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Great school. Excellent weather. Many activities to be a part of, especially the Greek community. Good food choices. Hands on lab experience. The school is interested in making us successful
Very diverse college love that it has many majors that I Love. I love that it is super close to my house.
My dream school. The journalism program is amazing and I have never enjoyed going to school more than I do right now. Go Aztecs!
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I visited this college but we did not have a tour so I had to observe with my AVID teacher. I know alot about this particular college because I did a project that envlove researching alot of information based on the college. I like the campus and that it has a large space. Im going back to visit next year so I hope I can get an educational experience from a tour.
A great university with future STEM expansion. The football and basketball programs are great to follow.
San Diego stat university is an amazing school, the professors really care about your overall success in your careers and it’s a very good school environment to be in. It feels like home.
The setting of the school is very beautiful and the area placement is good for the students. There is various locations to eat and bee when not int class around the campus. The athletics are very close to the San Diego area and community.
I am glad I graduated from San Diego State University. The school has many opportunities to get involved on campus. There are clubs, sororities, other extracurricular activities to choose from. It's a fun and lively school. However, like most Universities in America today- SDSU runs like a business. Each student is just a number to most professors and administration. The way classes run it seems like they want students to get in and out with a piece of paper and don't care if you really learned anything or are actually equipped for your career.
SDSU is a great school. The more involved you are with campus life, the more you find your place here on campus. There are extracurricular activities for everyone. If you find what you love you will love you're time at this school.
Greek life is immensely prominent, to the point where you are looked down upon if you have no interest in it. This obviously isn't for everyone, and as a consequence no one takes academics seriously at all. Good for a four-year party, but as a legitimate higher education opportunity stay away.
SDSU has a vast amount of student diversity that is friendly and open to change. The one thing that I would change is the amount of space for on-campus students since it has become such a popular school.
Overall, my experience is pretty good. All professors are required to have an office hour so if the students have any questions, they are welcome to go to the office hour. I would like the university to hire more professors because some of the course only one professor is teaching and the teaching style is not match my learning style. It makes a hard time for me to pass the class. I think it's better to have other professors and give students more options to choose which professor matches their learning style. In this way, both the professor who is the only one teaching that class and students will not have many pressure and burden.
Though there are lots of people at San Diego State, I am usually able to find a room or location to study in. As a graduate student my classes are not too large so I am able to get a lot of one on one time with my professors. Though Marine Ecology is a heavy focus of the faculty here, they all have different interests allowing for varying avenues of research.
I enjoyed the resources that are available to students including health services, information desks, and counseling services. Many professors enjoy what they teach and are passionate about their jobs. They also encourage students to get involved on campus.
The culture is amazing, people are super free and relaxed. High patriotism for our Aztecs, and awesome board of professors too. The campus lavishes the students with abundant events and activities to do to make sure everyone is involved and no one is missing out
As an SDSU student, I am glad to be here. It is a really good school and decently affordable, especially compared to the other universities in California. I love Thursdays, because we get food from local markets and it's is diverse and tastes great! We have a lot of clubs and events that make college life more exciting. There is a 24 hour study area which really helps when you need to have a place to focus at any time of the day.
San Diego State University, first and foremost, is a beautiful campus in an equally beautiful city. The university has all realms one could wish for. If you want the "college experience" and want to connect with your school, this is the campus for you! There are endless clubs and organizations to join. If you want to focus on academics, this is an amazing school. The professors are knowledgeable and have had true life experience in your fields of interest. There are many research opportunities as well!
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I transferred from Moorpark Community College to San Diego State University and have been attending classes here for almost a month now. I am majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management with an emphasis in Meetings & Events. So far, my experience at SDSU has been wonderful. The students and staff are extremely friendly, helpful, and involved. There are so many opportunities for students, both for work and play. I have made so many friends and done so many fun activities that I never would had had the opportunity to do if I had not attended SDSU. The campus is beautiful, the area is exciting, and the people are great. Yes there is a lot of homework, but professors are willing to help if you are willing to work.
The school is very nice, great classes with lots of variety. They have lots of services aimed at helping students and they host lots of events to help you get involved. My experience so far has been good.
The professors and faculty are very helpful! The social life the school provides with Aztec Nights helps you meet people from other majors that you may not otherwise see.
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