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My review for San Jacinto Community College is that it is a very good school. Its professors are very flexible with time scheduling and understanding of conflicts that arise in every day life.
I am currently a student at this college, and honestly I think it is excellent. the staff are helpful and everything is always very organized. The professors are always helpful before and after class. They really do care for us to pass, succeed and learn the material. It has flexible hours, which makes it easy for those who work. This college is rated one of the top 5 colleges of all U.S and I definitely agree.
At San Jacinto College the professors care about their students and understand that may have a hard time dealing with life and school at the same time. The campus itself is good and generally clean, parking is often not a problem.
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Professors are extremely patient with their students, they are very understanding, and are very good teachers.
I love my college. The preffesor are so helpful and want you to actually move on and pass. They will go above and behind to make sure you understand the material and not just memorize the material giving.
In my 2 years time of being a San Jacinto College student, I will be the first to admit I didn't think it would be such a good college, however I was proven wrong within a week. The tuition are affordable enough for me to have extra money saved for rainy days, the tutoring staff are helpful in almost every subject and scheduling for a session is not needed since they accept walk-ins, and finally the food. Usually school food is the last thing people would want to eat, but San Jacinto food is a 4 to 5 star quality.
this is not the best college more like a place to et your basics done and then move on to a dream college to get further into your career plan if that college takes your credits from this college.
I love going to San Jac because everyone there is just so helpful. The professors are just so amazing. Its a great place to start your education. It is also ranked number 5 nation wide for community colleges which is just so awesome! I recieved a scholarship from San Jac that has paid for my full 2 years. This has just really helped my family and self out with financial burdens. San Jac is a well rounded community college and I would reccomend for anyone to attend school there.
it’s an awesome campus! it’s great for when you’re right out of high school and it’s great for when you’re going back to school after several years of not being in school!
Great school if you are looking for somewhere to take cheap and easy classes. They have lots of opportunities for student engagement. The classroom are neat and tidy, a perfect study environment.
San Jacinto College has been a great stepping stone out of high school and into a university. All the classes were small and the professors were very inclined on helping students when they can. The small lecture size made it easier to participate and ask questions, which is something that doesn't happen as often at the University level. All the professors know what they're talking about. I never left a class feeling confused, and if I did I was always able to go ask the professor. The campus was also very open and never felt overly crowded. Overall I've had a great experience.
San Jacinto college is a great starter to attend your career path. It shows how students will begin their journey through their life and how the college mentality is utilized in a day to day basis.
I like a lot about San Jacinto College, my favorite aspect is their Teaching cohort. That is the main reason I attended this school was to be with other people pursuing the same career as myself.
It is a very good school with amazing teachers, there are the needed facilities for successful learning and the school has provided a safe learning environment
San Jacinto College has access to many tools that are directly correlated to student success. Students have access to a library, tutors, and vast computer labs. The only drawback from San Jacinto College would be the professors. The professors at this campus are either a hit or miss as you are likely to find some of the most easy going and genuine professors you will have ever have had the privelege of learning from. But you will also likely come across a professor that simply does not care about educating and only shows up to their job for a paycheck.
I like Sanjac. I always told myself I would never attend a community college, but coming to San Jacinto college has been my best choice yet concerning my education. I love my teacher , they are so proactive and want their students to learn. The campus is very friendly and safe.
San Jacinto is a great college, it is very diverse and has amazing professors. The academic advisors there are great and help you with anything you need. All the staff at San Jacinto is very welcoming and friendly. There are also dozens of free after school activities the school provides and free tutoring for all students.
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About to graduate from San Jacinto College, and I will be attending again for the fall. This school is very close to home, and very affordable. The staff are very nice also.
San Jacinto is a community college, so I don't expect it to be of high quality. I think at a low cost, San Jacinto college is very good for people are not sure about their major and they want to save money to go to a good university. I'm a dual credit student at San Jacinto South and so far my experience has been pretty good. I don't have many complaints for San Jacinto, but I do wish they would have more food options. They only have Starbucks surrounded by snacks and a student cafe. Food is really important to me, when it comes to having a good lunch, so I would appreciate more food stores/cafes.
Not only is San Jacinto College helping you succeed in college level courses, they give you the opportunity to transfer the courses to a four year university. The low tuition cost will help you save money. I do recommend going to the website before applying for a class. You will get an insight on which professor is suitable for you.
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