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Very nice school. Everyone pretty friendly. Only complaint, dorm has mold and they wouldn't do anything about it except run humidifiers.
I liked how diverse the school is and also how everyone is very welcoming. The food is also really nice and I recommend you to try it! There is no problems that I have faced with this school and I encourage everyone to give them a chance.
Salisbury University is an amazing four-year university located in Salisbury, Maryland. They offer many majors and minors, clubs for anything you can think of, athletics, and so much more. Their admissions recruiters for Worcester County are so, so amazing! Very helpful and kind when they visited our high school. Awesome school to attend!
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Salisbury sucks. The people are bitchy, there is never anything going on on campus, clubs are hard to find and join, the commons has the worst dining hours possible (read: closes as early as 7:30pm, and doesn’t open for breakfast until 9:30 on the weekends), the campus is dead on the weekends. If you don’t Ike to party there is nothing to do here. If you don’t have a car, you’re screwed because there is no public transportation out here. The only redeeming quality is the teachers are alright.
Love this place. Best college you can choose, amazing price for an amazing school. Perfect size and everyone here is so nice and welcoming. Parties are also very fun😉
SU is a wonderful school for students that want to take on leader positions in clubs and on campus organizations to build a resume before they graduate. The campus is beautiful and dorms have all been revamped. The food is also outstanding.
Great value for the price of tuition. Small class sizes and many caring professors and faculty. The Library is amazing, one of the nicest I've seen at a college.
As a parent of two Salisbury graduates I can tell you that we truly loved my daughter's success there, and sent our son three yrs. later.
The communication was incredible which I thank Salisbury for that. we knew what was going on through the newsletters and websites.

My son has been a successful graduate as well. Not a fun drive at all but overall I can't say enough great things.
Great education, great atheletics with the best facilities! Salisbury is continuing to grow and expand and with it grows it's students! You have a city feel, without the hustle and bustle!
Overall, If I had the opportunity to do it all again I wouldn't of picked Salisbury. The area is sketchy (crime, robbery, ect.), expensive semesters for what your paying for.
Salisbury University is a growing university. My experience was positive. The new facilities really helped my education.
Diverse students, clubs&organizations, activities and classes. A well balanced school between fun and challenging. Greatly recommended if your looking for affordable universities in Maryland
Salisbury is Great!! It’s the perfect size and the campus is beautiful. Class sizes are just right. I’ve had the opportunity to create close relationships with my professors and other classmates.
Salisbury is a great university I love the way the classes size because you get to know your professor and mates. I don’t think I’ll change anything else but the cost of the university
Personally, I absolutely love Salisbury University. The campus is not only beautiful, but it's full of events and friendly students that help you stay entertained in between difficult and challenging courses! The professors are incredibly helpful, most if not all always available by email to answer questions even if you have probably left that particular assignment just a bit too late.
I love Salisbury! The classroom sizes are usually small and since the school is rather small you see a lot of the same people around campus. All of my professors have been friendly and very open to helping students one-on-one. The dining commons has great food and even has vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Some dorms are better than others but they are actively renovating the worst one with the rest to follow soon.
I love Salisbury's campus, especially in the spring. The professors are usually always available to help and want you to come to office hours to help you succeed.
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Salisbury is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The campus is beautiful, the professors work with you for your benefit, and the people are great.
My first year at Salisbury University was a great experience. I admit that when I first settled at Salisbury I was an introvert and barely attended any activities. Later in the year I started attending more events and becoming more sociable because of the diversity and versatility of the school. As this last semester just ended I looked up and had twice as many friends and associates than I had at the beginning of the semester. It’s safe to say that it is really easy to get involved in a lot of clubs and programs at Salisbury because of the variety. Not only is the variety outstanding but there are clubs, programs and activities that relate to the many ethnic backgrounds at Salisbury so every student has a chance to get involved.
I transferred to Salisbury after a horrific experience at another college. I love this college. It is close to local beaches. I had an instance on the campus of a stranger approaching me to ask for change. I ignored him and called my parents, who immediately called security, within seconds they phoned me and asked where I was at, was I safe, and where and what the person who approached me was wearing. They have cameras all around the college and immediately sent someone to the are and viewed cameras and footage to look for suspect. The Physical Education program so far has been great. The professors are down to earth and classes are enjoyable.
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