didn't want to be around the same environment. The professors I met there have been amazing and helpful. They really uplift the environment and allow for so much growth.
I live near stocton so i have no problems of transportation.
If u go to delta without knowing in which field you want to go they will help you in every way possibles
Professors are good
There are many programs to help you get tutoring and they also help financially
really nice college with lots of diversity and clubs with tons of friendly people really nice scenery of the campus with close stores and food place to eat and get what you need
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My experience at Delta has been overall positive. Professors are willing to help and dedicate time to help students. Students tend to be friendly and helpful as well. The campus is beautiful and in a central location to town if you need to grab something and head back to campus. The only real problems or issues I have is that parking can be a huge pain, there are so many cars on campus almost all the time. The other issue is there are not very many online classes offered and not only that but the online classes fill up really quickly.
The faculty at delta are hit and miss, some genuinely care about students success and some are clearly there for a paycheck, very easy to spot. There is hardly any school spirit, which is fine as it's a commuter school. There are a ton of resources to succeed though, they're just not obvious and you must seek after most of them yourself. With a large school thought the student body runs the gambit from nice to downright terrible; More than once have I entered an extremely trashed bathroom. There are safety concerns though as car break-ins are rare but happen often enough to be worried. The surrounding area is one of the best areas in Stockton.
I like San Joaquin delta college because they have easy going teachers great counselors and plenty of help for any of your needs. I don’t know if there is anything they need to work on in my opinion besides parking. It’s a great community college to start out at in my opinion.
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