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This was a good place to start my education. I would highly recommended it to individuals looking for a cheap place to start. Academics and athletics are great. The social aspect is lacking but can be improved with a few changes.
I liked how the professors would motivate us to engage in discussions.
I would encourage the rest of the faculty in the student center and advising to be more helpful. A lot of the career advisers came off as very condescending and rude.
Well, I Applied to salt lake community college to study criminal justice for about 2 years and I want to transfer to a four-year university. I hope to have a good experience and I hope to see opportunities open for me and for others during my enrollment in the fall semester.What I did like about this college was that it's affordable and open for all students.
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I have had a few bad professors but that is not out of the ordinary, the food is impeccable! and I love how diverse the students are!
I’m a new so I don’t know much but it’s a really great campus and people. I love how affordable it is and can’t wait to take classes there in the future.
The people here were Very helpful. I had a problem with my FASA and had a guy name Havery help me figure everything out with my FASA which i've been trying to finish for a few weeks now, he was patient and got me going in the right direction. After that was done he gave me advise that I should apply for scholarships and keep on track to graduating.
The people and teachers are very nice and willing to help. The tutoring center is always willing to help students in need as long as you ask for help.
SLCC has been a great fit for my schedule. As a single mom that works full-time SLCC has given me the opportunity to take classes online and in the evenings. The class sizes have been on the smaller size so I don't feel like I am just a number. They also have great tutoring centers that are free to the students.
I like the professors. There is a very nice and accepting vibe to the whole school. I feel like everyone is really excited for us and willing to help us on our individual journeys.
I like all the activities they have, so that people can come together and meet new people. Most of the professors are really helpful and they all want you to succeed. I think one thing that would be nice to see is more options of food to choose from. But overall my experience with everything has been great.
I love SLCC!! Multiple locations, teachers are great, friendly students. A lot of resources available to students. Cheaper option to get 2 year degree.
At my school a lot of the professors don't actually teach. I know that sounds crazy, but in two of my classes I have taken just this year I haven't learned much. My one class the teacher always left super early, gave out a study guide that was the exact same as the test. In my other class the teacher rushes through things, doesn't teach well, lets us use notes on the test that barely help because the test is different. This is sad to me because it is college and we are paying them are money and they could care less to be there or to help us.
This school is very wishy washy with it’s professors. Some are just absolutely terrible but there are a few that are great. I feel that there are some professors there that don’t treat the students with respect or provide the opportunity for success.
I will be taking summer classes and the RedWood, Taylorsville campus was highly recommend! The campus is very diverse and very supportive from what I have experienced so far.
Salt Lake Community College is great small college that is close to home and affordable. As long as you look into the professors (I use rate my professor) you should have a good experience. Most of my teachers have been great. I have only had a couple that I really did not enjoy.
Quality classes, with professors that in general care about students success and not just grades. Quality of material and classes offered compared with other Universities I have attended, with some classes being far better!
I like that it is small and easy to get too. I enjoy having the smaller class sizes as well, and the fact that there are more than one campus I can go to for a class
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Salt Lake Community College was a great start to my college career. I am now set up to transfer to Brigham Young University, an experience that I feel my education at SLCC prepared me well for.
I loved how Salt Lake Community College provided so much. If I ever had questions I always knew who to go to for help. The campus was small and easy to get around. I loved how organized teachers were and all the classes offered online.
Salt Lake Community College has great class sizes. Its easier to get help and ask questions from your teacher when there is less people in the class room. I also like how they have a lot of options available for class help and tutoring that are free on campus.
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