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San Bernardino Valley College has some of the best professors and overall staff. My experience there was pleasant and I got the guidance I needed in order to transfer. The people running this institution are truly helping you achieve success and it shows by the amount of people graduating into a brighter future.
I enjoyed that SBVC was close to home and was local. I definitely knew the area. I also like how most professors really do care about your success. The professors have a real connection to their students. On the other note, I would suggest changing the staff. The staff is extremely rude and unhelpful. They confuse a student more than anything and would suggest that they either change the staff or uplift their environment.
san bernardino valley college is a great community college. there are amazing professors, students, and plenty of different activities one can join.
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SBVC is a good college to go to. I find that it has many different classes to offer students. They have a good Student Center that helps you get free tutoring with many different subjects. I enjoyed attending this college.
This will be my first year of San Bernardino Valley College, but so far my experience with the students and staff is that they are very helpful and want to help you succeed. My counselor was very helpful and insightful about various programs they offer. She helped me set up and educational plan so I can be a transfer student after I'm finished with my prerequisites.
It's not a big college but its facilities are good. They don't offer many majors or equal courses for tranfer-program as other colleges. However, the tuition fee is cheaper than others. You also experience college events and there are events weekly. There is movie on Thursday, free admission plus free food sometimes, but I never try 'cause there's no late bus for me to go home. I would like to be more accessible with international students assist such as they can help me to find on-campus job or let me know my privilege as an international student at campus.
San Bernardino Valley College continues to be a affordable, reliable, significant campus. They offer a wide variety of certificates and degrees that ensure all students will have the opportunity to pursue their career goals, or advance further in their careers. Beautiful campus, great faculty and staff, and a wide diversity of students that ensures everyone will have a special time while here on campus.
I love most of my Professors and the other student. The Counseling department needs much work, so as Students do not get misdirected in their studies. Also, finachial aide needs more workers and improvements, so you complete all your extra paperwork at one time. Other then these short comings this is a great campus!
This school has been welcoming as a concurrent enrollment student I adjusted well. However, because of the lack of prestige the professors are very wit in there response. Also, admissions made it difficult for me to enroll because of my age and the school that I attend.
I love the school. I'm attending it while still in high school because of a program. Being able to attend the college is great. The teachers can range from great to terrible. But for high schooler attending college, this school has done me well.
There times for classes are diverse, which is great for my work schedule! I take my classes at night and I am full time. Wonderful for the working class! Professor take time to help as much as possible as well. They are very understanding of your work life!
I have not actually attended the school yet, but so far I have had a wonderful experience. When I went to take my assessment, the test administrators were so helpful and the counselor that I met to discuss my test results with answered all my questions and was very welcoming. I am so excited to begin my academic school year with San Bernardino Valley College
I took 4 classes for Fall 2016. My experience overall was very positive. All of my classes were online. I received 2 A's, 1 B and 1 F. I am disappointed in the F because I worked harder in that course than all of the others. I know that I am not a quitter so I have enrolled in this class again but I will be traveling to campus on Saturdays. I work full time but I need this course to advance and to graduate. I am NOT giving up. I would appreciate the scholarship money because I do not qualify for Pell due to the number of college students in my household which currently stands at 2. SBVC is the oldest junior college in California and I have been attending intermittently since 1982. I appreciate the variety of courses offered and the ease of registration. My favorite professor is J. Demsky. I highly recommend him to all students planning to take History courses. #winning
Some teachers are good but others are so trashy, rude and immature like philosophy professor Lopez. Besides that loser professor Mr. Smith is a good math teacher I high recommend him.
My experience in this school so far has been great. I had so much anxiety starting school and i figured that this school was a good stepping stone. Everyone in this school is so helpful, especially the staff and teachers.
I was a high school drop out when I started SBVC. I changed my life, I had the best math professor. Dr. Zadock Reid...he taught me that I could do math...all the way up to multivariable calculus...and I started in his Pre-Algebra class! Another professor there is Professor Glass taught me chemistry, and there was a swim instructor who actually swam the English Channel when she was 65...not sure if she's still there but she's awesome too! I highly recommend this school!
Most of the teachers I have meat at San Bernardino Valley College were very helpful, and they care about their students' success.
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Overall it was okay. Not the best, not the worst but simply ok
It was easy to pick my classes based on my personal life, even if some classes weren't available some other days.
It was fun, easy and very exciting classes. Sure there was some boring moments but overall enjoyable.
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