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Overall, I found myself really liking the school. I am a first year student and within the first couple months, and weeks that I've been here I've met an amazing group of friends. Most of the teachers I have are a good help, making sure they go at a good pace and making the students understand. But you are going to have the teachers that just lecture and leave it up to you since you're in college now. The campus is a good size for me, especially coming from a small high-school. The only thing I would say is a disinterest about this school would be that the diversity isn't there like it should be, and the one and it makes certain people feel uncomfortable. There's also things the administration faculty needs to work on with how they treat/view colored people. But overall, with the beautiful small campus and a good amount of teachers I think the school is a pretty good school.
I like that everyone is outgoing and friendly. I like how awesome the professors are in class and how helpful they are. I like how there are a lot of resources you an use for help such the writing center, career services and trio. What I would like to see change is in the food selection and more parking spots for the commuters.
Biggest complaint is the parking situation and the 3 campuses being a walk from each other. Other than that, the classes are good and the people are welcoming
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I love the atmosphere that the students and professors are able to create. Professors want to help you and the small class sizes make that possible. Food and campus set up could be improved, it's constantly under construction and makes commuting difficult to do daily.
My experience on campus is limited to the classes I take because I try to focus on that aspect of my life. I have had classes that required me to attend events outside of my classes but those were manageable. I don't have much to base campus life on being that I attend classes and leave after the end. I cannot rate things I haven't experienced so those are the N/As. I am a commuting student so I don't stay on campus.
I'm going into salem state as a freshmen and I love the admission process. The faculty was very helpful and orientation helped with anxieties.
I love being close to home. My commute is only 20 minutes driving with traffic. Also, I like the community; very diverse and involving for students especially commuters. Professors are also very helpful for my transitioning from a private school to a totally different program and environment of a public school. I've enjoyed my experience here more than at my previous school.
SSU is a great state Institution for its tuition affordability, multicultural, quality academic standard and learning resources and easy campus access, convenient parking system for students and its proactive safety facility with police dept station on site.
Salem State is one of those schools where you either love it or hate it. I transferred into SSU going into my sophomore year and I loved it from the minute I arrived. That being said, there are some issue with the university that need to be worked on. The lack of diversity within the student population as well as the faculty/staff population is what drives away many students because they do not see themselves represented at the university. The first year dorms are sub par but all the other dorms are a huge step up. Gender inclusive housing is available at SSU but it needs work to make it better than what it currently is. The biggest drawback to SSU is the amount of time it takes to actually receive your degree. Most students at Salem State require five years to obtain their bachelors degree which is absurd because not everyone has the ability to drop another $20,000 on a year of college that they were not expecting.
Tuition prices just got increase, LPN-RN BSN program claims it is part-time evening and weekends but it is not.
I just finished my freshman year, and I loved it. I met many amazing people, and some wonderful professors who made it easy to come to class, ask questions, and never stop learning.
I love Salem State University they help me discovered what I want to do with my life. The environment is open and friendly everyone so nice and you're free to express your self.
Most of my professors have been great. Small class sizes make it feel a little like high school.

If you can, rent off campus and commute to school. You'll save so much money compared to just living on campus.
Salem State University is a beautiful school with such a diverse set of faculty and students. The university makes it appoint to have their students feel at home and safe. It is a fantastic community to be and you can tell the professors enjoy what they do.
I would like to see the advisors have better communication with the students and have more knowledge with the information they provide. I have found the advisors would give course information regarding what classes to take but the information hasn't always been correct and prevents students from taking the proper classes on time.
This school is coming a very long way! They are continuously doing construction and expanding. Also, their nursing school is very well put together and very knowledgable! The freshman dorms could use some work, but the sophomore and junior dorms are extremely nice.
The administration was quite confusing to deal with and maneuver. Like all colleges, it seemed like none of the departments talk to each other and you can lose a day running back and forth across campus. However, the professors are wonderful and believe in the students. I think I received a quality education.
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Overall Salem State University is a really good school to go to, but I will not say that it is perfect. On a positive note, it's a very accepting School with a very good Nursing program as well as Social Work and Education being the primary majors here. You'll also find a very interactive Geology/Geography program as well at the opportunity to research as as a Psychology major. There are also a ton, and I mean A TON of student involvement activities and get togethers so you can meet other students. It also is quite affordable compared to other state schools, even those in Boston.

On the downside, it is not a college for conservatives. Liberals flood this campus. Also, the food on campus is not that great. Also, lots of walking. Parking can be a pain.
Salem State has a pretty diverse students body. I like the fact that most of my classes are pretty small so I could have more interactions with professors. Professors are willing to help if you show the interest. Regarding Computer Science, the department is relatively small and there's very limited resources at Career Service or Annual Career Fair. If you make use of all resources available, I believe Salem State is not a bad choice for affordable higher education.
My experience at Salem State while not all that negative had some bumps on the road that I feel need to be addressed. While I understand some things are out of the school's hands, I wished they would still hire tutors for the classes that seniors take in order to graduate because there are courses that would require further understanding.
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