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San Francisco State University Reviews

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San Francisco State University is the best place to be if you're looking for a diverse, open minded, progressive environment to be in!
The campus is nice and has a wide variety of majors, focuses, and classes. The location could be better, however, as it's a bit of a trip into the heart of the city and the only close grocery options (unless you bring a car) are a very small Target and Trader Joe's.
One thing I liked San Francisco State Francisco is that the campus is very nice and the people are very nice and easy going. When I first got onto the campus, I always asked for help, and they never reject me. I felt comfortable to study there.
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I had great professors but I think the campus/student life could improve and it was difficult to get the classes I needed.
San Francisco state university is a great school it is very diverse however, i would like to see more school oriented activities ie. teams, clubs, extra curricular. Another suggestion, alternative options and/ paths for students that do not get accepted to the high impacted majors, ones where we wouldn’t have to wait another school year for or re-apply. Makes students feel like they may have to change their major due to not getting into the program of their liking.
I think San Francisco State has a great environment of unified students trying to help each other and there are great resources that help you to succeed in your classes. So far my teachers had been great and they are very approachable. Library and gym are amazing!
I liked that San Francisco State University is a smaller school compared to others. Classes are smaller and it gives more time one on one with professors!
I worked really hard to get where I’m at today ! It takes a lot as a first generation student and being my first choice it was the best decision I ever made !
I took my freshman year of college at SFSU. It was not like I thought it would be, it was not like college in the movies. SFSU is a commuter school, which means a lot of people there come in for however long they need to be there, and then leave. The campus is not necessarily friendly, but it is also not-not-friendly. The teachers were good and made good efforts to connect with the students for the most part. My car got broken into, and there were many other reports of theft throughout the semester, so that's something to look out for. Also parking on campus is just ridiculous. $5 for one hour.
I loved SFSU for the diversity of thought and culture and background on campus. It's a commuter school, however the majority of students are really hard workers, creative spirits, and social conscious. I mean, how can you not be if you're living in San Francisco? SFSU also offers a large variety of courses. My favorites were Native American Science, an Art History seminar on Art Magazines and alternate art spaces, and Geography of Garbage and waste reduction. In these courses the subject matter was up to date, and we went on field trips to SFMOMA, etc. AT SFSU what is unique is that you have the opportunity to see firsthand alternatives to mainstream American capitalist culture.
San Francisco State University is a good school overall. A few things they do not tell you when you apply is that is is indeed a commuter school and is very expensive to live in. The area is very beautiful and full of nature but the city is so crowded and highly expensive. The campus is not big at all and is fact really small. Dorms are well put together and decent but the housing us very hard to obtain. Living off campus is a fortune and the less you want to pay, the more people you will be living with.
What I like about the college there is lots of great foods, nice buildings, campus looks nice, and has great academics there too. What needs to change is having more classes everyday from Monday through Friday because each of my classes are very short whenever I register for classes at SF State.
I love the diversity of the students. The campus has lost of resources for studying and career building. They also have a growing number of online and hybrid classes.
I liked the diversity and the experience that was given to me. made me more independent and helped me feel good about myself. I feel like there should be more classes that interesting and professors who like to teach their topic. I would also like for the passes of transportation to work during the summer. I would also like if the gym were open to all students even if there was an open gym. However, I enjoyed most of my classes. The schedule also has been great with me however the registration process is too much because it is hard to get the classes we actually need. This is going to be my third year and so far I have enjoyed everyday especially because I live in an apartment because the dorms are too expensive and I am saving money this way.
Being at SF state has been pretty exciting. I currently just finished my first year here and I love that it is a small campus. Most of my professors have been great and provide so much support. Our campus is very diverse. Resources on campus are easy to find, the only thing I would like to see change is that our undergrad advisors be more trained.
It was an amazing experience and the campus is beautiful. It’s unlike any other. The foliage and fog made it always peaceful and the professors in the art department really connect with the students. It was a pleasure to graduate from there.
I have had pleasent experiances at my school throughtout the past 3 years however i believe adding more class options and counselors to aid students in choosing class would be very beneficial.
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I received a quality education at SFSU. The courses were challenging, the professors were engaging, and the campus is beautiful. This state school is affordable and well worth the investment!
I had a pretty good experience. I met some nice people, and had some great professors. The downside is, it has a commuter school feel, plus classes are always full, and every desirable major is always impacted.
My experience with San Francisco State University is turning out well. I personally enjoy the overall campus, as well as the small details. There is much diversity, where there are many options to meet new people. Clubs are essential as well to becoming involved in school. The food courts are excellent in my opinion. The professors are well skilled in their teachings.
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