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SF State has been amazing in the academic aspects. The administration not so much, they only care about our money, not our well being or success. The teachers do though and the campus is beautiful if you don't mind being broke.
I like that San Francisco State University is not in the middle of the city and is in a nice area that is not too busy. The school is next to a mall and offers a lot of good things such as a brand new multi-purpose gym, clubs and athletic fields. I think San Francisco State offers a lot of things for its students including groceries, Apple Macbooks and computers and more. After the new gyn was built, there is nothing else that I can think of that they can add to increase my satisfaction.
San Francisco State University has such a diverse environment and the professors go above and beyond with the resources that they have. One challenge is access to enrollment of certain classes. However, I believe the education system is on par to the national standards.
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San Francisco is a wonderful and lively city overall. SFSU was mediocre; it was a struggle to enroll in the classes I needed due to many allied professional majors being too compacted. My graduation date was set back a whole year due to this issue.
The best thing I enjoy about San Francisco State Univeristy is how diverse the school is. Also, how passionate professors are when teaching a course. Professors are always there with open doors to help with whatever help we need with, even if it’s just to talk.
I love the diversity and opprotunities that are presented in San Francisco as a city but also at San Francisco State.
What I liked about San Francisco state university was the the environment and the vibe that it gives off. I feel so comfortable there whether its the people or the area itself, it just never fails to amaze me every time I go there.
The school is very diverse and the content of the courses is therefore very educational. The professors want you to succeed and if you make the attempt to approach them, they make for excellent mentors! Living in SF though is very expensive.
San Francisco State University is more of a commuter school, so if you want guaranteed housing, better apply as soon as the application opens. SFSU has a diversity of students from different backgrounds and has various classes you can pick from. Besides the 120 general education unit requirement, there are a lot you can do. There are also a range of different food places, so if you get tired of the same food, there are restaurants nearby. And also different organizations and clubs and events.
The one thing I like about SF State was the diversity of the campus and the overall surrounding. SFSU was one of the most beautiful campuses that I had ever seen and is one of the main reasons I attended that school. The diversity is out of this world. You will see a little bit of everything at any time of the day.
I loved the professors and the students seemed to really care what they were learning. I would just like to have a vegan club or more of an animal rights scene and affordable college.
Diverse community filled with vibrant and helpful students and faculty. Amazing student lead and facilitated programs/clubs. Amazing modern campus not too big not too small.
I love the courses I’m taking. My main problem with the university is that the College of Ethnic Studies is always being threatened with budget cuts. If the College of Ethnic Studies is closed, where will all the Africana (myself included), Latin American, Asian American, & Native American students see themselves reflected? We have already been marginalized and have had to fight to get our own curriculums but the threat of it being taken away is constantly present.
San Francisco State offers a wonderfully diverse and open campus. Their professors are very diligent and understanding and I can always find a helping hand when needed. The campus is overall very laid back and there is always a friendly smile to be found.
I really enjoyed SFSU. This is not the school's fault, but housing in the area is way too expensive and you will most likely have to live with 4 or 5 other people. I put this in the review so people know what to expect. The school is great; just make sure you can handle San Francisco
The professors I've had so far know what they are doing and they show that they care about their students education. The one thing that I would want to see change is the addition of classes and majors provided.
It was a wonderful campus and felt like I adapted in on the very first time I visited campus during sneak preview
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The University makes the city of San Francisco shine in academics ! Being in the city by the bay, the university creates a open environment for all students of ethnicity and sexuality.
I have learned a lot here both from students, faculty, staff, etc. Very helpful and supportive environment
It was a great school with strong faculty and a stimulating educational environment. I enjoyed being able to live in San Francisco near campus at a reasonable price and had many good experiences in my classes thanks to my devoted teachers. The school wasn't the most spirited but it had such a ethnically diverse student body that is very serious about how they want to impact the world. SF State offered a number of fun clubs and fraternities that brought a better sense of community on and off campus. Overall, my experience their was quite good and am grateful to be a gator.
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