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The school gets you involved in the community.
I love the classes and information.
it is a small campus and security guards are very nice.
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Mostly just honors fraternities here.
Our campus is small and cozy. I love the atmosphere.
Intramural sports are a big deal.
Salus is a small school, so it has a great student community that is very close. My program is fairly new, so it could use some improvement.
the financial aid office is very helpful and resourceful. i just wish i can receive more money to support myself hence why i am applying for scholarships.
we have had many snow storms and icy roads. the city doesn't prepare for it well.

in the summer it is very humid.
it is definitely challenging however the instructors and TAs are of great help. the curriculum keeps you on your toes. the faculty truly want you to succeed.
there are many restaurants around campus and have great variety. there are no student discounts unfortunately.
our campus doesn't have any police because it is in a very safe environment. we have 24/7 security who are friendly and helpful and caring.
there are many computer labs in our school,

printing is for free therefore it saves us A LOT of money

wireless is free all around the school and gym

our tech department is very helpful and always on top of their game
our school is very diverse and very accepting of all cultures and beliefs. we are very culturally competent and our school is involved in pushing more laws to allow Optometrist to have more power to influence their patients.
our school only has intramural sports for fun. we don't compete with other schools. students organize teams and once a week compete with one another to stay active and relief stress. i participate in volleyball and basketball. it's all for fun
our school is very active in student life. we have had school events with alcohol served in the school gym since it is a graduate school and most everyone is of age.
our school doesn't really have a transportation option. the city has buses and subways and taxis that can be used but most students live near campus. i drive to school with my own car
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activities: there are a sport centers in center city about 25 minutes away, there are museums and many historic areas around since PA was once the capitol of America. there are many taverns and a lot of night life.

greatest attraction of PA is the liberty bell and the independence hall, the rocky statue as well

there are multiple malls around such as the mall in king of Perasia which is one of the largest in the country.
Winter's can be snowy and miserable.
There really isn't much in the suburb the town is in, but you can find it if you go into the city.
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