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Salter College - West Boylston Reviews

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This school is much more than I would have expected it to be. The professors are amazing and truly care about students excelling to be the best they can be.
I gave it three stars because the professors are amazing.

However. Waiting almost a year to have commencement is absolutely ridiculous, waiting almost a year to take an exam to become certified has crushed my job opportunities because why pay for an exam when your tuition covered it (paying twice for one thing is ridiculous)
The staff are ridiculous and always making up some stupid story to just satisfy you, career center, the lady who's supposedly there to help you find a job after your finished a program. I had given her my resume 7 months ago and sent me to one opportunity in 7 months that I wasn't even qualified for....but the teachers, they love their students, they are extremely amazing and really care about their students.
The medical programs are kind of awful. Luckily I'm in culinary arts. My instructors are kind, helpful and knowledgeable. They seem to actually care about us as people. I'm happy I go there.
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Some of the professors really care about their students.
Heard there placement rate is pretty good but there are new people now.
There is nothing but a library and it in just a strip mall environment.
Very childish and getto type school. The immaturity is ridiculous.
They don't have online courses at Salter College right now.
Believe tuition is expensive for the education I am getting.
They pick the courses and your schedule. Courses offered are limited so you don't have any choices.
The school caters to Medical Assistant because they are their bread and butter.
5 week course mods are too short to cover the material.
I think I am going to enjoy it
They have plenty of computers for everyone
They have all the resources that I need there
They told me what I needed to pay
I had a lot of help while applying
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The school is great. Small classes
To Re-Do or Not to...That Was the Question – Unfortunatley I was told that they did not accept transfer credits from other colleges. I have an associates and was told that the same classes I would be taking again that this partcular program entails I woud just have to do it again and just get all a's again even though I passed it with a's or b's at a previous college ...i was told that the program goes togehter. To me I feel like it's more of a money thing than and education because Im paying for the same class I already paid for at another college. Can't wait to start though.
No Work for You If You Want to Make It in This Program – I recieved financial aid but not as much as I hoped for to cover the rest of my tuition. I am applying for a ton of scholarships to hopefully help me cover the rest. I currently work a full time job to support me through college as I have done so in the past when I recieved my associates and then my bachelors degree. I just went to orientation this week and all the teachers were very honest in letting us future students clearly know that having a job while in program will not work out as clinicals will be weeks long at times I am a little upset that when applying for finacial aide I mentioned to the one helping me at Salter College that I hope I can apply for a "living expense" as this has been a dream of mine to finally be going for sugical technology. She mentioned that they don't do that at Salter College because we don't want students to get into more debt than they already are. I was shocked because if the teachers are all promoting the progam as a full time job and school combined and this is supposed to prepare us for "the real world" how can a student make it especially not working if this college doesn't allow living expenses?
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