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I decided to attend San Jacinto College because when I came to see if it was a good fit for me, they were friendly. Everything was new to me, so I needed help on how to fill out some paper work. Counselors guided me on what classes I should take. The professors who work in San Jacinto College are good, they give you extra help if you need it. They make sure you are learning. The school also has free tutoring. The school looks very nice, where people choose to study outside or inside. I believe the long drives from my house to school is worth if I'm getting a good education.
I attended San Jacinto College from 2014-2016, I actually loved the campus. First of all it was very close to my home. At San Jacinto I attended the free tutoring classes they offered. Tutoring classes helped me a lot with my academics. My grades went up extremely fast and I felt very proud of myself. San Jac also had a lot of other great resources such as counseling, clubs, and sport. I signed up for the Spanish Club, through the club I was able to meet new people and attend field trips. Over all my experience at San Sac was awesome.
My experience about San Jac College is great. The Professors are very knowledgeable and helpful.They help me with my goals of becoming a nurse. I live ten minutes away from the college which is very affordable for me as a single parent.The tutors are wonderful, they explain my courses in detail, and the surrounding is very safe
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Being out of school for 4 years, my overall experience at San Jacinto is AMAZING! The staff are very helpful and are patient when it comes to any needs or concerns that you may have pertaining to school. I did not feel out of place this is a very caring school. The professors here live up to the saying "open door policy" they always willing to help you find your niche in a subject if you experiencing a difficult time. Online learning here is just as simple as an in class setting .
San jacinto has a great community and they do try to get students involved in events by posting about. They also help students with providing tutors and by having great teachers that have really helped me to understand my work. And that's one of the reason why I have continue to attend
San Jacinto College is a great school to start your college experience. Students who have graduated from high school and have not yet decided on what university to go to, this school will help you plan out your future and help prepare you to take on the world in front of you. The academic system is well organized and the professors are knowledgeable and kind to all students with different individuality.
The people who work there are very helpful. The teachers try their hardest to help you succeed. There is always someone assisting you and making sure you’re safe. You can study on your own in the rooms they have or even on a group.
San Jacinto College was very helpful to me because it was so affordable. Teachers are very one on one because it is a small school they have that time with students. I really enjoyed San Jacinto the two years I went there. Some things I would like to change would be having more weekend classes. Mainly because I work during the week so I would only take night school and weekend classes throughout the time I went. I really think it would be helpful to students like me.
I enjoy how small the college is. After attending a big university, I truly enjoy tiny colleges because you are able to build a better relationship with your teachers.
I love that it has great professors always willing to help! San Jacinto College also offers free tutoring to all of its students. It has great diversity and it makes you feel welcomed.
It's a great fun environment to study in. We have a great diversity and professors are great at what they do.
I like San Jack because its a trade school college as well as a normal college. I am here to be a Instrument technician, and I have only been here for a semester. I came from a small school in Kansas after playing baseball their for two years. I am now working on getting my degree, and two certificates in the next 2 years.
I absolutely love it! Each day I feel so welcomed, the professors are wonderful and understand you well. They are always available for tutoring. They front office answers questions right away and if they aren’t sure they transfer me over to someone. They are wonderful.
San Jacinto College is an excellent platform for a future career. It allows students to be pushed into situations that pursues personal and academic growth.
I attend the North Campus and its a great campus with great educators that are dedicated to their students. Notable the Engineering Graphics Design department has had a large influence on my opinion as they gave the best lessons and had the most engaging of educators.
I would definitely like to see more diversity. There should be more events on campus to excite students in going to school. Professors here are top notch and make sure that you are ready to go into your university. They also make sure that you are ready to get a job in whatever your field may be. They also designed programs that only take a few classes to get your certificate and start working. You can not come out of San Jacinto being unsuccessful for they make sure that everyone finds there purpose before they leave campus. Their goals are to see you walk across that stage and not long after you are employed.
The professors here are very helpful and go out of there way to help you achieve your goals here. All staff members are very informative. The price for this college is also great for my wallet.
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San Jacinto College is a great school. All the professors I've had have been great and always provide assistance when needed.
My experience in San Jac so far has been the greatest of all. I am not gonna say it has been easy because it has not but yet again what is. You have to work hard for the things you want in life. San Jac has taught me how to be more independent and open minded about some things. I love meeting new people. Especially the ones that want to succeed as much as you do. I would totally recommend San jac 150%. Because it is not just a college or a community of students. It is a place where dreams are becoming goals. And our goal is the future.
The school does many functions for the students and offers good curriculum and transfer programs, however i think they could spend more money on the facility and amenities for the students instead. Example: More than one microwave, cleaner classrooms that don't leak and air conditioning works. They also need to review and take action on ratemyprofessor and see what is being said about the teachers they hire. It is not fair to students to pay for a class and barely get taught.
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