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Salt Lake Community College goes by the motto: LEARN, GROW, AND SHARE. This is exactly how it is to study there. You learn a lot and definitely grow to the level of a leader. The professors there are also very amicable, knowledgable, and understanding. There are also many clubs and programs that are fun and engaging.
I found my overall experince here was good and thta most professors went out there way to help and support you.
I attended this college for my general education because it is very inexpensive and flexible. The teachers are helpful and are focussed on helping you pass and graduate.
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Salt Lake Community College is a good choice for those doing concurrent enrollment in high school or trying to get an associate. Although easy, the academics are often poor and the professors for many classes seem to put little effort into their lessons. The classes are divided among different locations which can make it difficult if you have one class in the Taylorsville campus and another in the West Jordan campus. There is a bus that you can use to go between the campuses but it does take some time.
SLCC has very flexible class hours and a variety of programs which you can take. This is very nice. However, I wish I never started going to class on campus. All my online classes were better and the five on-campus teachers I have had have not been good (except for one). I am in an accelerated program for Business and it seems none of the teachers are prepared to teach us and they can't keep up with our program. I have hated every minute of this program and cannot wait to be done. I love the information, I just hate not having organized teachers.
Salt lake community college is a great starting college right out of high school. The staff is educated on how to help you succeed if you are only their for your generals and nothing more. The teachers are some what helpful when it comes to the education. I enjoyed being there for my first 2 years getting my associates in general studies but after that it has been nothing but frustration. At this community college you can pick a major and stay longer than 2 years. I have chosen a major but the faculty does not seem to comprehend how to help someone that has chosen a major. I believe that they are so focused on new high school graduates that they forget about the other students that are there trying to better themselves and get a better degree then a 2 year associates in general studies. I do wish they had a better understanding on how to help those of us who are striving for a higher degree.
I have been a concurrent enrollment student for 2 years and I love SLCC. It is such a great school. It really enables you to explore many majors.
I chose to go to SLCC because of the great programs and they work with my schedule. SLCC is a great school for people that work full-time or have families. SLCC offers plenty of evening and online classes that work well with my schedule.
Salt Lake Community College is a great school. Cheaper than the alternatives, it has the exact same level of education in most fields that you would otherwise be paying double or maybe even more for.
Wonderful use of both online and on campus class education. Several campuses spread around the valley for greater student access. Large amount of classes offered in the afternoon for those who work during the day.
I like that my courses helped me learn the material to get some of my generals completed while in high school.
Salt Lake Community College is cool because it is nearby and it is cool and stuff. All the hipsters go.
As a first generation college student I feel that it was very difficult to get started in this school, from getting fair scholarships or student loans, navigating their website to register for classes and setting up appointments with counselors and or getting questions answered.
Besides the above, I do love the small class setting and the ability to communicate with the professors.
I love this school, and i love everything they offer at the college, i have had nothing but amazing experiences with Salt Lake Community College. They always have someone there to help you when you need it.
It’s veey smooth flowing. The teachers are amazing and very understanding of each students situation. They actually aim to help you achieve your dreams.
I liked Salt Lake Community College because it allowed me to graduate with my Associates at the same time that I will graduate high school. The teachers are all very nice and helpful and really care about their students.
I'm not at SLCC yet but my experience with them applying has been great. They have great scholarships and their recruiters are extremely nice.
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Salt Lake Community College has been a great way to start off my college career. I currently play volleyball for Salt Lake Community College, where character, academics and personal growth are strongly focused on. The college is filled with diversity and various activities throughout the year to include everyone no matter religion or ethnicity.
I love going to Salt Lake Community College. The professors are helpful and love what they do. Which inspires me and my career path. They are the only school in the state that has the courses I need. They have a variety of classes. Anything you want to do they probably have classes for it. It's also affordable. If I'd change anything it would be to not have all their campuses spread out the Salt Lake Valley. It does get hard to drive a half hour to my next class.
Amazing school. Professors are amazing and committed to their students passing their classes. Staff is nice, and there isn't much difficulty in things unlike Universities and other places.
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