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The staff was very easy to talk to and helpful all around. There were many opportunities for help on whatever topic you needed or just needed extra help on.
It a great place to be it have a lot of things you can do. Like Dancing, health science, nursing, technology, engineering, welding, etc.
I really enjoy going to San Jac, they mostly have wonderful professors who genuinely care about their students. Of course, there are also that are just trying to do their job and that is all but they are few in between. Rate My Professor also helps with trying to decide who would be best, so that is a huge plus as well. Something that I would appreciate though is if San Jac had more certified advisors after all, there are only so many that are able to help because of the large amount of students attending.
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San Jacinto college has been an incredible asset to me. The staff are friendly and will do anything to be sure one succeeds.
What i like about San Jacinto college is that its affordable, the professors are great based on my current experience and there's a lot of diversity. What i would like to see change in is the removing of insects from the class rooms, In my current class there have been a couple ants spotted roaming the class room, my professor even killed a cockroach in the class roam will teaching.
San Jacinto has been such a great starter for my college experience. I was very scared when first entering but the environment there has been great. I have met new people and have learned many great things. San Jacinto has helped me prepare myself and taught me how to be more independent and hard working. The professors that I have come across have helped me very much and made my experience pretty good.
The best thing about San Jacinto college is the education you receive from the professors at this school. It is very personal because of the size of the classes, which means they are able to help you and focus on you more if needed the extra help. I also enjoy how i have the option to attend for 2 years and transfer to a university and save some money.
I love going to San Jacinto, it is an amazing school that really wants all its students to succeed. I appreciate the opportunities I’m given at this school.
San Jacinto College is great. Everyone is much very nice and tries to help if anyone is in need of help. San Jacinto College staff likes their students to perform well, but also helps their students to move smoothly after college. The staff wants the students to succeed and the tuition is not overly priced.
I felt the professors at san jac were always helpful. The school offered a variety of classes with a broad range of availability for different days of the week and times of day.
My experience at San Jacinto College has been the best so far, everyone here is so helpful from the staff to the professors. I love the campus, there's so many places you could go to from being able to study, print out papers or even receive free tutoring.
So far my experience at San Jacinto College has been really great, I'm really glad I made the decision to start at a 2 year college then transfer to a university. Making that decision saved me a lot of money and this college offers an amazing education.
The San Jacinto Community College is a very well established institute with very friendly professors with many years of experience in what they teach.
I am in in the early college program, therefore I’m still a high school student, but I was extremely pleased and surprised with how much help we receive in our classes. And for free! It’s amazing. The staff are all super nice, for the most part, and very easy to find my way around campus.
I liked that San Jacinto college has a wide array of classes and degrees that you can choose from. There are plenty of classes available, you can take them online or on campus, and most of the professors are fantastical
After being a freshman at SanJac, I have fallen in love with this college. Teachers and staffs are so kind and friendly, they are always willing to help you out with any situations from education to personal lifestyles. The facilities are okay, but there are still a lot of school activities that students can have opportunities to improve their skills as well as making new friends.
My experience in San Jacinto College has been very positive when I enrolled in the Fall semester of 2018. The staff and the instructors are very polite and nice and very helpful. The teaching resources they have are excellent as well.
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I enjoyed the school activities and events. Classes provided me with the information I needed.
I would recommend this college to anyone looking to gain workforce training or an academic education.
When I was in High School I was going to San Jac and it was a really good experience; so I decided to continue my education there after High School and it has not been a good experience. I had a scholarship that I got and I have not been able to use it, and I am already on my 2nd year going.
The professors are very dedicated to making sure you learn and pass their class. San Jac is a good affordable school. Only thing is long waits for assistance with ANYTHING.
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