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I have met amazing professors that truly want me to succeed in whatever it is that I am doing. The majority of the professor I have had all have my best interest in mind and are almost always available to answer my questions. The new friends I have made are exceptional people that want to succeed as much as I do. I addition, the campus is beautiful.
This is my first semester at SFSU and I'm really enjoying the school so far. The teachers are really great, at least the ones in the Geography department, and the curriculum very interesting. Lots of great food on campus also, and the campus is really close to a mall. Awesome gym and other facilities.
The university is great to get to know the city and easy to adjust from home. The dorms are very comfortable to get to know all the students and markets is accessible.
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I’m really glad that I chose to come to SFSU for my bachelors degree because the campus is very diverse and the professor are amazing
San Francisco State University is a very diverse school. What this school has helped me a lot is on adapting on the new school environment that freshman need to go through. They have amazing teachers that will support you and give their help out. Especially all the tutoring resources they have in campus is amazing.
San Francisco State University has an amazing staff that take the time to sit with you to make sure you are successful during your time here. Dorms are very hard to get into, so it is very important that you apply right away. The food that they provide for their meal plans needs a little bit more variety. Housing is very expensive and there is limited parking for those who are commuting. Public transportation is ideal when exploring San Francisco, since parking is limited anywhere you go in San Francisco. The location of SFSU is right in the entrance of San Francisco if you are coming from the south end. San Francisco State University is great for those who want to experience the city life.
SF State is a great school. It is a welcoming environment, the campus is beautiful, and there is a lot to be done in the surrounding areas as well.
This is my first year at SFSU and I love the environment and how diverse it is. I grew up in the bay area and I did not want to leave the bay so SFSU was the best choice for me and I am glad I did make that choice to join sfsu.
My experience at SFSU was great!, it was very clean the people were all very hardworking and nice. Yet, some professors were not as nice as other colleges i'd been to before, i suggest looking them up on rate my professor before taking a class there.
When I took a visit to SFSU I knew when I stepped foot on the campus it was going to be my dream school. Everything about it was so perfect. The people in the school were friendly. The food was great and healthy.
This is my semester up here at San Francisco State and when I first arrived for move in day all the students were welcoming, patient and overall friendly individuals. They helped me out figuring out how to understand my meal plan and other do's and do not's on campus to survive my first week of school.
great school, fun environment.
compact school
close to downtown
professors are great, and respectful.
San Francisco State has a really great ethnic studies program, the dorms are huge except the Mary's (traditional dorm), Greek Organizations are great, and diversity is amazing. The school isn't big on athletics such a football but we do have a basketball, baseball, swimming, wrestling, etc. The dorms are usually quiet and not tooo loud at night, plus a bonus is the campus is practically empty on the weekends because the school is a commuter school. The location is great its next to a mall and several banks, and parks, lots of food places, and a great Gym that is free to students and faculty!!! Public transportation is the greatest we even have a shuttle to a bart station Monday through Friday, including a Muni station that stops right in front of our school.
My overall experience in San Francisco State is good. There is a lot of diversity. The school is really big and its a really big campus.
The school offers a very friendly and supportive environment. The professors all really care about their students' well-being and strive to really make sure we learn the material at hand. SFSU is located in the southern portion of San Francisco so it is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of downtown to have a relaxed vibe, but just a short Muni ride away if you want to go out for a night on the town.
As with most colleges you are going to get out what you put in. To elaborate, if you want to party you will find parties, there are parties every night you just have to find the right group. If you want to get a good education you will. The school has a lot of people and it can be very intimidating so you have to make the extra effort to get exactly what you want from the university. Overall, it is a good school and it is affordable, you just have to put in the extra effort to get what you want.
i liked how everyone was so nice and it was a beautiful campus right next to the beach so they’re was the beachy weather and smell vibe from it
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I liked there campus it’s really nice , there are a lot of areas where you can just layback and have a picnic with ur friends. There are a lot of places that you can buy food like Ike’s lair or in the food court there is also boba tea which I find amazing but there is also a mall next to SFSU that students can go to when wanting to go out there is also a Mc Donald’s which in my opinion has the best fries. The library in SFSU is amazing there is specific places that are considered quiet places where you can study in peace , there is also spaces that are for people to work in as a group and outside of the libary is a coffee place where u can gyet some coffe when needed.
The classes are too impacted, there’s no way you can graduate in 4 years. A lot of the departments need work and better professors.
I like the wide variety of classes, the campus and the fact that you can take a metro just about anywhere from here. Dorms are really old and the campus food gets repetitive.
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