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San Diego State University is the perfect college for someone looking to exceed in the academics as well as broaden their social connections.
This is a great school that certainly prepares student for the workforce and for graduate school. Although it may not always have the best reputation, students certainly will be prepared to be successful in the future via individual determination and staying focused on their priorities.
SDSU has always had open arms and I cant wait to start there in the fall! I am following in my sisters foot steps and going to SDSU!
Review San Diego State University
I am currently enrolled at SDSU and I absolutely love it. Everyone here is so proud of SDSU and it makes it a much more enjoyable experience.
San Diego State University is a really good school and everyone is super involved. The atmosphere is amazing and the energy is always positive. People come together to get others involved and everyone is always hosting events to keep the campus life alive. I don't think that there is anything I would like to change because the campus and school is already doing really well on the involvement and the life of their school.
San Diego State University is a school with a large amount of diversity and does an incredible job of making everyone feel like they a part of the community despite your background. There are plenty of clubs and other groups to join no matter what interests you have. The only thing that I would change is adding more attention to the Art Department. The buildings are quite old and need some updating. I've been seeing a good amount of construction to add new buildings or fix other areas of campus but little to no attention gets paid to Art North and South.
The Business program is fantastic! I also really enjoy the campus because of its beautiful architecture. Most of my professors so far have been amazing and super helpful. The people are great and the overall atmosphere on campus is great.
I did not enjoy my time at San Diego State because of the large party atmosphere. I then tried to withdraw from the university and apply to a new one and they lost my withdrawal paperwork and I had to do a retroactive withdrawal after the fact. Most do not get accepted, luckily mine was and now I am finally transferring.
San Diego State University does a really good job on making sure incoming freshman are informed and have as much resources as possible to help with their academic success, they even have a great commuter program and a place for commuters to go and get help.
I enjoyed my time at SDSU, but I commuted to school since I live 12 mins away and did not have the finances to afford to dorm on campus. I lived at home with my parents and had grants and scholarships that paid for my tuition and fees. My time spent here forged countless friendships, many of which I've kept to this very day. I appreciated the aspect of diversity throughout the campus and used the resources offered (such as the 24/7 section of the library) very frequently to study and read. I've had wonderful professors and enlightening classes here learning all different subject matters across the board. It was time and effort well spent.
San Diego State is the perfect well-rounded college experience. The academics are prestigious, the parties are fun, and the surrounding city is amazing.
They need more financial aid for students because their prices are ridiculous and they're trying to ruin my dreams.
I loved my time at San Diego state! It a great school that's reputation as a quality school is growing. Beautiful campus.
The campus is extremely beautiful. The college students seem very friendly and always have their school spirit. The professors seem like they know what they are doing and look pretty good at it.
Great school. Right next to my house. Too expensive. Great classes and students. Some good professors, some lazy professors.
If I could give 0 stars I would. I transferred after my first semester. If you're not in a frat or sorority good luck having a social life. You will NOT be allowed into any parties unless you are in a top house (they exclude sororities such as AGD and DZ from many parties because they are "weird"). And good luck getting into a top frat or sorority- the rush process is shallow and, overall, a glorified a popularity contest. Not to mention the classes are ridiculously not academically stimulating and I felt as though I learned absolutely nothing during my time. The offices are all clueless and greedy. I was told to go to at least four different offices for one issue I was having and never got a straight answer from any of them. If this all wasn't bad enough the meal plan and food options suck too. This university is the perfect example of college being more about the money than the education.
I liked the campus so much, it was nice and clean. When I arrived I felt a connection/vibe . I feel like it would be an good choice to attend this 4 year university . I would like to see the prices drop .
Review San Diego State University
first of all let me start with the fact that they just take money from you and then don't have the right to refund when its a mistake on their end. Second, no one knows the correct answer to anything. I went to four different departments each telling me oh its not here it is at this location until I got fed up and said I cant be going all over campus and someone got me the right information all to find out I was being misled for 4 years about information I needed to graduate. The system is not for the benefit of the student at all and its sad since we pay the school.
San Diego State is an urbanized school. It's very welcoming, especially when you come for campus tours. If you'd like to meet people of different ethnicities, San Diego State is a good school to go to. There's a lot of clubs and a wide range of majors to chose from.
Give me the opportunity to get college studies, just what I needed. When I decide to go to college SDSU was one of my first choices, because I like the city and is very near from my parents hometown. SDSU was one of two schools that accepted me that have environmental engineering, exactly the major I wanted to study. I feel very happy to decide for SDSU, and hope to finish my career and find job in my field as I being planning.
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