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Its an ok school we are just a branch of Salish Kootenai College So my low scores on the items below is because they dont apply to us
Great atmosphere and people. You get one on one time with your instructor and they help you through any problems.
I love Salish Kootenai College. It's a perfect community college here in the Mission Valley. It's very convenient to live so close to campus and everyone is very friendly and helpful. It is a smaller college which makes it less confusing to get around and find exactly what you need when you need to.
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The school has personable teachers and good intructors 75% of the time. I would like to see the nursing program be more organized and overall I wish the college was more professional and on top of everything.
Very personable staff. They want you to succeed. Very willing to assist with problems you are experiencing. Many programs offered to ensure success of students.
My experience so far at the college has been very good. I like the professors a lot. I like how it's a small school and not so crazy. I feel like the professors have a better bond with a small class.
Salish Kootenai College is a great inter tribal college that integrates native american history and teachings with traditional college work.
Salish Kootenai College has a wide variety of classes that benefit students in their majors and future careers. The professors are willing to go above and beyond to help each student individually and meet their academic needs. Each staff member lives up to their potential of being committed to their job and taking interest in those around them. Typically advisors in small colleges, like Salish, spend a good amount of time with each student and guiding them through a successful school year. Academic wise everything is fine but when it comes to athletics all they have to offer is basketball. If they included sports like track, tennis, volleyball or golf many talented athletes would get recognized by coaches from universities.
Not only is this college in my back yard, they offer four year degrees, at a community college price!
I love it at SKC. Everything is great there except the Three Wolves Del. The jerk who owns it is rude and a racist. Shame on the college for contracting out food services to such a jerk.
I have been going to SKC since my education began. I love how the staff and advisors help and keep students on track to graduate. They give their own personal experience to students who needs help. The college is beautiful and well taken care of.
I really like the small setting that this college has also it is such a unique college because it is on the resevation and due to this many cultyres are recognized and discussed on a daily basis. I would enjoy more flexible schedules and summer classes as well
SKC is a small rural campus that's easy to get around in- and it's right next to two different convenience stores. The dorms are kept clean inside and out with no raucous parties or debauchery due to being on a dry, zero tolerance campus. Teachers and advisers do everything they can to help you succeed, short of doing your homework.
I love the fact that Salish Kootenai College is a family based college. You become family as a whole. Getting more involved, engaging in friendships between faculty and other students is very awarding. I love how when I walk through a hall and at least one person knows me by name. I am always smiling at everyone even if they do not smile back. I guess I would like to see this college focus on getting their departments and faculty of who is teaching which subject figured out way before the academic year starts. Other than that, I loved all of my experience at this college. They accept you for you and allow you to make and learn from your mistakes. Great opportunities here and it is really amazing see the faculty so involved with their students.
My oldest sister went to college there and I liked how she got to graduate with her Bachelors in Tribal Historic Presevation and I feel like I could go to school to major in that area as well.
This college is quite diverse, this is why my educational experience has been of great benefit to me. Unlike the University that I had gone to in the past, the teachers are more one-on-one based. This environment helps keep me motivated and gives me a sense of belonging, a sense of care, and the willpower to finish college and get my degrees. The experience of attending SKC has been a rewarding, fulfilling experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.
I've never had to deal with transferring credits but I guarantee the faculty were very helpful and are helpful to anyone graduating.
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Again, everything within these at SKC are amazing. Very helpful. A lot of interaction between the student and the instructor.
I honestly couldn't give a good review.on this topic only because I honestly don't know about the post-grad services. But I am sure its great and helpful.
Due to SKC being smaller, it gives students a better one on one relationship with their professors. The classes are smaller. They offer many labs and one on one tutors to help including the instructor themselves. Each instructor has a way of teaching within their styles that they believe will help the student. I've been inany classes here with many different instructors. I have seen many different styles of teaching and a lot that are better than some.
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