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San jacinto community college is a great place to start, the staff are very helpful but ine down side is that some of the staff are more negative than others, in a way of telling you that you can't do something vecause of your gpa but everything else about this school is great.
I loved going to San Jac because the classes were small so it was easier to ask question and be more personable with professors
Great College. Most instructors will make an effort to ensure you understand the material and are able to succeed. My major is applications programming, and the professors in that department have helped me learn a lot about the field.
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I have had a great experience with San Jacinto College. The staff are open to helping you in all areas of needs. The Advisors have been extremely helpful. Class environment has been very diverse as well. The campus is very clean and simple to get around, even if you do get lost, there is always a helpful student or staff member happy to assist.
What I like about San Jacinto is that the staff always try bringing students together, same major or not. This is the first college I'm attending and I've already met plenty of people with similar interest.
This school does not have enough teacher so finding a class is always difficult. Finding a teacher that actually cares about their job and students is even harder, save your money.
I love San Jacinto College! Even though it is the only school I been to, it is a very friendly area. The professors are nice and very helpful. They go out of there way to help out students. Overall it is an amazing place to learn and study.
I really like San Jacinto College. It is very diverse and the teachers and professors have been very kind and helpful. I would recommend this college to people.
San jac is a decent school with lots of resources, they provide tutors and the teachers are quite helpful and great. It’s pretty chill and easy. I just finished one year there, plan to take my nursing prereqs and later apply.
Professors and students work as a team and are very helpful. The resources are very easy to access and are useful.
San Jacinto College is a great cheap college. Most of the professors are very helpful, However councellors seek more interest in the income of the college rather than the student. I would like to see a change in the system of advising so students can be aware of more possibilities and their best interest.
I had a good experience. The only thing I wish the school had more Tutoring. The professors in my field are to busy and can't really help.
The professors teach their subjects very well and all of the administrative workers are very helpful. The campus is also easy to navigate.
San jacinto community college is a great school for junior colleges. the teachers are great people to learn from theirs diversity all around the campus and every one treats each other how they would like to be treated. the school is just the right size not to big or to small. They always have it the san jacinto campus clean and no trash laying around the fields are mowed the light poles light up the morning over beautiful campus. theirs many different routes to go through as far as education from certificate to bachelors and nursing degrees san jacinto community college really covers it all.
great community college for working on core classes, affordable and excellent alternative to costly universities. Has specific programs such as fire fighting/emt and certain medical programs that have a lot of good word of mount that i do not know about personally. Athletic department is well known, especially the womens volleyball team. Library has a great amount of study resources.
nice experience, they help you out a lot to figure out what the next step is and they have excellent teachers and multiple hours and locations to choose from
San Jacinto College has excellent professors. The administration is very organized. Their curriculum is challenging and engaging. Their variety of class times makes scheduling classes each semester very accomodating to my shifting schedule. The new facilities are top notch. My biggest issue is that the campus life is nearly non existent. However, their extra curricular clubs were full of passionate students and professors. Overall, San Jac definitely deserves it's ranking as one of top 5 community colleges in the nation.
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The college has an orientation program which helped me get around the college. The Professors are nice and understanding if you have trouble with the material. I never had the food so I'm not sure if it's good or not. The student lounge is clean, and has its own store. Overall, San Jacinto College is a wonderful school for a community college to attend.
San Jacinto College is a wide-reaching community college that believes in safety and keeping students protected. You'll find responders quick to arrive and authorities providing a friendly face as they guard the school campuses and take extra precautions to make sure that the school has a relaxed and safe atmosphere. With the student population a huge mix of diversity and excitement, this passionate college provides helpful staff, useful school and career tools, and outgoing activities that bring many students closer in a powerful union of all ages, from casual game rooms that allow students to sit and lounge between class hours to multiple programs that can help students reach their chosen career goals with an extra boost of support.
Great college to go for associates in art and science. I am in this college because of their early college high school program and i have had great experience with them so far, Their staff and faculty are very nice and helpfull
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