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I enrolled in SLCC's Digital media program for a year, and i can confidently say I had a wonderful time and I feel like it helped me prepare for my future career.
It was super easy to get around, I think that once we finish High School were scared to go to college because there so big and the classes are bigger then we’re used, but at SLC the classes are small. You can have that one on one with your professor and everyone is super friendly and willing to help you get around.
I’ve learned a lot here but I feel like the counselors and teachers should help students more as in getting involved in things or help us know resources
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I liked going to SLCC because i felt that it was great starter school and all the teachers were very nice and educated. I also appreciated how cheap it was too.
Salt Lake Community College has given me an amazing first year college experience. The college is organized and has an easy system to help students begin their path to earning a degree. They have various options of degree paths and resource centers. I would recommend anyone looking to attend community college to search for degree options at SLCC.
There are no dorms, but the school has more than one campus around Utah Valley. The campuses are very nice and well kept, the instructors are extremely helpful and want you to succeed.
I am currently enrolled in college courses at Slcc. The professors are amazing if you need help with anything they are always there to answer your questions and it's not so expensive to attend.
The students and teachers are all very helpful. It' very helpful that the prices at Salt Lake Community College are cheaper than universities. I can afford to go to college at Salt Lake Community College without going into debt. Their programs are very straight forward and their times are very flexible with students having tough schedules during the day. My counselor at Brighton High school recommended me to go to Canyons Technical Education Center which is a concurrent enrollment school that gives college credit through Salt Lake Community College. The majority of my older friends take courses at Salt Lake Community College as well. Salt Lake Community College is easily accessible to everyone in any financial situation and background.
I love the small class sizes and professors who are invested in you! School can be tough depending on your classes, but with SLCC staff, you can count on receiving help if you ask for it. Teachers are there to help you succeed in your goals.
It's only my second semester here so I don't really know a whole lot. But so far the teachers have been really helpful and good to get a long with. Show up to class, do the work and they will be more than happy to help you with anything school related. Not that much into parties so don't know if this college is big on that. Don't plan on finding Dorms/Housing here, it's a community College. I haven't dealt personaly with the Athletics department but it seems that it is very strong. Especially the Men's and Women's Soccer teams. And the food here, looks good but I haven't come around to eating on campus yet. Overall, it is a good school to start out your College experience, get used to what is asked of you, and then transfer to a University. Just make sure that all the classes you are taking/will take will transfer to school of choice.
I enjoyed SLCC, it was convenient,friendly,good facility,upbeat,diverse atmosphere and I gained a genuine interest in learning.I think the instructors are more committed to teaching than normal. I wish I could have continued there because I felt at home,but I outgrow the two year Community College Programs.
The class sizes are smaller than a university. You aren't just a number, they know you by name. Tuition is cheaper than other schools, and it has been fairly easy to pay off. Also, there are plenty of things to do around campus and plenty of mentors willing to tutor for any subject.
I really enjoy the small classes at Salt Lake Community College. It makes it easier to connect with classmates and the professor. I feel like the instructors really care about my success in college---I'm not just a face in a crowd of students.
Salt Lake Community College is a great place to get a start for college. It's small and a bunch of classes for everyone. Along with giving you the experiences of taking classes online, on campus and connecting with students. SLCC is convenient, class engaging, overall a great place to get your start.
Flexible class schedules with online and hybrid classes mean that there are options to fit everyone’s needs. I would say 75-80% of the instructors are easy to work with and communicate well. There has been a recent change in textbooks that allow the colleges to customize them for each school. This means that the ISBN # is unique and you must buy the book through the campus bookstore. There are no way to truly match the textbook through Amazon or elsewhere. This trend will increase the cost of books.
I like the school and l like the diversity of the students that go there. One thing that I have found to be very frustrating is when the financial aide office tells me to go talk to the academic advisor to clarify an issue. Then after talking to him he tells me to go talk to the dean of mathematics only to have her tell me something completely different than what the academic advisor told me.
Ive only started and im loving it. Every staff member is so extremely helpful and actually makes me feel like they want to help me succeed.
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I am not yet attending classes at SLCC. But my experience so far, with the student advisors, and the facilities has been great overall! SLCC seems like a wonderful place to kick off an education that will last a life time.
small classes and good student services. Credit will transfer well. Great community college that is continuing to grow and expand. The administration does what it can to grow and build each program. They spread each employee thin but understand the demands
Great two year college to start of with. You'd get an overall average college experience in SLCC. The schedules are easy to choose from and registration is easy. I'd definitely recommend this College to anyone who is getting their general education done or is unsure of what college they want to attend.
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