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The faculty are nice, knowledgeable and truly dedicated to the students. Many of them put hours after their own class times to continue helping their students.
Parking is a hassle so it's always a good idea to come to school about 30 minutes before the intended time.
It is an impacted school, in every major! There is lots of competition to get into the classes you want so it's important to keep a plan B schedule, even a plan C one in case the classes you wanted the first time are full to the brim.
The school doesn't have a security guard system. It has a police station! So it's mostly secure as there are police everywhere! They have different phone numbers to call in case you need them for an emergency, even if you need them to walk you to the dorm or bus stop. And for commuting students, there is a trolley station stop right at the school, so no matter where you live, you can always get there.
I think the school has a pretty good reputation and the professors really try to help you understand the material once i got into my major.
overall its a very good school, its a little competitive to get in. we definitely need more diversity.
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This is my junior year at San Diego State and I enjoy it. The campus life here at this school makes you feel at home. You feel comfortable and everyone is so nice and friendly. There is a lot of majors this school has to offer. They also have very caring professors and advisors that want to see you succeed.
My time at San Diego State University so far has been a pleasant one. They offer a wide range of activities and classes to help me guide myself to a better future. While I am at times confused by the billing structure of the school, I am overall pleased with everything else the campus has to offer.
I love SDSU! It is in a great location, the campus is beautiful, and the people are very diverse! However, I do not love the pressure and focus of greek life.
San Diego State's graduate programs are excellent-especially their education programs! The professors are highly qualified, remain relevant in their profession, and are able to teach graduate students and give us valuable knowledge as well. There are many chances to gain professional experience and be involved with your program in personal ways. SDSU's beautiful campus and huge alumni network are part of the perks too!
I chose San Diego State because of the numerous opportunities I can find by networking with other students and my professors.
San Diego State University has many resources on campus to help student success such as the 24/7 library and tutoring in the library. The campus also has many facilities to ensure no student goes hungry or thirsty. This university also does well with trying to improve student participation to increase the family feeling they promote. The teacher's are also supportive of their students and the ones who are not, can be replaced by ones who are.
They help a lot if you’re in a stem field, offering a lot of opportunities for math and science tutors. The campus is really beautiful but the administration isn’t the best. Couselors aren’t concerned in your troubles.
I am currently in the Master of Science Regulatory Affairs program at San Diego State University. The program is offered online, which is helpful for me because I am mom of two young boys and a working professional. The instructors are friendly, helpful, and respond to questions in a timely manner. The program takes a lot of time, hard-work, and dedication. However, many of the topics we had covered in the program courses have helped me become a better, more knowledgeable professional in my career.
Teachers are super friendly, staffs and counselors keep in touch with you and they treat you like a close family. I like how they try their best to give you the best opportunities to learn.
My time at San Diego State has been remarkable, the campus is spread out so keeps us healthy and its nice to walk around. My professors where all really helpful when I needed assistance during my time here. There's also great student help, all around the library the access to cool new technology like 3d printing endless computers and a large format printing room. Student life has been fun;6 but priority's come first lol.
As with any college, an individual's experience is really what they make of it. I was fortunate enough to have opportunities to become really involved on campus during my first year through both my major and my interests. I have yet to see about the return on investment, but I can already tell that my decision to come here is a good one and my time and money are well spent on this education. I will be in several leadership positions and jobs through the university this fall, and I really couldn't do it without the unique opportunity that SDSU offers at the intersection of academics and student interests.
I have found SDSU to be a great school in its community and educational resources. Transportation to the school is quick and accessible, with the school offering vouchers for reduced fare. The representation and diversity of the school is wonderfully diverse and rich in cultures and various religions.
I have enjoyed my time at SDSU. I was nervous at first because the school is so large, but I joined some clubs and intra-mural sports and made some friends, which helped make it seem much smaller.
San Diego State University has a lot going for it; there's more clubs than I thought possible, and there is always something interesting/ exciting happening on campus. The campus is absolutely beautiful and they have a lot of great amenities. Sadly, the surrounding city area is not nice, and it is a commonplace to get school-wide alerts about muggings happening to people walking around alone at night. If you want to get to the nice areas of San Diego you have to drive about 15-20 minutes away from campus.
The size of the school is probably one of the biggest drawbacks. Sometimes it's nice being anonymous, but for the most part its not so rad.
The last thing I would like to say about SDSU is that it is incredibly greek life oriented. If joining a sorority/fraternity is something you want to do, than that's awesome, this school is perfect for you. However, if the idea of greek life makes you sick to your stomach than I warn you to turn away now.
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My aunt went here and loved it!! She got her masters degree and admin credential. the area and campus were wonderful and she highly recommended it!
SDSU gave me a chance to branch out and meet others with like minds. there is a lot of student fraternizing going on, and not just with the frats and sororities, of which there are too many to choose from. The professors aren't pompous and the staff is all too willing to help. The education was affordable and high quality.
I am very pleased with the experience I had attending SDSU my freshman year. There was always activities, clubs, and organizations students could join. The population itself is rich in diversity. Everybody is extremely friendly and outgoing. The professors are great! They really show they care about their students even though they may not know each individual. I would definitely recommend this school.
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