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San Diego State University - Imperial Valley Reviews

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SDSU-IV is a great school for people trying to save money and get an excellent degree in four years. The professors are interested in seeing you succeed which is really encouraging! They will make every effort to meet with you and help you. Class sizes are smaller which gives students a better connection to each other and the professor. The scholarships that this campus provides is very generous. The drive to campus is not very far which is nice. It is primarily a commuter college because there is no on campus housing. Overall a great college if you’re looking for something close to home with all the features of academics that other colleges provide.
I have had a great experience at San Diego State University- imperial valley. They have really good programs that had helped me regarding my application.
I liked this campus because the classes are small, there is free parking, and the professors are very helpful. If this campus had a cafeteria I would give it 5 stars.
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It is close to home and in the time it takes other people to get their bachelors, you get an associates with yours.
San Diego State University has very good classrooms but they are always very impacted. Their campus is a very good campus to further everyone's education on. They have a very good athletics program that is a wide variety.
Like I said before its okay, its a small town we dont get to see as much crimes as other universities.
It is a small campus so there is not many job opportunities fro everyone.
Calexico its not as expensive as San Diego and because its a small campus we do not have dorms.
SDSU Imperial Valley Campus is a small campus we don't have half of the activities the main campus currently had.
I don't think no one cares about sport at SDSU Imperial Valley Campus.
SDSU Imperial Valley Campus so far for me its been an incredible experience. My counselor Barbara has help me and answer every single question I can think of. Of course the school its different from the main campus, but the education is the same and that;s all it matters
Even though we pay the same amount of money as the main campus, we dont get the same beneftis talking about jobs and career oportunities becase calexico is a small town
Its okay if u want to work and dont care abput the facilities just care about graduating
I have never heard of any crime in campus
Overall i like my professors and the classes i have take
Our facility has no athletic facilities at all
I waited multiple times for 30 minutes or more on the line to speak to the financial aid office. The Financial Aid Advisors were very kind and helpful; I was very confident in their assistance. However, I'm still not quite completely at ease with the divisions of money in my award summary.
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the nightlife is bare bones. There is a movie theater called Calexico 10 and some shopping choices but for the real fun you have to head south of the border. Mexicali lies close to the school and it offers clubs bars and dancing any night of the week.
Calexico is a small border town minutes away from Mexicali. It's very calm and clean with many restaurants although not a big variety of food is offered. As for entertainment, there is only one movie theater in Calexico and it's very affordable to visit. There are many parks around that are quite large and open. It's also 20 minutes away from the Imperial Valley Mall which is large and varied as well as surrounded by several department stores. One very popular place here is the Starbucks Coffee which is next to a GameStop, Subway and a Little Caesar's, all very visited. Also, there is a big Forever 21 store which is affordable and attracts many people.
Do we have sports? Not that I know of, only at the main campus.
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