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I am not yet attending classes at SLCC. But my experience so far, with the student advisors, and the facilities has been great overall! SLCC seems like a wonderful place to kick off an education that will last a life time.
small classes and good student services. Credit will transfer well. Great community college that is continuing to grow and expand. The administration does what it can to grow and build each program. They spread each employee thin but understand the demands
Great two year college to start of with. You'd get an overall average college experience in SLCC. The schedules are easy to choose from and registration is easy. I'd definitely recommend this College to anyone who is getting their general education done or is unsure of what college they want to attend.
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I love Salt Lake Community College. They have helped me find a career path that is right for me. It is also a great place to go to school while working full-time.
I really enjoy the fact that my classes are all online, really helps when you have a child! The fact that you can go to class and finish what your professor has put up for the week really helps and saves ton of time when you are really limited on "you" time.
The professors at SLCC are amazing. I had only maybe one or two that were hard to I guess get along with/understand in the beginning but there are always those kind of professors I guess. I have been able to get finances taken care of because SLCC is only about two thousand dollars a semester, very cheap - I got a federal grant to pay me to go to school. SLCC is amazing.
SLCC is dedicated to helping their students succeed. Great school to start your education. Teachers and advisors are always available to help students with their needs, and actually care to help.
Ever since I was as tiny as I could remember all I heard was how good Salt Lake Community College was. The impact it has made on my surroundings and myself is hugely appreciated.
As a returning student, the college and the academic counselors/staff have been very helpful in coordinating my classes with my academic goals.
Salt Lake Community College is a great school to get your education started or achieve your dream of becoming who you want to become. I attended Salt Lake Community College because I was unsure of what I was going to do in the future. This school allowed me to take a wide variety of classes in order to get a feel of what I enjoyed and what I was interested in while still allowing me to take my general classes during my journey in order to get my associates degree. I hope that the school looks to find more prepared teachers for the courses offered that are more involved and have intentions of helping students within their classes.
An overall good school; it doesn't particularly excel in anything, but it isn't bad at anything, either.
Salt Lake Community College is great college for anyone that doesn't have the fund to go to a big named college. For anyone deciding to go to college. I really recommend going to Community college first. You'll save a lot of money!
The flexibility that SLCC has to offer is unbeatable. The teachers are very understanding, and because of the small class sizes, you are able to form a relationship with them. The one thing that I did not like about SLCC is that it does not have some of the same generals requirements as 4 year institutions, so that has been an annoyance.
I have been to SLCC for about 3 semesters now and it has been great it is very affordable for someone working full time while trying to juggle bills and all. I enjoy that i am able to take online classes and still go meet with my professor if i need too. I would recommend anyone to to slcc to get the associates degree as it is affordable and a great education. I have even convinced my to go there to pursue the nursing program. I have yet to find a class that i have not liked nor a professor who has not had my best interest in hand and willing to help me anyway possible.
I really enjoyed my first semester there. All the teachers were super nice and fun. I am excited to start my second semester. Everybody there is very helpful and trying to get the best experience from studying there.
They definitely could have more activities to help students make friends but all in all its ok the teachers are willing to work with you if your honest and upfront
SLCC is cheap but the Professors and classes are amazing! I've learned so much and feel prepared to earn my Bachelor's degree at a 4-year institution after I graduate.
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i personally haven't started my college experience, however each time i have been on campus everyone is friendly and things are easy to maneuver around from building to building
SLCC is really the best college to attend for two year degrees. Very easy online schooling and campus classes are amazing as well. They have a huge amount of classes to choose from and very convenient campuses as well. Class sizes are very manageable and the professors really enjoy helping you out.
Salt lake community college is a great campus. The teachers are always willing to help their students and there are a ton of great resources offered to help you get good grades for your classes.
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