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Everyone is willing to help you go through your journey, profesors and fellow students. There are lots of on campus resources to help you like a math and writing center. Lots of different organizations to join and being in one helps you meet new people and make friends.
The college is clean and very welcoming. Sam is a great school for any degree you want. The atmosphere here is very friendly and people are willing to help when ever needed.
There are a few professors that I just can't understand so it is hard to pass, especially when its for my major.
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This is my first year on campus
So far I have loved my professors. Even though some classes may be big, I still like professors are still able to connect with their students.
Great school with excellent faculty who are easy to contact and are willing to help as needed. Low tuition and accessible online program options.
It is entirely a college town so everyone is just like you and wants the same things and theres always someone with the same problem as you. It is cut off from the rest of the world, save the locals, and theres not much to do outside of campus, so it can get pretty boring.
I love how friendly people are, for the most part. My RA is so willing to help, and I get along with my roommate pretty well. The classes tend to be challenging too. My dorm is at a convenient distance from one of the two main dining halls on campus, which is nice. My classes are maybe 10-15 minutes away at most.
My experience of Sam Houston State University is filled with excitement and a bit anxious. I am the first child in my family to go into a 4 year university, and I am enjoying it. The feeling of being anxious is because I am all by myself and can make my own decisions.
I chose to attend Sam Houston State University because I heard that it was a great campus, and I couldn't agree more. I chose to come here also because of the outstanding teaching program that they offer. I have had the privilege of having some nice professors, and learning so much from them. I am glad that I changed my mind and decided to become a teacher. It’s been a journey for sure, but honestly I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I think that anywhere that I am placed that the children will be a blessing to me, and hopefully I’ll be a blessing to them. I’m ready to utilize all that I have been taught by my professors this far, and what I’ll learn in the coming semesters. Sam Houston State University holds high standards for their students, and I’m glad to be part of this challenge. The staff, the professors and even the classmates I’ve encountered have made it a pleasure to attend this university.
My experience has been great at Sam Houston State University! It a school that still developing, so there is stuff to be done. Next future students will have more access to stuff on the university than I did. The University has a lot of expanding to do but other than that it a good university.
Students at the Woodlands campus can access all the student services available at the main campus in Huntsville.
Great I am so happy to be apart of a great university. I’m glad I transferred whenever I did to Sam Houston State University. My major is Animal Science.
Sam Houston state university is the kind of university that feels like home. In Sam Houston you'll never feel out of place.
What i liked about Sam Houston state university is mainly their campus scene and their dorms. Their dorms are very diverse and you get to chose from many different dorm rooms and lay out. Each dorm room or facility provides every need or products a student needs to learn. The campus is also very beautiful. The campus has a historical significance and many stuff a student can do so they will never get bored.
The school was very quick to send my acceptance letter and I am very excited to become a bearcat next year along with my sister
I loved the family environment that SHSU has to offer. The professors are extremely willing to help students and go the extra mile. There are a ton of activities to do on campus as well. I would high recommend SHSU to anyone interested in attending a reputable university.
I have not visited the campus, but I have researched about it and I enjoyed the way they offer the business administration major.
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The campus, students, and staff are welcoming as well as resourceful and kind on tours and at open houses. I love being with people who go to Sam because they all are driven and passionate about what they do.
It is a great place to be, it has an amazing view of the campus and it seems like a very good place to study!
Sam Houston is an above-average public university located in Huntsville, Texas. It is a large institution with an enrollment of 14,497 undergraduate students. Admissions is somewhat competitive as the Sam Houston acceptance rate is 72%.
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