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Sam Houston State University is a great place to go to school and is surrounded by the lovely Huntsville community. Everybody there is friendly and it is a great place to meet new people. They also just got approved to open a new med school in 4 years
Despite the lack of communication of financial aid and the students, the campus is beautiful. Professors go out of their way to assist you, there are tutoring and writing centers to assist with any of the help that students need to thrive on campus. There are always campus activities happening! The student body is vocal about beliefs and their thoughts on policies both local and national.
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When I attended Saturday at Sam the students and faculty were very welcoming. The energy that they give was the greatest feeling ever.They did not make you feel like a guest they made you feel like you have been there for years.
The reason why I love SHSU is because of its incredible Criminal Justice. Of course I want to be the best at the best school. Not only did the Criminal Justice program win me over, but I feel in love with the fact that this school is so diverse and the school spirit it has. By being a major in Criminal Justice it will really give me a insight on what I love to do as my career. It will also benefit me in the long run.
The campus is not too big so it is easy to remember and get around. The students and staff here are very friendly, everyone seems to be a big family. There are lots of ways that you can get connected with lots of different organizations or with the different jobs that you can have on campus. The parties here are also really good!!
I've been here with a friend, she was showing me around the campus and I fell in love. The campus is gorgeous and you're surrounded by friendly faces and amazing staff. I felt right at home and SHSU is my top choice. I'm very excited to apply for their nursing program. It's one of the best in the state and I'm VERY excited to be a bearkat!!
Sam Houston State University is a great place to meet people you may not have encountered in your hometown. Most professors will work with you and help if they can if you have an unavoidable problem. There are lots of programs and clubs in the school if you wants to be a part of some activities.
Sam Houston has been my home for about three years now and I feel like I have truly met lifelong friends while attending school. The professors go above and beyond to make sure the students are getting adequate help inside and outside of the classroom.
Great campus, the new buildings are very nice and it's constantly expanding to provide new things for students.
I love Sam Houston so much that I would recommend this university to anyone interested in Criminal Justice. The professors are excellent and really care about their students.
Sam is an amazing school. The professors care. It is incredibly cheap compared to other schools. Everg major has programs that can really help you get advanced in life. Many professors take time to teach you and take you under their wings to show you what your field will look like. The town is filled with amazing, nice people. Canopus is hilly so you get tired and the construction can get annoying but overall Sam is an incredible school. You really get to live that college life here.
My time here at SHSU has been nothing short of sublime. The willingness of all professors to go above and beyond not only in students academic live but also in their professional lives is unmatched. The quality of education is unparalleled. I would recommend this great university to every student looking to attend college after high school or transfers colleges.
In all honesty I was intimidated at first. I came into SHSU as a Junior from LoneStar Community College and I was nervous thinking how big the difference was going to be. As I began my classes, I loved them. The students are nice and helpful, as well as the instructors. I have never had a problem here and I am excited to continue to learn. SHSU is a great name in Texas Education!
Great place to learn small claasses and the campus is easy to get around on. I have lived in a dorm and lived off campus . The dorm was not
bad just small . I really like living off campus and the freedom to come and go and have friends over when I chose. The only draw back is there is not a lot to do off campus .
When I visited Sam Houston it was a great experience.The students and staff seemed happy. The school was beautiful and it seemed stress free.
The school feels like a family. Everyone knows that going to university is scary, so the student environment very welcoming.
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This school is a place where people can come to get a sense of belonging while figuring out who they are and where they fit into this world. Personally, I have had ups and downs with the school, but I could not see myself going anywhere else. This school just fits me. There are many opportunities for students, and a diverse student body. It is a great place to learn.
This campus provide an environmentally friendly environment and it offers a diversity of fields, I am personally interested in Forensics and Dentistry and luckily they have awesome programs! Definitely recommend.
Sam houston has an amazing atmosphere. They bring so many people together in so many different ways. They help college children who are struggling to help themselves. They make sure every one of their students is thriving. Sam Houston is an amazing place to learn and become a part of a family. Sam Houston is a fine establishment to study at and become part of the bear Cat family. Sam Houston also has amazing sports programs. They are always coming up with new ways to make people feel at home and comfortable with their living arrangements. Sam Houston is an amazing place to visit and an even more amazing place to go to college. If you would like to thrive you should go to Sam Houston.
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