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I didn't expect to like it here so much, because I thought I was going to transfer ASAP to try for my reach school again. But now that I've been here all freshman year, transferring is the furthest thing from my mind.
I am a transfer student to Salisbury University. I originally came from a D.C. university. This 'small' city university is the DREAM! It was the best decision I have made for myself. The professors are absolutly WONDERFUL, student life is fun, everyone is so nice, and I have had no problems since I have transferred.
The professors are very willing to help students with anything they need, such as additional resources for learning or for any campus knowledge.
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This campus is located on the beautiful eastern shore of Maryland. Salisbury in itself is like a little city, big town atmosphere. Sometimes I feel that the campus needs more ways to interact with the community of salisbury md. This is a progressive university with many diverse ways of teaching and the professors value feedback as well as comments during lectures and classes.
Salisbury is an awesome campus! There is tons to do, lots of food options around Salisbury and the dorms are awesome. I don't regret attending Salisbury for a single second. The professors are awesome and I actually learn things that matter in my class. I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone!
Salisbury University is a great school for people who want that "big school" feel but don't want to population of a big D1 school. The professors are awesome and there is always stuff to do on campus. The Greek like is not the best though. Also, beware that some people never leave the campus. They all graduate and work for the University. That maybe ideal for some, but I personally do not want to relive my college years for the rest of my life.
I attended Salisbury University for 2 years and in those 2 years I enjoyed my time at Salisbury University. I liked the appearance and ambiance of the campus. They have a great business program, there are others but I was strictly involved with their business program. There are a lot of school organizations which cater to almost every kind of person. There are also, a lot of opportunities to learn new skills and talents. The change I would like to see made would be more places to park.
I enjoyed everything about my experience at SU. As a transfer student there were welcome programs to make the transition to a new school smooth. Resources for all subjects were readily available and students were well informed. There was something for everyone, multiple clubs, sports, Greek life and other organizations to get involved in. I felt that I received a great education and graduated as a more well rounded person.
Amazing school they are giving me the opportunity to play football after my junior college globe institute of technology close down.
The campus is beautiful! Especially when the seasons start to change from Summer to Fall because of the leaves that change color. Sometimes I think the on- campus housing is a little over priced however it's better than other schools and depending where you live, the rooms are very nice. I do wish that there were more businesses downtown because it lacks some flare.
Lots of cool people and good friends to be made. Anyone can find someone with similar interests. its a school full of diversity but seems a little separated by ethnicity.
Salisbury University is an amazing, close-knit campus that accepts and celebrates various religions, sexual orientations, beliefs and ethnicities. The academics are challenging with professors widely accessible and intelligent in their field of study. The dining hall offers an abundance of different foods as well as deserts, beverages, coffees, and smoothies. I have been attending Salisbury University for three years now and it continues to provide a safe and comfortable environment all while expanding the campus and student body.
I love the campus because it is all walkable. The campus could be a little more aesthetically appealing, but they do a good job. The classes I took in the fall 2016 semester weren't easy and all classes are mandatory attendance. The thing I really disliked this semester was the quality of professors. I had better high school teachers. I'm not saying this because the classes weren't easy A's , but the professors weren't very good teachers. For the most part classes were just powerpoint lectures that they would read word for word. Also the surrounding area is pretty old and needs to bring in some businesses closer to campus. Salisbury is not a party school like West Virginia, but we do party.
Salisbury University is a very diverse and active community to be apart of. There is always something happening and new people to meet. They are always renovating building and creating bigger and better facilities to enhance the learning experience of students.
School is a very good school. Most teachers care about your success. They need to work on the other teachers who notice kids failing their class but do not do anything to change it. Campus is really pretty. Need better food at Commons. The new library is very nice.
As a freshman at Salisbury University I have had an excellent experience. Every professor cares deeply for the students, the classes are challenging yet not impossible, the atmosphere is very supportive. The brand new library makes studying so much easier with the silent rooms and quiet floors (not to mention the built in coffee shop.) My over all experience so far has been great!
As soon as I saw the school, I fell in love and new this was going to become my second home. I'm currently a freshman and only being here for one semester ,so far, I have had a great experience. I have met many new people, excelled in my classes and joined a few clubs. The teachers and faculty are always there to help when needed and everyone just has a smile and a positive personality. I would recommend this school to anyone.
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Salisbury is a quality education for the cost, and will prepare you for the workload after graduation. Very proud to be an active student at Salisbury University.
I love it here. I am currently a sophomore and this school gets such bad credit from other students from other Maryland schools. The school is great, there are some very influential professors here and the school just keeps improving every year. The academic programs keep getting better every year, and the social scene is great. It's easy to make a lot of friends very quickly. I would highly recommend applying or transferring here, especially if you're out-of-state. It accommodates out-of-state students very well and everybody here wants to meet you. Go gulls!
Salisbury University has also been my dream school. The classes, housing, campus buildings, and many more things have made my college experience greater than I could ever imagine. Through the years Salisbury built a new library. The new library allows many more students to sit at computers and print as well as many more tables more students can study together. As well as academics the housing at Salisbury is extremely clean and safe. Provided with a gull cars at the beginning of your journey at Salisbury is one f the many safety features at SU. The gullcards allows only you and your roommate to get into your room, and it has your meal plan on it. When you go to the commons area for any meal you can swipe it allowing you to get in and eat.. Salisbury has a great Exercise program as well as a great tutoring program. No one wants to see any student here fail.
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