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I love Salve Regina because it is a close-knit environment that welcomes anyone who wishes to join the community. I experienced this when I first toured the campus, which was the indicator that made me choose to attend Salve.
I absolutely love Salve! I would never want to go anywhere else, considering I don't think any other campus could compare to Salve's.
Overall Salve is a wonderful university. One where the professors, students, and staff create a community of kindness, making the campus feel like a home. Though it is a small school its impact is large, as Salve gives each student different opportunities and opens many doors depending on the individual's path. Personally, I have been able to take advantage of many life-changing opportunities, such as studying abroad and diving into community service, all of which I have Salve to thank. All in all, I believe Salve is a university like no other, one that gives back to their students and makes time for the individual.
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I have had a great experience thus far at Salve. My professors have been very helpful and seem to care about their students. The overall feeling of the school is warm and welcoming.
Loved it, but feels somewhat small sometimes! Great area, and it's so nice to always be looking at the ocean. The dorms are often old mansions and so beautiful.
I love how Salve Regina University became a very welcoming community for me. The professors are always dedicated to helping me learn and experience my education in a unique way.
The campus is breathtaking. The diversity of majors is great. The professors are always anxious to help you succeed with small class size and extra hours for consulting and tutoring.
Pretty good school. Is really good for nursing, education, and administration of justice majors. The food is Sodexo though, which means the food at Salve is pretty mediocre and they have a lot of the same things over and over. The professors are pretty good and offer lots of help. The party scene isn't that great - if you're looking for a good party school go somewhere else. Salve has parties at sports houses, but if you don't know anyone there you won't get in. The dorms are pretty nice, especially upperclassmen housing.
Beautiful campus, kind students, caring faculty. Not much more you could ask for in a university of this caliber.
Salve Regina is a great community if you look in the right places. Obviously sticking to cliques and niches isn't going to help you. It's very easy to get involved on campus while balancing work load and a social life. As a senior, I'm satisfied with what I've experienced at Salve; however, I would improve on its diversity, the school's mission integration, and assessing the five critical Mercy concerns. Although diversity and academics could be improved just like at any other school, Salve has given me plenty of opportunities to grow as a person. Since it is a smaller school, Salve has given me great, personal connections and lifelong friends.
This is my first year at the school. I am an art major there. I was thinking of transforing when i got extrememly home sick but some teachers are just so great there and the art department is like a family i couldnt imaine going anywhere else. Truely love it there overall
Campus is beautiful , renovations completed on the main academic building are great. Dorms great, offer good variety. Majority of the profs. care for students and want to see them succeed. Classes are not too large-you have the ability to know your professors & classmates. Nice student amenities -free laundry, free admission to local mansions, free public transportation. Plenty of local restaurants/cafes/bars. Great shopping in Downtown Newport, lots of local history & beauty.
Pretty dead on the winter weekends-especially for those who don't like to party but still "want fun" -if you want a party you can def find one-otherwise you either chill in the dorm/watch movies with friends, go downtown (limited Winter activity), day trip, or go home if close.
Food on the weekends is awful-bring freezer meals/ready-made food or be prepared to order/go out. Health Center is a joke-find a doc/walk in clinic in the area or stock up on VitaminC and never get sick (impossible in dorms).
I love salve Regina university. All of the people at the school (faculty and staff) they are extremely friendly and personable. The connections that I have made with everyone I come in contact with has been great. Having that close relationship with my professors has really helped me excel in my classes because they know me and I felt comfortable asking questions when I was struggling .
Salve was absolutely the right college choice for me after high school. The ability to double major and hold a variety of leadership positions, while staying involved in the campus and local community was exactly what I was looking for. Newport was an amazing home away from home during my college years and I am fortunate to have a wide circle of incredible friends that I still keep in touch with years after graduation.
So far my experience at Salve Regina has been amazing. I've loved getting to know the other nursing students and having a nursing advisor. My school hosts a lot of community service activities and has a lot of clubs, which make the school great and the people are really outgoing and care for the community. My school is beautiful, and is unique because we live in and around some of the Newport mansions, and are just a few feet away from the ocean! I would stick with my school if I were to choose again, because I always have fun, have made life long friends, and am confident in becoming a nurse straight from graduating.
i have never gone to the career development office
courses are extremely hard, some professors are awesome and know your name
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low rate of crime, i feel very safe on this campus
Dorms are very pricey and not worth for the price but the location speaks for itself
Sadly we do not have greek life, wish we did
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