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The school provides a great learning experience in academics, sports and lifestyle. The school gives great orientations for incoming students and provides a safe and welcoming space for students.
The thing I love most about SDSU is everything is in you favor. At SDSU, you have so many resources to contribute to your success. I am a commuter student which is the only negative aspect but the school itself is everything a student looks for in a university. I love to be on campus because the atmosphere makes me want to do well.
Cool school you know they have the football team which is always nice go aztecs and then they have the cool mascot go aztecs and there are lots of parties which again is cool go aztecs and thne they have the trolley too go aztecs
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Great school. Very knowledgable and helful professors and staff. Beautiful campus and affordable prices.
I should've followed all my friends that went out of state. The extra tuition is well worth it when you can actually get into your classes without a struggle and declare your major based on your interests and not availability. Seriously, why else go to college.
I wasn't too fond of my freshman year experience. I had a lot of issues in my first dorm where students would get too intoxicated and blast music at 4 am. I even had an incident when drunk students came and vandalized my room. The students here are pretty disrespectful as my high school was more mature than these adults. I pretty much hated it here for the whole year thought about transferring, cried every night and my grades fell because I absolutely hate the environment. However, towards the end of the year I found my type of people and started to enjoy it more. If you don't like partying it is hard to find people who don't overdo it with the alcohol and cause problems.
I came to San Diego State Univeristy (SDSU, San Diego State, or simply "State") after growing up in suburban Los Angeles. It was not my first choice in school as I was trying to go to private universities, but I write this and can easily say I am blessed to call myself an alumni of SDSU. My time there was truly the most fun, inspiring, challenging, and rewarding experience in my life. I met friends for life, took on leadership positions that helped me grow, and immersed myself in a campus and environment that was dedicated to making sure students had the best experience possible. Despite SDSU's reputation for partying, it's a GREAT academic school and I felt challenged and enlightened by the coursework I took. It's also one of the few research CSUs! All-in-all, San Diego State was, and still, amazing. Like other college campuses, it does have its imperfections, but I would easily recommend it for those looking to attend a 4-year institution of higher learning.
What I like about San Diego State University is the different kinds of opportunities that they have a on campus to get involved. Although it is a public university that loves to make a profit off all it's students and still charge them for little things, the school has several great academic programs that help their students succeed.
Beautiful campus, many of the professors actually care about what they are teaching. Friendly open atmosphere, very welcoming.
Loved the diverse student body and the school events and activities. There are so many student organizations to join and great opportunities presented in classes and through the school administration.
I love SDSU. I wish there was more student involvement and events, but the academics are great and I've really enjoyed it so far!
My experience at SDSU has been amazing. I love the diversity there. I would like to see a little more friendlyness.
I think San Diego State is really cool. I'm glad I chose to go to this school because I had a good amount of friends from high school to help branch me out and make even more friends.
The environment is very special. Everyone seems nice and helpful most of the time. This college has a variety of sports, I really only like basketball and football. The professors are chill.
San Diego State is a very great campus. There are many things you can get involved in, it's a very social environment and its very easy to make friends. On the flip side, SDSU is a very academically rigorous campus that will definitely challenge you. If I could ask for change it would be that we had more affordable opportunities open for everyone.
SDSU is an amazing campus. It has everything and is really balanced with classes, party, and athletics
San Diego State is a great school to attend. I would appreciate my degree from this school because they have great academics.
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Its great university under California State University. Situated in San Diego, cool weather, awesome atmosphere. Professors give their best to class. If you are serious them its best university after UCSD.
I'm going there next year, and I've visited it and it's a really nice campus. My cousin graduated from there a couple years ago and she really liked it there.
I have been a student at San Diego State University since fall of 2014. I will be able to graduate in four years and have already successfully found a job in my career field. I joined a sorority which was a great social idea and I have joined school clubs to keep me invested and interesting in my campus. I learned a lot in all of my courses and have enjoyed all the professors that I have had. I have enjoyed my major classes and my major advisor has been extremely helpful in looking into graduate schools. I highly suggest SLHS (Speech Language Hearing Sciences) at San Diego State because they are well known for having great classes and offering suggestions for getting into graduate schools.
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