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I love my time at Samford. They provide me with the exact education I need to go out professionally into my field one day. I have been given several opportunities there that I feel wouldn't have come at any other school. I love my professors and my friends and the environment that Samford provides.
Samford offers many programs that one may excel in, but above all else, I am surprised to find that every staff member, faculty, employee meets you with kindness and a willing attitude to serve you. Entering the pharmacy program this coming fall, they have been so adamant about preparing you for success, and that says a lot about the program's integrity!
I will be a sophomore this upcoming year at Samford University. I enjoyed my freshman year. I felt the school made it easy to meet new people. If I could change one thing about Samford, it would be the diversity. I would love to see more students of different race and diverse backgrounds.
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If I could go back to my senior year of high school I would not pick any other college. I am going into my Junior year and still having the best experience. I picked Samford because it is a small Christian college with a great nursing program. Samford amazes me daily with the community it brings. The people make Samford what it is. They are friendly to everyone and great people to learn and grow with making lifelong friends. Also, the academics do not disappoint. School is hard but the faulty make it worth it. The professors are genuinely caring to their students and what the best for them as a person. Another great addition is the proximity to Birmingham. Birmingham is only about 10 minutes away from Samford and it is always fun being a tourist in my own town. There is always something new to discover in Birmingham and a fun way to get off campus every once in awhile to explore. One thing I would like to see change is the food and library hours.
This is a wonderful school that provides a wonderful education and college experience. The campus is beautiful and faculty and staff care about their students.
i have loved my time at samford so much and am always looking forward to going back. The classes can be challenging and some professors are hard but you will learn and grow a lot. The people are very friendly and welcoming and there are many events on campus. Campus is beautiful!! Birmingham also has somethings but definitely not a big party scene , it is more laid back. The campus food isn't the best but the local food off campus is amazing! GO TO SAMFORD!!
I cannot imagine going to a different college. If you're looking for a positive college experience and can afford to come to Samford, do it. The professors will take time to know you. We obviously have a beautiful campus, but it's the community that makes Samford so amazing. I'll walk around the quad and can expect to see many people I know and have real, life-on-life conversations with people, and I'm not even one of the popular people. I'll admit that my parents paid for my education, but I would take out loans and pay them back for the rest of my life if I had to to stay at Samford. Don't expect to be sheltered, but the friends I've made here have helped develop me as a person and you can't replace that.
Samford really has become a second home to me. With a nurturing environment that strives for excellence in all areas, Samford provides its students with incredible opportunities both in the classroom and in the larger community of Birmingham.
People are super friendly here and it's pretty easy to get involved in things. Everything is in walking distance and the surrounding area is amazing. It's fifteen minutes from the center of Birmingham and most attractions. The food is not the best, but the rest of what Samford has to offer far out ways that.
I absolutely loved my first semester at Samford. It has always been my dream school and I was not disappointed.
Overall, I have enjoyed my experience at Samford. The classes have been small, so the professors can really work personally with you. They are challenging and it is definitely not easy to earn an A in most classes. The campus is absolutely gorgeous and it is great to look at. I love the fact that faith is taken extremely seriously in most activities and classes. However, I do not like the fact that there is barely any diversity on campus, and that there is a certain "type" of person that has to attend Samford. Most people are wealthy white people who have been spoiled their whole lives, and Samford continues to spoil them. Coming from a white, middle class family, this can be suffocating and sometimes makes me doubt my decision in attending this school. It is not a good feeling to be compared to everybody else because of your car or because you did not go to a private school. I cannot say that I am completely happy with my experience at Samford.
Samford University is a beautiful campus with professors that truly care about you and your experience there. At night, fireflies can be seen floating throughout the rolling green hills. The environment is very inviting, inside and outside of the classrooms. The faculty here are very professional and involved in the lives of their students. They do everything that they can to ensure success for all who choose to attend Samford University.
Samford is a great school with great opportunities to grow as a person not only in maturity, but also in your faith! The people rock. I highly reccommend.
Samford University is an outstanding college with a great Christian community that allows students to continue their education in whatever they plan to achieve.
The Career Development Center has employers on campus every week recruiting. Plus, Samford has some of the best programs in the country. I am in the education program, 100% of our graduates have a job or are enrolled in grad school within 3 months of graduating. I'm not worried at all.
The professors are amazing! They genuinely care about me and want be to succeed!
It's not really something that is talked about much on campus, as far as I know it is not an issue. I have never heard anyone not feeling safe or as if they didn't have a voice. As a female, I feel very safe on campus. They is a strong police presence on campus, especially at night. There are only two exits, and after 10pm you have to go through a guarded gate to get on campus.
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A dorm room is a dorm room, you can't really sugar coat it. My freshman dorm in vail was definitely one of the bigger ones on my hall, but it was still a box that two people are forced to live in for a year. But the reason that I loved Vail and my freshman dorm experience was my hall. My RA quickly became referred as "Mom" and my hallmates became my sisters and closest friends. Its a beautiful campus with pretty nice facilities, but it's the people that make this campus great.
I am Greek, so I'm a little biased, but I love Greek Life! We have a really good Greek Life Office and lots of programs and activities. There are now 6 sororities and 5 fraternities, everyone has a house except for one newer fraternity and the new sorority. The greek housing is pretty nice, it's not on the state school level, but it's nicer than most of the other dorms on campus. From my experience, being Greek doesn't mean that I am only friends with my sorority sisters, yes I spend a lot of time with them and I love them, but my "friend group" has only two other greeks in it, the rest are independents. Being Greek at Samford doesn't define you, you are given the choice to make it what you want to.
Samford has really good athletics programs and lots of student organizations work really hard to support them. We definitely aren't a state school, but I feel like our facilities and programs fit us. Intramurals are really big and popular, almost everyone plays on a team!
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