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As a local in San Francisco, I was dreading going to San Francisco State University. I was hoping to go out of the city so that I can have the real college experience. However, I felt that I received a great college experience at SFSU. There were many clubs and other campus organizations that I was able to join. This gave me the chance to meet a lot of new people. I feel as though the instructors there also cared for their students. They did what they thought was best in order for the students to receive the best learning experience.
SF state is a nice campus, and it's pretty big. The library is pretty neat because it has 4 floors, and the gym membership is free. When it's nice outside, students hangout and chill on the grass area.If you're taking a lecture, some professors video record themselves so you can watch online instead of going to class. Everyone is pretty nice here. I highly recommend going here.
I am currently in my first semester as a transfer student and I can honestly say that San Francisco State is the perfect school for me. I wanted to be at a school where I can work on skills to assist me for my future career which is sports journalism, and San Francisco State definitely gives me the ideal resources. The community is very welcoming and diverse, which is something I also enjoy a lot. Overall, the school is the ideal set up for me and I couldn't be happier to be attending this school!
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Really great school to go to if you enjoy learning about different cultures. Also, the city is a great place to explore!
The community at San Francisco State is very welcoming and the environment is very comforting and exciting. There's lots of interesting events for anyone and a beautiful library to study in.
San Francisco State is a well-rounded campus and has a good academics program. All though I wish it would have more majors to choose from and have better professor selections.
I love San Francisco State Uni because it helped me grow as an individual. SFSU also helped me grow a political conscious. Overall, I enjoy the campus, the staff, and my classmates. I would love it if the Dean would hire more professors because there are an extreme amount of students and not enough seats in each class for them.
Very diverse school. Professors helpful and understanding of students everyday life. Hope to see lab and lectures connected as one.
This is my first semester here at SF State, so take what I say with grain of salt, but the campus has treated well so far. There have been problems with registration and my FASFA not kicking being active when I needed it, but the staff have been a great help in resolving my issues. Just gotta ask and ask the right questions.
The school is very diverse and there is always something to do. I like the location, near the beach and mall. But the counselors are no help at times.
San Francisco state is a great university with a lot of opportunity.

I hope that the buildings are updated soon as well as the library was.
What I like about San Francisco State is everyone gets to be who they are and not be judged by it. The people and staff are welcoming. And where it’s located is perfect for college students. It’s close to the beach and the city. Even though it is a commuter school you have to take the initiative to get involved and see what the campus has to offer. It is what you make it
San Francisco State University is the best place to be if you're looking for a diverse, open minded, progressive environment to be in!
The campus is nice and has a wide variety of majors, focuses, and classes. The location could be better, however, as it's a bit of a trip into the heart of the city and the only close grocery options (unless you bring a car) are a very small Target and Trader Joe's.
One thing I liked San Francisco State Francisco is that the campus is very nice and the people are very nice and easy going. When I first got onto the campus, I always asked for help, and they never reject me. I felt comfortable to study there.
I had great professors but I think the campus/student life could improve and it was difficult to get the classes I needed.
San Francisco state university is a great school it is very diverse however, i would like to see more school oriented activities ie. teams, clubs, extra curricular. Another suggestion, alternative options and/ paths for students that do not get accepted to the high impacted majors, ones where we wouldn’t have to wait another school year for or re-apply. Makes students feel like they may have to change their major due to not getting into the program of their liking.
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I think San Francisco State has a great environment of unified students trying to help each other and there are great resources that help you to succeed in your classes. So far my teachers had been great and they are very approachable. Library and gym are amazing!
I liked that San Francisco State University is a smaller school compared to others. Classes are smaller and it gives more time one on one with professors!
I worked really hard to get where I’m at today ! It takes a lot as a first generation student and being my first choice it was the best decision I ever made !
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