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The child and family development department is amazing and very supportive. The school as a whole is very big, but very well run. Beautiful campus.
Attending San Diego State was one of the best decisions I have made in my life! Diverse student body with so much opportunity for growth, I had the best college experience there and would choose San Diego State over others in a heartbeat!
Good student services and a wide selection of courses. I'd like to see the class registration process simplified.
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The campus is beautiful and the clubs are so much fun. The academics are good and the teachers are great. The surrounding city is a little sketchy, but the campus itself is safe.
I love all my classes and professors, and believe they are all very knowledgable and passionate about the subjects they teach. I really like attending this school, and believe it has offered me numerous opportunities that are essential to my future success.
San Diego State University is in a city out of a dream. You're about 10-15 minutes from the beach and the weather is always nice and warm. The campus is on the bigger side, but people do bike or skateboard around campus if they have to. There's many types of food that the campus offers, from healthy options to fast food joints in the cafeteria. There's always a couple of parties going on at SDSU, you're more aware of them if you are involved with the greek life on campus though. There are many clubs, societies, and sororities/fraternities that you can join on campus. There are also many study abroad trips that are offered at SDSU. The main downside is that the class size is big and that safety is a big concern for the students here.
I absolutely love San Diego State University. I have been attending here for four years now and I have had an amazing experience. The students here are all so kind and helpful.
San Diego State University is a beautiful campus. Taking a tour throughout the entire school , eating the food, seeing the dorms, everything about the school made me feel at home. Now that may not always be the case for everyone but the atmosphere the University gives off is one that makes you feel safe and welcomed.
San Diego State is an overall amazing university to attend. It is great to live in San Diego because there is so much to do even when you are not in class. SDSU students are friendly and inviting. there are constantly several student activities held on campus. Also, there are some incredible professors at SDSU. although you may run into a few below average professor most are fun and engaging.
Great college atmosphere. Diverse student body, amazing school spirit, and not to mention a truly beautiful campus. There are tons of ways to get involved and everyone is so friendly, including staff!
I think this is a very good school for those who are outgoing. There are many clubs and greek life organizations to join, if you are into those things, you will have no problems making friends. However, if you are not the type of person to be very outgoing it can be hard as many students at SDSU commute to school and therefore it can be difficult to make friends with them as they usually try to leave campus as soon as possible and limit the amount of days/hours that they are in school. As for sports and sporting events, SDSU is well known fro its basketball and football teams, and the tailgates and events for the games can be huge, I would recommend attending. Academically, that is up to you, we have great professors but the amount of quality education you receive is based entirely on the effort you decide to put in. Overall, I would recommend my university to anyone who is outgoing and also on the academic side.
Being in San Diego where the weather is beautiful year round was one of the reasons I wanted to go here. I’m in my third year now and I am still enjoying it. SDSU has given me the challenge to be a better me with my major, education, the friendships I have made and more. I’m looking forward to representing my college when I graduate.
When I visited, I absolutely loved this college. I knew this was the college I would love to attend. The environment ws nice and everything just seemed really cool.
My experience so far has been great! I enjoy the classes and going on campus because everyone is so friendly, nice and the professors make are always available for any questions. My fellow classmates have been nothing but nice in my experience, everyone wants to learn and succeed, and overall, that makes it an enjoyable experience. Can't beat SoCal weather too!
As a student of San Diego State University, I can attest that it gears you towards success. The majority of the teachers I've had are all helpful and truly want to see you do well. There are also plenty of organizations or departments to help you whether it be finding campus jobs or internships. The food here is great and there are plenty of nearby stores for students to look into. The students here are working hard to rid the school's reputation of a party school. Along with that, the school is full of diversity, whether it be through ethnicity, age, sexuality, etc. There are also plenty of societies or clubs for students to join. The school also has booths to call police if one needs or wants escorts to parking structures at night and has a safety program that sends out text or email alerts for students to ensure the overall safety. Overall, I would say San Diego State University is a truly great university for anyone looking to have success in their higher education.
I love the environment. Students are kind. Most teachers are here to really help you. Go to office hours and talk with the TA's!
SDSU is a gorgeous lush campus with many pleasant surprises around every corner. the people are helpful and friendly to everyone as a result from the help they have received here. The clubs on campus are truly inspiring which matches the passion the teachers have for their courses.
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I was a part of the Hospitality and Tourism Management major at San Diego State University. All staff, professors and fellow students were all welcoming, helpful, and encouraging. They continued to push me towards achieving my goal which helped me plan my future and prepare for my career needs. I personally love this school and all there resources it has provided me with.
San Diego State and the surrounding comunity is full of life and a strong bondness. There are many amazing teachers working there and a wide variety of activities on campus. The education experience I have received here is more valuable than if I had attended a different school.
San Diego State is a great university to attend. The campus is beautiful and the professors here are stellar instructors. The surrounding area is alright for living but San Diego in general has a lot to offer. The academics at SDSU foster growth in students and the campus is always very full of life. The activities and involvement opportunities on campus make it very easy to be active at SDSU.
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