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San Diego Culinary Institute Reviews

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One of the best things is the school includes books, a knife set, and uniforms in its tuition. The cuisine program was accelerated but not hard to follow.
The school offers an entrepreneurship course as part of the curriculum and also offers Flavors of the World where students can learn from its already international staff different ways and techniques and ingredients used all over the world.
We get to eat excellent food every day
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It is culinary school so no extracurriculars
They do not have a computer lab and we can't print
The financial aid officer Jaycee is really good
we really dont use or have computer network since we do more hands on with our books and read alot. but that works for us student. never any complaints
Full Time – this school is for people who are truly dedicated to their major. this is not a game to this school they look for real motivated student. they help you if your are a single parent and work around your schedule if you need it
Facilities Are Very Good – though we dont really have a library or a resource center, we go the the advisors for that. They apply us with everything we need
this school has the motivation and drive from teachers who actually care about your goals that you are trying to achieve. They are very hands down with you and make sure you are learning at the right pase
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