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The professors at the College are very helpful and teach so well. The college and their resources gives the students the opportunity to be successful.
I like how every time I have a question or need help I can visit, call or email them and get my questions answered. I love the pastry chef program great teachers and and awesome experience.
This college has so far been unconditionally helpful. The staff is also very much helpful and an active member in trying to help the students on campus finish their degrees.
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The space of Student Center is not large enough. It is hard to find seats at noon. The professors and staff are friendly. There are not many student events or associations.
San Jacinto college is a gateway for you to take the next step to further your education. If you're serious about what you want to accomplish you will find a never ending support system, whether that be from your classmates or instructors. The food isn't bad either, and the activities they plan out for students are pretty nice and or educational.
Overall it was a great experience with good professors and great classes. The only thing that is needed to change is that the course counselors have to be more helpful in helping you pick the right classes for your career plan.
Over all San Jacinto was a pretty great college, the classes are flexible and there are options available to everyone. The biggest change I would like to see is more growth in the college. They provide great degrees for a low price but they are still struggling to find enough people for classes. I went to the North campus and I've seen classes as small as about 8 to 10 people. It would be great if they could get more publicity to bring more people in.
San Jacinto College is a good place to do your basics and transfer over to a university! All of the staff are very supportive and super friendly!
Great community college to start at. The professors are really here to help you. You feel welcome by campus events and the people are very helpful.
The overall experience is wonderful, but choose your professors wisely or you will not enjoy your time here. The campus has a number of resources to help you succeed. Free tutoring and computer labs, also computer repair free of charge.
I attend an early college high school who has been given the opportunity to attend San Jacinto College South throughout my high school career. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed my stay, the professors are fantastic, the class sizes are about 30 students so it’s easy to get close with your professor, and there’s a multitude of classes you are able to take and have the ability to transfer to other colleges with them. IF I had one thing to change about San Jacinto it would be, the ability to renovate the old classrooms because it discourages students from learning.
My experience at San Jacinto was a great one. I loved how interactive each professor was during and after class. They really push and motivate their students to pass their class. Also if they see that you are still having a hard time. They would set aside some one on one time to help you grasp the material better. Even your classmates are very helpful, if you have any questions they are more than willing to help you out. The campus is fairly easy to get around. They always have events that gets students to interact with each other, which is also good to meet new people. My college was one to remember, I am very glad with the choice I made.
Great professors that care about your success. Pretty good list of majors and a fairly decent campus
My experience at San Jacinto College as an early college high school student has been spectacular. San Jac has offered me amazing opportunities in order for me to succeed in my studies. I enjoy the low teacher to student ratio and the friendly environment. San Jac offers plenty of help for those in need and clubs and activities for students to get together to socialize and show school spirit.
San Jacinto College provides you with all the resources needed to succeed. The faculty is very inviting and wants to help you succeed in your classes. The school has places to go study and computer labs to get work done.
The courses could be more challenging and more hands-on. Most classes are online or a series of PowerPoints. Great nursing and welding program, not much else.
It is my first year at san jacinto and i am very happy with my experience with it. The teachers are nice building are clean and they offer lots of services to make your college life easier.
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This College is great for basics and technical careers. It helped me achieve my associates degree in teaching. Counselors and teachers are amazing when working with the students. The college does many student activities to keep the student learning as well as entertain. One of the best community colleges!
I have been out of school for over 20 years and I was very nervous. San Jac was and is a wonderful experience. Everyone made me feel welcome.
As a college student the biggest necessity for myself is coffee. Coffee is what helps me get ready for the day as well as stay alert and attentive in class. There are times I'm in a rush and don't have time to make myself a cup of joe so I opt for coffee at the cafe that is provided on campus. However the coffee is lacking there; quality of the drink is nonexisting. I feel that the workers need to get better
training at making drinks or they need to actually set up a Starbucks with employees who've worked under the company and understand the recipes.
A very important aspect for students is an area to study whether it be your house or out in public. San jacinto provides a library that meets my needs. It's very quiet and spacious, so it allows for me to get work done and have access to the internet without fail.
As a students at San Jacinto the flaws that I've experienced are easily fixable with the correct tools or information.
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