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I actually work at Salem State University and am going back to earn my Bachelor's degree. From what students say, the university is more affordable than those in the surrounding areas. I know a lot of the staff and they have helped me enroll, complete my FAFSA, and become prepared to start this summer. I am a single mom of 16 year old twins who also have an interest in SSU for fall 2018. The amount of help I received really took the stress out of the way. I am feeling more confident than ever being an older adult going back to school. I was 30 when I entered college for my associate's degree and my twins were 2 and I did it! I also want to be a role model for my family and other single moms, like myself.
This my second semester in SSU and I feel that this place is amazing, there a lot of diversity, a amazing atmosphere and the faculty are amazing. I was so afraid about my first semester, but thanks God I made it with good grades. Overall this place is amazing the faculty are very responsible and passionate.
Awesome academic life, especially their nursing program! Downtown Salem is only a 5 minute drive away! Each campus is walking distance and the class sizes are small!
I like the learning environment at Ssu, however there is a lack of communication with departments and professors and they cause more confusion than help
The professors at SSU are absolutely amazing. Experienced, understanding, and knowledgeable in their respective fields. Campus has shown significant improvement over the past few years, and Salem is a really cool city. Administration is difficult to communicate with, and the Bursar's office coordination with students could use improvement.
So far, I have loved it here at Salem State. It was the only school with Biomedical Science, and the Biology program here is outstanding. The amount of diversity here amazes me, and that's what I value most about any college experience. My friends and professors have been nothing but supportive and made this experience worthwhile for me.
Salem state has a lot of helpful resources on campus that are helpful and many clubs. The best resource is their "labs" for different subject where you can show up and there are honors students and faculty that will help you with your homework or material you need help with such as the math lab is where you go if you need help in math, and the English lab is if you need help with writing, literature, grammar and other things.
Also salem state has really diverse people in their clubs and the clubs are diverse. There is a large variety from the Black Bees club to LASSO (For students of a Hispanic back ground).
I would recommend Salem state to anyone because of its wonderful faculty and programs to help students know each other and excel in college.
I loved my time at SSU. All the professors I had were laid back but still passionate about their work and their teaching, and I've yet to experience a bad class. The campus is nice, some buildings are old, but overall everything is in walking distance of each other and in a very safe area of town. Salem itself is also super fun, especially around October. It doesn't have much of the "suburb feel" and feels more like a little city instead. SSU is definitely a good school, you get your money's worth for sure.
I remember applying for colleges and not having any idea of Salem State University until one of my counselors told me to apply there because they had a good Nursing program and so I did, then took a tour of the school and absolutely loved it. It wasn't too big nor too small, I could get to my classes in less than five minutes which was good because then I wouldn't have to worry about waking up too early or being in a rush. The faculty and staff at the school are helpful; they like to see students succeed as well as teachers do too. The school offers many clubs and sports, there will be something to do on campus to your liking and if there isn't, then you can create a new club. Everyone has a good time in this school and enjoy it!
What I've really liked about Salem State University is that it has a pretty diverse student body. This university is located in the heart of Salem, MA and there's tons of things to do within walking distance. The campus is not too big nor too small, and it is pretty progressive with many things. They are starting to divest from fossil fuels, they are one of the only state schools to have a trans flag raised among the other flags.
I love Salem state a lot. The school is really great. I love how the professors love what they do. Somehow I will like for salem state to hire more professors. Most of the sciences course only have one professor, it not right. There more rooms for other professors.
Salem State university Campus is beautiful. Being there is comforting and traveling between classes is pretty easy. Everything is nearby.The Diversity is what I like about the school I look forward to being on campus!
Salem State is a great university. There is so much the school has to offer both academically and socially. Overall it is a very good school with numerous amounts of programs and resources.
Love the feel of the university. Great Library! Make sure you get your clipper card and put some money on it. Wish I applied to this university first and sooner.
I like going to my school. It's fairly diverse and there's tons of things to do on campus, but I'm having trouble getting involved and therefore meeting new people. Otherwise I do pretty well in the classes, but I just want the full college experience. It would be better if I dormed, but commuting is the better option. If I could do it over, I think I would still chose my school
I love salem. I like the atmosphere and the people. The professors are nice and they do listen when you need them. I got into salem on a condition. I applied for the nursing program but got into the biology program instead. I do feel like they viewed my application as just another application and impersonal. The classes are small and I do like that. It means more one on one time with the professor if needed. The school is really diverse. I have friends from the other side of the world and there are different varieties of people.
since I'm a freshman, I have not really experienced the job and internship prospects yet. But I have been told the school has several opportunities for stuff like that.
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The campus is really a safe place. The school has its own police and it is everywhere so there is a sense of safety. They have buttons to press incase of feelings of uneasiness. overall, it is a safe place. except the area around rainbow terrace. it is not a place to be walking around late. Other than that, the school is good.
I like living on campus. I have never been away from home and I can safely say that I met some nice people so being away from my home is not that bad. The only negative to living at the campus is the shower and bathroom situation. some people was their hair and they leave It in the shower so there are random piles of hair. It can get gross. Being on campus lets me hang out with different people so socializing gets easier.
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I am not really a sports person but the sports division is pretty good. some of my friends are already participating in some sports.
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