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Sam Houston so far has been pretty good to me. The school has so many students and sometimes I wish the student to professor ratio was better. The involvement in students as a whole could do better and be more interactive with different organizations around the school.
I absolutely love it! You automatically feel welcomed and the teachers work very well with students!
Love the friendliness of the staff members. Always informing us students about stuff that we need to know about, like STDs and Sexual Assault
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I love the campus and all the rich history behind some of the buildings and statues around the area. Besides wanting more food places to go to its an amazing area and school.
I am currently enrolled in Sam Houston State University. It might be a small town, but it is very friendly, and very peaceful. I enjoy how there is no big companies or pollution plants, it is very air freshening, peaceful and quiet. I don't usually like the outdoors but in Huntsville, I make an exception!
I love the diversity here at Sam Houston! There are so many international students that come to study here. It’s a state school and also one of the cheapest colleges near Houston! The professors are very caring and want their students to succeed and all of my classmates have been very helpful when collaborating with me on different projects and assignments. The campus is clean, friendly, and not too big where you cannot find your way around. I am proud of be a bearkat, and so will you if you decide to join the fun!
The campus size is perfect for someone who is looking for a university that'll make them feel at home. The campus is lavished with trees and beautiful landscaping to make studying outside or taking a walk for downtime worth it. The professors wholeheartedly want to see their students succeed and are willing to help in any way possible. There are many resources for students to use that the campus offers. It has been a great experience being a student at Sam Houston State University.
There is much to experience at Sam Houston State University. Personally, I enjoyed were the diverse range of teachers, classes, and the REC, but that may be due to a little Kinesiology bias. My time at SHSU has been with teachers and staff who are passionate about their work and student success. Not matter your background, there is something for everyone at SHSU. Some groups will jump out and grab your attention, and others you must actively search for it, but that does not mean they do not exisit. The campus is growing tremendously by adding new degree programs, new buildings, and new jobs as the small town, Huntsville, where it is located, grows with its beloved University. SHSU rates have improved so much, they have added a second location in The Woodlands, TX. This brings students about thirty minutes closer to downtown Houston, decreases travel time and gives students and the newly added degree programs more room to expand and excell.
It is just a good environment for multiple different groups of people. Everyone is so helpful and nice to you. So many good people here at Sam. I met a lot of some good friends.
There is definitely a lot of bearkat pride around campus and at sporting events. I love tailgating at home football games. It's full of food, music, people and sets a good vibe before the game starts. The game itself is exciting too between the marching band and what goes on on the field. The professors are great and there is a lot of on campus help including free tutoring for some classes and a writing center.
Sam Houston State is the best university. If you wanna have the greatest experience, academically and socially...this is school to go to. I’ve loved every second of my time here. There’s so many resources available for students and there’s so many fun activities to do. One of my former professor is great, she is now my advisor and she’s the greatest human being I’ve met. I’ve gotten the help I need in knowing where I’m headed and how to get there.
I believe the campus is very easy to navigate around. Everything isn’t too far apart from one another. Also, the professor are very helpful. Well, at least, the ones I’ve had are.
My experience was a bit of a different one. I was only "on campus" for 1 year before graduating. I spent another year at the Woodlands campus and a 2 year degree before that. What I can say is that the staff and professors care (for the upper level courses at least), the community is small compared to some of the bigger universities but I preferred that.
Sam Houston State is a very diverse school. I love how nice everyone is and the environment is safe. I am majoring in nursing and they have a nice facility for nursing! I love everything about this school! It makes me happy!
Sam Houston State University is a really good school to attend, the campus it's self feels just like home. The students that attend there are really friendly and always willing to help other students. Most importantly the education is very effective in your in coming future. The professors are really helpful and what the best for each and every student.
I love how SHSU is a friendly environment! Could be more helpful in the beginning of the college readiness.
I just completed my junior year, majoring in Criminal Justice. I absolutely love this school! The atmosphere, diversity of students, academics, housing... There's absolutely nothing I would change.
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This is my first semester at Sam Houston State University. The school adviser was very helpful in getting me on the correct course schedule that would work with my work schedule and also help me keep on track.
Sam Houston has given me a wonderful opportunity to pursue my goal to achieve a degree in Business Management. I currently live at home with my parents, located near The Woodlands. So that means I can live at home, work and make the 45 min commute to Huntsville or the 20 min commute to The Woodlands Campus or their satellite campus. The teachers are great, in the ways that they teach and everybody is pretty friendly to one another.
Sam Houston is super awesome! The people there are super diverse and really nice and friendly. The campus is gorgeous and small enough to easily traverse though there are a lot of hills. The professors are really knowledgeable and helpful.
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