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San Francisco State has a beautiful campus and just overall is such an amazing school. I visited this campus one year ago and immediately fell in love with it, from the architecture to the very green grass, this college is just one big dream of mine.
Since San Francisco State University is a commuter school, student communities felt very disjointed. It was as if students came to campus just to go to class, and would leave as soon as they finished.

San Francisco is a notoriously expensive city, so SFSU is not entirely to blame for their lack of student involvement. I would assume most students juggle their time between work, school, and their social life. If they could implement better housing, I'm sure that would resolve some of the issue. Moreover, if they could regulate parking a little better, I know for a fact that would alleviate some of the stress students have while on campus.
The campus is an amazing place overall and you don't have to walk too far for classes. I wasn't too involved in campus life but there is always something happening.
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SFSU is a lovely school. It is a commuter school so the student life is not as prevalent with older/transfer students. However, there seems to be good student involvement with the Freshman who live on campus. Overall, I had a good time and received a great education in San Francisco.
I love where the school is located and its just close to family and stores to eat at I have many friends that already go there
If you are going to go to this school as a freshman, stay in the dorms. Living off campus may save you some money, however, the multitude of relationships and social interaction you miss out on is not worth it.
Easily accessible and Help with transportation. A lot of programs that can help but you may have to seek them out yourself or have someone tell you about them.
Personally, I think San Francisco State is a good school. Just remember, it is a state school. People complain that it’s not as fancy or high tech as other schools, but those are private schools. For the most part here, you get what you pay for.
The proffessors are very helpful, but extracurricular activities are hard to find and they're not advertised as much since it is a commuter school.
Overall a really good environment to be in because of its diversity in students and professors. Professors are generally polite and genuinely care about the success for their students.
My biggest dream since I knew what dreams were was to go to college. When I came to live in San Francisco California I never thought to stay for college in the city. I knew I wanted to go to college to get an education but I didn't want to stay at home. However, as soon as I saw the SFSU campus I immediately fell in love with it. I love the size of the campus and how diverse the school community is. Being a Hispanic student has at times made me feel like I don't belong but I don't feel like that at SF State. The campus is always vibrant with activities to do as well as being in an extremely beautiful neighborhood. The academics are exemplary and the instructors are more than willing to help. I love how close it is to my house and how transportation is very easy to find both to downtown San Francisco and the surrounding cities. Definitely the best school I could have picked!
The student body was nice and very fun to get along with. Campus life is very nice. The local area had parks and different things where you can hang out and relax. Food is very good and multi cultural.
Great Campus and great community of students and clubs was easy to make friends. I love this campus and there is a library that's huge but can get quite full most of the time.
I enjoyed the diversity of the school and area the most, it was such a great experience to be surrounded by so many different cultures and people from different backgrounds. This school lacked in the safety area, most of the 'urgent' safety alerts were given hours after incidents occurred. I had no problems with the professors, they all seemed open-minded, dedicated to their work, and open to communication.
it's a commuter school, but that doesn't stop the place from being fairly decent - there are some issues with living on campus, due to it being san francisco. the food is expensive and the housing is the priciest part of the annual cost of attendance, but there are multiple solutions. each department also has clubs of varying size, so they are pretty fun to check out and are a good way to socialize - the student life is also pretty friendly, and the more people you know, the more active you will be.
firstly, I come from a family where everyone goes to big colleges and I was really excited to start college. However, I'm pretty disappointed. No one is very social or outgoing or will start/engage in conversation, and I don't like campus life or the one event the school has per month that no one goes to. I like my teachers and classes, the location is pretty good, and thats about it. There is one dining hall everyone goes to and no other places that accept your meal plan. It's wack. Im transferring. I highly caution everyone attending if you don't live off campus in the city.
Has a very liberal political point of view which I expected since it is San Francisco. Very diverse so even though the classes are usually taught by liberal professors there are students from conservative backgrounds attending. The school is diverse with all kinds of people.
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i have been here for a few weeks now as a mechanical engineering undergraduate and it has been fun there have been things that made me question the safety but other then that the school has been nice the professors are great and have required office hours which helps if you need help.
SF is great but the school is meh. Dorms are not great but good luck getting them. Lacks all life on the weekend and if you don't know the right people it is hard to know about any of the social events. The classes aren't awful but there are some pretty awful professors who don't understand that kids get sick. Or that they picked an evening class bc they commute but give them a morning lab.
I am currently a Film Major freshman here at SFSU State and I already love the experience. The people here are very nice and diverse. You get people from all other places in the nation and it is very cool to hear peoples stories. The campus is beautiful, the food selection is pretty nice. The housing here is amazing if you live in Village.
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