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The people there are extremely nice and everyone is friendly. There are people from all over the world who come to study so the student body is very diverse. The one bad thing about it is that there are a lot of homeless people around the campus. You should always walk with a buddy at night just as a precaution but other than that it is a wonderful place t study. The weather is also very amazing.
I have so much to say, it’s hard to summarize. This school offers a wide variety of majors (mine is international security and conflict resolution), stimulating/thought provoking classes, countless student orgs to get involved with, incredible parties (greek and non), insanely talented sports teams (our football team is finally ranked heck yaaaa), and numerous opportunities from study abroad to scholarships to internships and more. I’ve revently found 2 prestigious internships thanks to aztec career connection, signed up to study abroad, and have already been awarded thousands in scholarships thanks to sdsu scholarship search. I’ve never been so challenged in all of the best ways and on top of that, SDSU allows me the best atmosphere to wind down and party hard after every week is over. This school will always have a special place in my heart, I’m sad I have to graduate soon :(
It is a great school, with incredible professors, but it would be nice to have more diversity with majors, and classes within those majors. I am a Linguistics and Asian Studies major, and every semester it is difficult for me to find classes at a fitting time for myself.
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They have a diverse range of classes, speakers, and professors.

They started a food pantry on campus, have support for those who are struggling, and the atmosphere is really nice on campus.

I wish they offered housing for single moms caring for their children while trying to go to school.
I feel so welcomed on SDSU's campus. The music department (I am a music education major) is full of great professors and other students and I know that I am getting a great education. The diversity is encouraging. The Alumni are energizing. I love SDSU.
I love being apart of the SDSU community because it is extremely easy to get involved. The only thing I would change is they find a way to help out student financially just because so many students are over stressed because of the cost of attendance.
Great school and very beautiful. the staff is outstanding as well as the peers that attend the school . Very large and has a vast variety of ways to get involved with the school. location is outstanding
San Diego State University has one of the best campuses in Southern California. I have been there multiple times and the staff there are so kind and professional.
Wonderful inspiring professors. Lots of opportunities for academic growth! Word of advice to any prospective students: join a lab! Find a professor you like and get in some hours. Working in a lab provides you with mentorship and opportunities to boost your graduate application.
San Diego state is a student friendly campus however they need to work on their book pricing and sellback values.
I love the atmosphere and diversity. They have a great campus with many organizations and clubs to join. The teachers care about the students and help them. The classes are not too tough just show up and be ready.
Party scene is definitely lit highly recommend being in greek life to experience it all. Guys won't get in without knowing the right people girls same thing unless you're in a sorority or look like a sorority girl.
San Diego State University is a great school. The faculty and staff really care about their students and there are always improvements being made around the school to give a better experience. The campus is centrally located just northeast of Downtown San Diego and is close to freeways, making it convenient to attend even if you don't live on campus. The school hosts concerts on a regular basis, both in the outdoor open air theatre and in the Aztec Arena, where other sports take place as well. SDSU has proud students who love their school and love living in San Diego. The weather is hard to beat!
I love how this school gets almost all the students in different activities and absolutely love the diverse culture among the staff and students. I also love how a lot of alumnis stay connected to SDSU. This creates more job opportunities after they graduate college. The only thing I would change is the food here, but is very typical for colleges to have standard food and it was expected.
The location is surrounding the campus is beautiful and there is a lot to do. The diversity is excellent and there are a lot of opportunities for minorities and the LGBTQ community.
San Diego weather---amazing. The campus never ceases to amaze me at how clean it is all the time. I love how the university is massive, but is still nestled in the area around it.
Review San Diego State University
For the time I have been in San Diego, SDSU is by far one of the best colleges I've come across in my search. The people are wonderful and the environment is beautiful. I wouldn't have it any other way but in SDSU.
Hi! A little bit about myself...My name is Hoang Linh Nguyen, I'm a Vietnamese who was born and raised in Russia, and now I'm embarking my educational journey in sunny San Diego. Currently I'm an Electrical Engineer (senior), at San Diego State University, and so far...I LOVE IT.
The school life, the educational opportunities, and the resources that school provides are top notch, but it's up to the students to take the given opportunities and use them to aid in their goals . Probably the most amazing thing about the SDSU, is their mentality about the equality in opportunities for EVERYONE, since I'm an international student who was influenced by both cultures, this school mentality was really close to my heart.
I liked how they made you feel welcomed and how they completely changed my perspective on how scary college can be.
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