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I love my school!! Sam Houston State University has given me the opportunity to have a college experience close to home. Each semester the professor leave such a great impact in my life and learning. The only thing Id want to change is more dorms or more affordable apartments near by. Which it seems like this is already being taken care of, which saddens me since i'm about to graduate!
I would like for the school to be more diverse, however the school needs more classes to be available due to the fact they feel up so fast.
Sam Houston State University is a great campus with very credible professors. They are known for their top Criminal Justice Program and I have had a great experience as of now. I couldn't be more proud to say that I will be graduating from SHSU.
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I am a transfer student and only have one semester of experience attending Sam Houston. However, I have noticed a few things that could use improvement. The Rec center can definitely be upgraded to a larger facility with more equipment. Also, it would be nice if they allowed student to use the track in the football stadium when there are no events going on. Some of the building , such as Lee Drain, are very outdated as well. However, they are making improvements to the campus and there are new buildings in progress such as the new Biological Sciences building. Also, the professors that I have had so far are very good at their job, and they help make learning an enjoyable experience. Overall, I am enjoying my experience at Sam.
I have had a great year here. I have learned alot and made tons of friends. It can be a party school but you got to remember to make them grades.
My experience at Sam Houston has been an interesting one to say the least. Its had its ups and downs but I wouldn’t change it for the world. From hanging out in the Lsc between classes to all the events hosted on campus. The welcome I felt when as an incoming freshmen was overwhelming. Most professors are super helpful and understanding to every situation. I truly do love Sam
I find the environment and surrounding of Sam Houston State University very calm and peaceful for me. Every classroom is easy to find because all of the buildings make it known for what subjects are held inside of the building. The professors and staff geniuely care about each and every one of us, every question is considered a good question to ask.
It's a very beautiful friendly and safe school to attend and I recommend it to all my friends.I have meet a lot of people and very helpful.
The parking and construction is everywhere so it makes it harder to actual park without getting fined and make it to your destination on time.
My first year at Sam Houston was different from what all my other friends at college experienced. Sam does not have much of a party scene unless you're in a soriety or frat. They have several organizations you can become apart but i made the mistake of never joing one and stayed in my dorm 99% of my time. I would definitely change that next semster because being at Sam Houston can be like a big family if you go and experience what diferent activities all the organizations put together.
Professors are really dedicated to helping you succeed. The campus is a perfect mixture of historical and new.
Sam Houston is a great school, the campus is extremely spread out so there is a lot of walking. Most of the professors try to help you in every way possible, if they see you trying to do better. We have so many organizations on campus so you can find something to be a part of no matter what it is. There are people who stay on the yard trying to get you involved in school. There are so many programs even to help you better yourself, especially if you are having trouble with classes. Overall Sam Houston is a very nice campus and a good school to attend.
This campus let's its students find their own path with guided assistance and a positive attitude! Most people here are nonjudgmental and are willing to help at the drop of a hat.
It is a great university, there is not much for me to complain about. Great distance from home, genuine professors who are there for the right reasons and care about student education. Easily accessible help for almost anything you could possibly need. The only thing is that they have a little bit of a struggle listening to the students needs. Other than that great place to be!
I really enjoy my professors. They know what they are doing and are always willing to help. I would like to see more diverse clubs, because about half of them are religious clubs which doesn't leave a lot of options.
I like that the campus keeps on expanding by adding new academic buildings, but the parking rules on campus could be heavily improved.
I think Sam is great College primarily because of their staff. All their personnel make the college. The professors are thorough! The advisors are truly there to help you succeed and everyone else who works there plays a key role in making you feel welcome and adequately educate you. I just wish their fees weren’t so expensive. I understand the tuition fees but there are so many additional fees that add up.
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it's honestly one of the best schools in the area, the people are great and so are the professors everything about this school is wonderful 10/10 would recommend to everyone
Sam Houston is a great university, it is very diverse and has such a friendly environment. There are so many activities and events you can participate in. They have a lot of organizations that you can join also. Personally, I am extremely glad I chose to attend this university.
Everybody I meet has something great to say about SHSU! Super excited to start college there. The campus isn't too big or small, and the dorms and building are super nice.
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