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I love Salisbury! It was the perfect distance away from my hometown and provided me with a lot of opportunities that helped me enter the workforce immediately after graduation. Some of my best friends are those I met while at SU!
If you trying to get a Computer Science degree. My advise, go find another school because mostly all the professors are ridiculous. They honestly don't know how to teach, and they are extremely hard. Most of them have bad reviews on Funny thing that they let people cheat during a exams, and professor don't care about it even the Dean of the apartment don't care. There are people graduated with a Computer Science degree by cheating there way through. I was a student in Salisbury University. I had one year to graduate, and I realized most every Computer Science classes people cheat in class by looking up the answers on their phone during a exam, and people giving out codes to other people. If you report them. The professors don't care. People who on the dean-list cheat their way through on that list. Some of the tutors don't know how to code. So, I don't need to been a school filled with cheaters. Sorry, that is the ugly truth.
Solid mid-major school with a great mascot. Get a lot of bang for your buck at this mid-sized school. You feel like a big fish in a small pond. Short drive to the beach doesn't hurt either.
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My time visiting Salisbury has been nothing short of amazing. I have felt welcome from the moment I stepped on campus.
Salisbury University is a great school if one is looking to be a face in the crowd. Campus is fairly small and educational building are in a relative walking distance. Class sizes range from about 20-30 students. I've had nothing but great teachers since I've transferred from my community college. The adjust was nice and simple. Never had the chance to live on campus due to being a transfer, but there is a good selection of off campus housing that fluctuate in price. In addition there is a wide food selection, and we are close to bigger shopping centers. Only downside is that it's a little noisy at times and the cafeteria food is average, and could be better. They do have additional food locations on campus that are very tasty.
I would like the surrounding town to develop a bit more but the campus is wonderful and the professors really care about you as a student learning the material.
Salisbury is a very good school. The professors are passionate about giving their students the best education possible. Salisbury really encourages students to be involved on campus. There are so many clubs available, it's hard not to find something to be a part of. The campus is small, but beautiful. I like the class sizes because I can get the one-on-one help when I need it.
I love Salisbury! The classes are engaging and interesting and the professors want to see you succeed. Every professor I've talked to has been able to help me better understand coarse material and work through any issues I was having.
Salisbury University is situated in a large town, with a 30 minutes drive to the nearest beach. It's largely underestimated thanks to it sharing a school system with UMD and Johns Hopkins, but nevertheless, the school is humble. With great programs (esp. for teaching and med majors) with a great price tag, Salisbury University is a school that invests in success.
Being in Salisbury has been a blast. Its a fairly small school which makes things a lot easier. You don't have to walk far to go to class or to grab something to eat. The classroom sizes are fairly small which means you're able to interact with your teacher just like you would in high school. The school does a lot so that students can achieve, and my first semester has been one that I won't forget.
My experience at Salisbury University has been a lot better than I initially anticipated, especially concerning the education level and classroom experience. When entering the school, students can not only expect friendly encounters, but a lively social scene.
This is my first year at Salisbury University and i must say it's very nice. I was considering going to University of Delaware but Salisbury University is much cheaper for me and i also received a $5000 scholarship for living in Delmar, Delaware. that scholarship helped out a lot because it took place for the majority of the difference between in state and out of state tuition. I love Salisbury University so much, its very clean and the professors are very nice.
I like the great professors and my dorm. I would change food options. Would like to see healthier choices and more choices
They have a fair amount of options for majors and a good selection of opportunities for the future, at least from the perspective of a STEM major. The activities are sub-par, however, and revolve mainly around a more party atmosphere than anything else. There are many great professors here, but there are also some that are not so great, but that will be anywhere. The campus itself is beautiful and not that large, plus the tuition is less than other places.
There's not much to do if you're not involved in greek life or sports, there's a decent amount of clubs but not much goes on with them.
So far, I have had a relatively good experience at Salisbury University. There are very few areas in which I have experienced problems. For the first time in my life, I do not dread going to class every day. My teachers make my classes interesting and teach the material in a way that everyone in the class can understand. The academics are my favorite part of Salisbury University. Although Salisbury itself is not the most beautiful college town, the campus is appealing and very well kept. I have found most of the people that I have met to be very friendly and inclusive. I look forward to what the next 3 years at Salisbury University will bring!
Salisbury University has an amazing atmosphere! The faculty and administration is wonderful, they have so many classes, and everything is so upbeat and nice there. The athletic department is great as well.
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I absolutely fell in love with the atmosphere at this wonderful institution. I was hesitant to commit because I was sure that I needed a school that was 'harder to get into' or 'higher ranking' but after visiting campus, and meeting students, I knew this was the school for me.
I didn't expect to like it here so much, because I thought I was going to transfer ASAP to try for my reach school again. But now that I've been here all freshman year, transferring is the furthest thing from my mind.
I am a transfer student to Salisbury University. I originally came from a D.C. university. This 'small' city university is the DREAM! It was the best decision I have made for myself. The professors are absolutly WONDERFUL, student life is fun, everyone is so nice, and I have had no problems since I have transferred.
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