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This experience made me realize that Sam Houston is a great University and my first choice college to attempt to get into .
My visit to Sam Houston was, the least to say, very satisfactory. I was pleasantly surprised with how the campus was set up and without the amount of degrees they offer. All of the staff were super nice and very helpful. The on-campus community seemed very friendly, like everyone was family. Even though it is a big university, it has the feel of a small university. The only reason to not rate it five stars is because I am not enrolled and my perspective is of which they showed me and not what I experienced.
It was a great School that I had an amazing time at was giving a great education and the small town was great to live in it was peaceful as well.
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Sam Houston state is cheap and the classes are easy. Professor care if you care. Not much of a social school but a good place to get your degree.
Over the summer I took a campus tour to Sam Houston State University to see what the campus is like in person. They have an awesome environment fill with new things to come every year.
I feel so at home here,my professors are all welcoming , if you need help they are there for you . They have resources in place if you need additional help.
I love the school atmosphere! Most of the professors are great, the selection of classes are plentiful, & the education program is wonderful! The only issue I have is with the advisors - they aren’t as helpful as you would think, & I had to go back & mostly do things on my own.
I would like to see more help for the students. Specifically those who need more financial help and also the food could be improved, such as broadening the horizons with Chinese cuisine would be a start.
Sam houston State University College is really diverse and this college has great individuals there. Everyone is nice and respectful, also helpful. Hallways are usually packed due to over 100 students in a class.
Faculty is great, but administration is a pain to deal with. Asked to transfer in graduate credits over a year ago, but the transfer only went through after I took a course I would not have needed.
I like the atmosphere of the school the professors and staff members are so nice and the student body is friendly.
Sam Houston State University is a great university to attend, any student coming out of high school should at least consider viewing this campus, the scenery is lovely. The school's academics are top in the nation. The professors at this institution are about the bettering of each student, and making them stronger learners for life.
As a seasoned transfer student, I found the Sam Houston State University Online programs to work well with my family and work schedule. Easy to use and easy to become a student, this school has met all my college and work-life balance needs.
My college experience so far at Sam Houston State University has been beyond amazing. What I love most about Sam Houston is the unity. I adore how everyone is so friendly and eager to help one another. The people here are fully of energy. There is so much life and love on and off campus. The diversity on campus is amazing.There are so many resources on campus. We have the student center, bookstore, recreation center, health center, and plenty more. There is always something exciting happening every week. The school also provides a great amount of free food, scantrons, and shirts from time to time. I am just in love with how much this University cares for their students.The instructors here are completely informative and care about their student’s improvements.They are very welcoming and eager to do their jobs. You can tell that everyone here loves being here. There is not one thing I would change about this University. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Go Bearkats!
Sam Houston is such a great school. It's not so big, but it's not too small. I love the environment and all the greenery. I think it is a really good school to get your 4-year degree from.
Sam Houston State University offers an unique and wide range of opportunities. Located in Huntsville, Texas it's small-town atmosphere that thrives in diversity and an array of unity. If there was thing I would like to change is the process of reaching out to high schoolers.
Overall my first year in college was a great experience helpful professors and classmates as well as time of school spirit
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A lot of diversity, making it fun to connect with all types of different people, learning new cultures and traditions every day.
Sam Houston State University is a very good school that makes you feel included, it is diverse, and there is so many great student resources and organizations that help you, and make sure you graduate. The campus is very pretty, and it is easy to get information and help. Sam Houston wants you to graduate and they want you to experience college life, and be prepared for the real world too.
I like Sam Houston because it's a smaller school which makes it more intimate, easier to be involved, and get to know many more people.
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