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San Jacinto College is a great place for you to start your college career. The facilities that are on campus are new and the school is constantly upgrading.
Staff is very helpful and willing to listen to your problems. Professors take their job seriously and want to teach.
San Jacinto College is a very tranquil environment filled with wonderful people. The staff, from the janitors to the volunteers to the professors, are very cordial to the students.
Many different activities occur and are well organized for the students and staff to enjoy. The disrespect seen is very little to none, everyone minds their own business, but is ready to listen or help when asked. The restrooms and the college in general is clean. The Library is a perfect place for students to study and find even more peace and quiet. Tutoring is offered in the library and is very helpful to those with need of some extra help. Overall San Jacinto College is an excellent place to receive education.
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I love San Jacinto College . It has been my first college , and by far a great experience . San Jacinto has taught me more than great things to me as becoming an positive impact on our community today. San Jacinto has an Top condition as of curriculums , organizations and faculty. San Jacinto has been the family college passed down for an easy going career transformation. The overall years of constant rebuilding I would say this college is an well determined facility. I promise San Jacinto community college vision and mission is to leave an positive impact on each student ,and faculty member . If you don't believe me come and check for yourself !
I go to the south campus as a dual credit student. While the facility in some areas is lacking, it is very modern and high tech in others. It is a nice sized campus with plenty of resources available to students. i have had only positive time here.
What I love is how its affordable , good location, lots of AS and certs to choose from degree requirements and teachers change all the time. Good place to start if you're unsure about your major and want to knock out some basics and math really quick.
they are really cooperative and helpful. they offers tsi free classes which is really help ful for students.
I been at San Jac for a sneaker and I have to say it’s a good school, but they need to have more police officer present to get people that’s not a student off the campus if they don’t have a reason to be there.
its a good junior college to be in and has a nice student center to study in. everything else is fine
My experience here was very simple. I can't really say anything about the counseling services because personally I didn't see them much, except for the EOPS counselors who are very helpful.
San Jacinto is a great college to attend. I have achieved a lot while attending and great class sizes.
Some people might tell you that San Jac is too getto, or that your being cheap for attending this school. But the reality is that you end up having many of the same teachers as some of the more expensive schools. There is nothing wrong with saving some money when attending this school for your first two years of higher education and then transferring somewhere else.
This is a great community college for first-time college students, as well as returning adults. They offer a wide variety of degree programs, and have expanded their Maritime program in the past year. They offer classroom classes for those that like to learn in a traditional class, and they offer online courses for those that want to follow this route.
These past two years at san jac been great. I love how the professors are always willing to help and the students are very nice and welcoming . You will never feel left out ! Awesome learning place.
The school is very nice.If you’re not sure about your educational path, San Jac is a great place to refine your interests.
The environment is really welcoming. There are a lot of great professors and staff members that are more than glad to help. In my time being at the school i haven't really run into many problems, but they are determined to get you the help you need. In my experience when I was having trouble with my FAFSA application they were determined to help me in whatever way I can.
San Jacinto College is a home away from home. San Jacinto College offers you an opportunity t be the best you can be in almost any field you find yourself. Possibilities are endless in San Jacinto College.
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My experience in this college is amazing, everything you need to get your studies done are always available. Teachers are very kind and helpful. Tutors are always available at the library for free, tons of computers are accessible, student center is very chill when you have time to kill, and great cafeteria food with a Starbucks. Class sizes are small, less over whelming, and easy to find your way around school/classes.
classes can be hard or easy. sometimes, it will just depend on the teacher you have. Though overall, there are plays you can see every semester, and occasionally there will be free food around the campus. So, I've enjoyed my experience as a dual credit student on campus.
Loved the atmosphere. The only bad thing was how simply and easy the courses were. The professors were awesome, I absolutely loved all of mine. The area is pretty nice and tranquil during the day.
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