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San Diego State University Reviews

4,341 reviews
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I like that San Diego State has so many opportunities to get involved, whether it be a club, Greek life, or intramural sports. Overall, the professors are good and there is a very nice balance here between academics and social life. The campus is beautiful, the students are diverse, and there is always something to do on this campus.
I absolutely love San Diego state. This has been my dream school since I was a freshman in high school. I have made so many friends and absolutely love my major! SDSU has a lot of opportunities for people! There is something for everyone at state and that is what makes it so special.
I like the wide variety of majors available as well as the diversity of clubs and sports. Although, this is a big party school with a heavy emphasis on Greek life.
I like how welcoming people at San Diego State are. I would like to see more options in the meal plan selection.
San Diego State University ha such a diverse community where everyone is welcomed and provided with the best services. The faculty and staff are members that have one priority and that is the student's success. Many clubs exist on campus caring for all types of majors, as they all try to guide their members into performing better on the academic level. SDSU is a very fun school, a lot of activities are held every week, free food is always available too and it is quite tasty.
SDSU has a great location since there are different highways surrounding it, as well as a metro that drops students right next to the school, and finally parking is never impossible to find.
As a second year kinesiology pre-PT student at San Diego State, I can truly say I am receiving an excellent education that is preparing me above and beyond what I expected. The courses I am taking not only expose me to the field of physical therapy, but other avenues of the medical field as well that might spark my interest. For example, just the other day when I was visiting my dermatologist, I noticed a skin diagram on the wall. It labeled all the different layers of the skin and the parts within it. Because I had just learned about the integumentary system in anatomy at SDSU, I was able to identify everything on the diagram without looking at the labels. It is an education like that, that San Diego State provides to well equip us young adults for the future work force. We are going to make a better tomorrow.
I like the classes, the campus is beautiful, and its lit. Greek life is very prominent on campus, you will see people wearing their letters everywhere. There is a lot to get involved in if you want to.
As a first year student, I felt welcomed by staff everywhere I went. I am still exploring the many clubs and organizations offered by the school. This school offers may opportunities for growth (professional, personal, perspective, etc.).
I love my school, what I like the most is the diversity in ethnicity. I have learned a lot from amazing teachers and I have grown in every aspect of life. I would really recommend my SDSU because I find it outstanding in every way. Health care, campus, food options, library, counseling, sports.
So far my experience has had lots of ups and downs along the way. It's been a lonely ride for the first semester, all my friends from my high school that go with me to state have different breaks than I do. College is so different, you won't be reminded of when work is due or about upcoming test. The clubs here at state are really fun especially the one I joined, the Asian Pacific Student Alliance, APSA, they really help you feel at home and the officers really try to get to know everyone so that you don't get left out. They are probably the best thing that's happened since I've been in college.
Besides its great academic reputation, it has a great social ambiance that resonates with the community. The student life here at SDSU really advocates for everyone to step up and try something new. The campus is beautiful and the weather compliments it all year long. San Diego State offers a ton of new experiences for students academically as well as personal development.
San Diego State University is a great choice of the university to attend if you are local from San Diego. Their academics, campus, area and especially athletes are the best.
The university should make tuition more affordable, especially for out of state students. They should have more opportunities for grants and scholarships, and reach out further to students seeking additional financial assistance.
I love SDSU! I live on campus at the SVO House on Fraternity Row. It's really nice living with fellow veterans. They just get you. I love having the ARC near me so I can work out without driving anywhere. All of my teachers last semester were super nice and very qualified. Some of them were very effective in their methods and I'll never forget them. I already love my professors this semester. Everyone wants you to succeed. If you want to, you will. We have our own police department. They keep us informed on potential threats and their work to neutralize them. There's always a party going on. Student government makes sure there are activities throughout each semester. The basketball and football games are off the hook. Most of the dorms are pretty great, but they tend to be a bit pricey. But hey, what school has cheap dorms? There’s plenty of food choices on campus. And being that our campus is in San Diego, we have one of the most diverse student bodies in the nation!
Everyone here is extremely friendly and the faculty really care about students individually. I would love to see more club and organizational fairs.
It was unexpected that I ended up at SDSU but Im glad I did. If you aren't in greek life some might find it challenging to make solid friend groups but you can avoid that by being outgoing and willing to put yourself out there. The campus is beautiful and the weather is awesome, maybe a few weeks of rain the entire year total.
SDSU is a school that is not too large, but has enough students create a well rounded community with endless possibilities in meeting people through clubs, organizations, and sports. The school offers amazing programs and services that are free for the students to use whenever they want. The school's location is prime, having a concert venue, stadium, and trolley system that takes one almost anywhere in San Diego, all located on campus.
My overall experience with SDSU has been positive. It is not the most beautiful campus I've been on but overall the academics, and specifically the cost, are a high point!
Excellent school that has much diversity. This school provides job fairs, and internship fairs, and club fairs that make it easier to access resources. Overall, the people are really friendly, competitive and involved. Anything campus-related is easy to find online, but there are also information desks around the school. There are plenty of coffee shops on campus, as it could be expected, and many food options, but mostly American/Mexican food. This school is very high spirited during the football season. Students have free access to some of the games. As for my Social Work major, I feel there is a lot of support from professors/advisors and readiness to help me be organized, or to plan for grad school. The SW major advisors make sure we know of many opportunities, jobs, meetings with the director, coffee/movie nights, internships, study abroad etc. The Psychology major is a little lacking in this, but by joining the Psych club, I feel much more included. It's been amazing !
SDSU you allows a blend of all types of people, physically and academically to come together to learn about life, work, and the human experience.
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