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I was just as happy to graduate from Salve as I was when I received my acceptance letter. This community is like a family where they encourage success and are willing to guide students towards degree completion. Salve provides a very well rounded college experience. I would select this university again if I was a Senior.
I really like living at Salve! I’m a psychology major and a theatre minor and the theatre program is surprisingly wonderful, especially because I hadn’t heard much about it. The psychology professors are great and get to know the students very well. Campus is beautiful and I love my sophomore dorming. The only downside is the meal program food isn’t very good and there aren’t a ton of meal options, but there are a lot of great local restaurants and when you’re a sophomore there is a kitchen available.
I completed my undergraduate degree here at Salve and I loved it. It is definitely a small school, but that was one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much. The class sizes are small, the campus is in an amazing location, and it is so easy to get involved in the student community.
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I absolutely love Salve Regina University! Their social work program is absolutely amazing. The professors care about you and will do anything to help you succeed. They were founded by the Sisters of Mercy and the act of mercy on others is embedded into the curriculum, in which I find very valuable.
My admissions experience was wonderful, the staff always had answers to my questions. They made the college application process during my senior year a lot less stressful. Im so excited to be starting my freshman year there this fall.
Although a little pricey, the education I received at Salve was top notch! The historic aspect of the campus coupled with the cliff walk, makes the campus like something out of a picture!
Salve Regina is an awesome university that can be whatever you make it. Those who think otherwise are entitled to their opinion, but in reality all that Salve takes is a little effort and it can be one of the best experiences you’ve ever had. If that’s not something that interests you that’s fine too, it’s not for everyone, but neither is any college. If you do choose to come to Salve and choose to make it the place you want to live, you won’t be disappointed. The school has resources and influence that people often overlook and take for granted. Come to Salve and find out what it’s really about.
I have loved my experience here at Salve. The community is very tight-knit and welcoming. For a Catholic school, it is very progressive. They truly try to accommodate for people's needs to make them feel comfortable here.
The location is amazing, but the education and language program needs some work. they are still developing and need time before they can be fully executed to the proper extent. One must also keep in mind the catholic school curriculum. It is a lot, and it takes a lot of time to complete.
Salve Regina is a great school equipped with many opportunities for success. I really enjoy its small, tight-knit community. That way you can get to know your classmates as well as your professors. The campus is beautiful, with its mansions that you can live in, as well as easy access to the cliff walk (it's part of our campus :) ). The areas that are lacking at Salve are definitely diversity and food. Salve is a predominately white school and it definitely needs to step up its diversity. Salve only has one main dining hall, many times there are not enough options and there is little variety, especially on the weekends. The dining hall participates in events like Mardi Gras where the food is delicious, so they are capable of cooking good food, but they do not do so everyday. However, Salve has been working to improve both of these categories, and in the two years I have been there I have definitely noticed some improvement.
Newport is a beautiful city, and it's great if you love being on the ocean. Activities can be limited if you are under 21, as it is on an island so there are only so many things to access. However, the scenery is beautiful and there is no shortage of amazing places to go to eat or get a coffee.
I love Salve, I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else. The campus is undeniably beauftiful and Newport is the perfect location. I have experienced some disappointment with the professors, they're all qualified but many hold outdated ideas and are unable to work with students. My department only has one professor, she is overworked and takes it out on us. The party life and experience at salve becomes excellent once you're 21, till then its lacking.
My son toured over 21 college campuses and applied to 12. He got into to several colleges but chose Salve. He liked the smaller campus feel and absolutely loved the campus on the ocean filled with mansions. The main academic building (O'Hare) was recently renovated (I believe the upgrades were $26 million) including state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms. He loves the school and the key is to get involved with sports, clubs, volunteering, study groups, and social activities in the dorm. If you are looking for a large college or big time Division I sports, this is probably not your school. However, if you are looking for a solid school that is on the smaller side with a beautiful campus located in a resort town and personalized attention from professors then you should check out Salve Regina. We were overjoyed when our son said "I have no doubt this was the best choice for me and I love this place".
Highly recommend Salve! The campus is beautiful! The staff are exceptional. The school has a state of the art science building which they invested into recently. If your looking for a small school in a prime location this school should most definitely be on your radar. They are growing & expanding!
I am a currently a first-year at Salve Regina, ending my second semester. My first year so far has been great. The resources and the community at Salve Regina are definitely available and open to everyone on campus. Although, the diversity rate is a bit low I was still able to find those with similar backgrounds and interests as me.
Salve Regina is a beautiful and unique university that puts their students' interests first. This school helps each student and faculty member feel at home and accepted in every area. As an education major I feel as though I get the best first hand experience that is possible in comparison to other universities that offer similar programs. I feel beyond prepared to join the work force and this is because Salve goes above and beyond to help me achieve in every area possible.
I really liked how Salve Regina presented themselves. They seem very organized and are really on top of things. Class sizes are small and the professors truly care about the success of their students.
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As a freshman, I am really enjoying my time at Salve. It is perfect for me size wise, as I did not want to have to travel or walk far to attend my classes. The class sizes are also small enough to be able to know your professor personally and get the help you need. Salve is a very diverse and accepting school that I am proud to be attending.
I love Salve Regina because it is a close-knit environment that welcomes anyone who wishes to join the community. I experienced this when I first toured the campus, which was the indicator that made me choose to attend Salve.
I absolutely love Salve! I would never want to go anywhere else, considering I don't think any other campus could compare to Salve's.
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