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Salt Lake Community College Reviews

1,780 reviews
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This is my first year at Salt Lake Community College and I love it. There are two reasons why I would suggest this school to anybody and they are: The tuition is the cheapest in the state, and the class sizes are small and it's easy to learn and receive personal help from the professors. It is a community college and there are various campuses around the city and my only complaint would be that the college offers different classes at different campuses, so if you're like me I have to attend two different campuses to take classes. I waste time commuting to and from the different campuses when I could be studying instead
Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) is a great college for anyone to attend. With a low tuition, flexible schedules, and programs for everyone no matter the age, SLCC is the perfect for anyone just out of high school, getting those extra credits out of the way, or coming back to get more education.
I started at a University and was an out of state student who became very over whelmed with being away from my family and home town. Salt Lake community college gave me the class sizes and one on one attention from professors that I needed. I was able to understand material in class better that way and was able to meet with professors easier as well. Getting around each campus is very easy as well as getting all the essentials before a semester starts, such as a parking pass. SLCC is very diverse and I have met amazing people as well. I have loved every moment I have spent here.
I like the variety of course times, it makes working at the same time easier. Their Disability Center is easy to work with as well.
I attended Salt Lake Community College for a total of four semesters and I loved it! There are several locations and several different times that classes are offered which worked great with my schedule. All of my professors at SLCC helped me understand difficult concepts and cared for their students. SLCC is close to home and is affordable so what's not to love?
As a young single mom, the thought of going back to school has been terrifying and off-putting for quite some time now. I was nervous that it would be difficult to enroll and find classes; however, this has not been the case with SLCC. SLCC has been anything but scary and negative. Everyone, teachers, students and faculty are all so willing to help you get where you want to be. This has been a great experience so far and I cannot wait for the future.
The only negative thing I can think of is that the college recently underwent a total change in their website, which has made it very difficult to navigate through, but once you get in it it's not so hard to figure out!
I didn't think I would love it, but I do! Lots of activities for students and the classes are quite rigorous. There are a lot of great professors and having multiple locations is really nice.
Great school! It helped me go step by step in the transition from high school to college. I spent a great amount of time deciding whether college was the right path for me & this school reminded me that It was my place to be. I found new motivation thanks to the great help of the college & their staff!
The classes are small, and the teachers are more available to the students. Some of the classes have considerable workload for the students and some programs are really good and respected by other universities. The Math department is one of the programs recommended and respected by big universities...the Computer Science department...not so much, I am having to retake several of the classes from SLCC at the University of Utah since the classes are not as challenging and well planned out as the University.
My favorite aspect of Salt Lake Community College is the friendliness and respect that everyone has towards each other. The teachers, student, and even the faculty all get along in a way that is rare to find today.
I liked the instructor Mr. Hansen and all the encouragement he gave me to discover "I can do hard things."
I also appreciated Emily Dibble and how she helped me with my e-portfolio. She went above and beyond helping me until nearly the last minute before the holiday break. She didn't seem stressed for time or bothered but, was cheerful and helpful.
I appreciate SLCC for all their help with my getting back to school after 25 years.
I have enjoyed going back to college at SLCC after being out of school for 20 yrs. it's a good school, staff is very helpful, & the tutors are amazing. 😉
My experience so far has been great at SLCC. I've received a good education, the building blocks to pursue a higher degree at a university. The teachers go above and beyond for the students. SLCC has saved me money and allowed me to go to school while I work.
I am an older student returning to college after a 27 year absence. I feel very welcomed here. The instructors and staff have been wonderful helping get adjusted to college life. My major is social work, I can earn credits while working in my field.
I have enjoyed the majority of my professors. The campus is maintained and I've never felt unsafe there. The faculty that I have gottan to know are wonderful! Some classes this last semester seemed more like online, which i wasn't very happy about. If you still have to show for class then that's where the learning should take place. Overall, I like SLCC.
Salt lake community college is a great school for your money, and the professors there are really good!
One thing that I really like about this school is that everyone is so welcoming. The students and professors are willing to help others and do so in a nicely manor. They also make it really easy to give you multiple options to be able to finish projects, get access to a computer if you don't have one at home, and offer printers that don't cost a lot to print with. One thing that I might change is to get the word out about their activities better. There are times that I hear about them too late or don't hear about them tell they have already happened. If they could get a better way of getting the news across would be great!
I have just started my application process and it has been very easy to get everything that i need to begin school at at slcc.
I am about to graduate from SLCC, and I have loved my time here. I have had amazing professors who care about me and how I am doing. There are smaller class sizes and plenty of classes to choose from. I never felt lost in the jumble, and have always been able to receive help when I needed it.
Great teachers and community. Great diverse and inclusive learning environment. Several campus locations that are all clean and well used.
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