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Great community college with several locations. A lot of online options for busy students who work full time. Staff are helpful.
I'm happy that they provide a "college" class to high school juniors and seniors so that they can get college credit or concurrent enrollment, which is what I did my senior year of high school.
The professors are all very understanding to your circumstances outside of school. The school has various different programs in a wide range of fields, so it is easy to find a perfect fit for your interests and schedule.
Review Salt Lake Community College
I have enjoyed attending SLCC. Although it is only a community college, the professors I have had have all been wonderful and dedicated to teaching their material. There is also free tutoring available for students. I have not personally utilized it, but I still appreciate that it is there if I need it!
They are affordable and friendly. The counselors are very helpful. Slcc is a great place to figure out what area you want to study. They offer a variety of majors. When I started I wasn't sure what field I wanted to go into so I took an array of different classes that interested me to narrow down my focus. While doing so I was able to get my generals done and graduated with no student debt. I am now moving on to get a bachelors degree. Since I completed my generals at SLCC I will only have to take classes for 2 years at a university instead of 4. SLCC saved me allot of time and money. They got me off to a great start.
Community college has served me well. There class schedule fit with my work schedule and instructors were always pleasant and willing to help.
Great Community College to complete general classes that are needed to move on to a university. The College is very diverse an offer may programs of study. This is a good place to start your College path to success.
I enjoyed my experience at Salt Lake Community College. The classes were small and allowed for one on one time with the professor. The professors are very friendly and eager for their students to learn, very willing to help them achieve their goals. The classes are offered at a number of different campuses on various days and times, so anyone can find time to go.
It's a really good and cheap college to go to especially to finish off generals. I am only taking online courses at the moment and it's working out decently well. The professors are all really invested in helping you.
Salt Lake Community College is a great college to start with. There's so much diversity. They have good food and they have different campuses in different locations.
I have found helpful, friendly, and patient staff at Salt Lake Community College. My professors have been very educated and helpful in my education as a non-traditional student.
The high quality of the instructors is really impressive. They are passionate about their subjects and want nothing more than for their students to succeed. The size of campus is perfect for student who might feel intimidated by larger schools. The grounds and facilities are kept clean and highly maintained. The culture of SLCC is fun, relaxed and inviting.
A great stepping stone before moving on to a four-year institution. Classes are cheaper and there are smaller classes, enabling more face-to-face feedback from professors.
Salt lake community college is an excellent place to get an associates degree. It is cheap and hands on. The small class sizes give you an advantage to learn and grow one on one with your professors. A great education for a great price.
It was really fantastic to be able to participate in classes through the community college in high school. They were cheap classes but great quality.
I like how convenient all of the Salt Lake Community College campuses are because it makes it easy to go to school and take the classes that work with my schedule.
It's a great college to do your general's and get an associate degree. It has a friendly environment, great teachers. So many extra curricular activities that you can get involved in.
Review Salt Lake Community College
This is my first year at Salt Lake Community College and I love it. There are two reasons why I would suggest this school to anybody and they are: The tuition is the cheapest in the state, and the class sizes are small and it's easy to learn and receive personal help from the professors. It is a community college and there are various campuses around the city and my only complaint would be that the college offers different classes at different campuses, so if you're like me I have to attend two different campuses to take classes. I waste time commuting to and from the different campuses when I could be studying instead
Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) is a great college for anyone to attend. With a low tuition, flexible schedules, and programs for everyone no matter the age, SLCC is the perfect for anyone just out of high school, getting those extra credits out of the way, or coming back to get more education.
I started at a University and was an out of state student who became very over whelmed with being away from my family and home town. Salt Lake community college gave me the class sizes and one on one attention from professors that I needed. I was able to understand material in class better that way and was able to meet with professors easier as well. Getting around each campus is very easy as well as getting all the essentials before a semester starts, such as a parking pass. SLCC is very diverse and I have met amazing people as well. I have loved every moment I have spent here.
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