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I think the classes were conducted well. I have taken online classes before so it wasn't an issue for me.
The staff and students are all very friendly. The teachers really care about their students and want to help them learn.
The best thing about this institution is the community. Everyone is very cordial and inclusive. Whenever I attend school social events, it is easy to meet new people and make new friends. The faculty and staff work very hard to provide the best student experience possible. The professors truly care about their students not only academically, but spiritually and personally. On the other hand, the leadership team could use some work in the area of organization and mass student communication.
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I took many classes online at this institution. The great thing about online courses is that you can work at your own pace and get ahead if needed. The professors really take the time to read each word of your essay and provide you with timely feedback. The professors are very prompt when answering their e-mails. This is a small school so take advantage of office hours and asking as many questions as necessary in order to seek help.
Since going to San Diego Christian College, I have been able to grow spiritually, and mentally in ways I could never image. My education has elevated along with the potential and determination I have for myself. As I continue my education at San Diego Christian College, I hope to build a more diverse community of acceptance.
I have enjoyed my experience with San Diego Christian College. They have supported my efforts to apply and complete my bachelors degree. I had a wonderful admissions advisor. He was a very wonderful communicator. I never had to wait very long for answers to any question. My professor is nice. She appreciates intuitive questions and is happy to supply answers to keep you on the right track. I would not change anything about my experience so far.
While this college may be small it has huge potential. The small size means its easy to a hold of professors and fixes any school-related issue. The students and faculty are friendly and are always willing to lend a helping hand.
I am pleased with my college. I am impressed with the Christian and loving way I was handled from the start. They did all that they could to make my first experience the best.
For the most part, the staff is very sweet and caring about yourself and your education. The food is amazing, every day it's something different and it never disappoints. Although, the campus is EXTREMELY small and parking is frustrating.
They are very involved with the community and try to make big changes to help everyone out. San Diego Christian cares a lot about your education and helps you succeed in the end.
Right now I give SDCC a 10/10. It is an amazing environment, great people, and great classes. The cafeteria is amazing fresh good healthy food at your fingertips. The environment is so great because you get to learn about Jesus while getting a degree.
I went here my first semester of my freshman year of college in the aviation program. I was treated unfairly by one of the professors. There are better schools that cost less. They pitch you a "community" and "family", but that's not how it is unless your in some type of sport. They act all nice when they give you a tour of the school but I overheard some people who gave the tour talking to each other saying how they can't wait for the tours to be over because the people are annoying. Save your money and go elsewhere.
I love being a student at SDC. Everyone is very welcoming and has the same mindset as I, to grow closer to God. I used to be very shy, quiet and antisocial; but being a student here, they have helped me come out of my shell. I've discovered who I really am and have learned to be my own person. This year I've learnd that I am made in the image of God. I don't have to change myself or pretend to be someone I'm not to please others. SDC has been a huge impact in my life. I know that if I'm ever going through something, I don't have to go through it alone because there's always someone to listen and help out as best as they can. SDC is always opening doors for me. They have given me the opportunity to travel and minister in other countries. I absolutely do not regret coming here. I know that this is where God wants me to be and where I'm meant to be.
I don't know much about this but Im going to find out.
I've met some wonderful professors who have challenged and encouraged me to do great, while I've met some that don't care much. That's life.
My campus is pretty secure, there could be more security guards at night though.
I loved living on campus with all my classmates.
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We don't have any greek life.
My school needs better athletic facilities and actual fields for sports.
It has been one of the best experiences of my life.
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