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I like how Salem State University can get you the same degree as another school and you are able to save thousands of dollars. The staff, students, and curriculum prepare you for the future.
I've only been a student at SSU for a semester, but I know it was the right choice for me. While the school isn't perfect, it provides an environment that fosters learning and meeting new people. The food could be better, but they are making improvements in their freshman dorms, and they are definitely on the right track.
This school is very diverse and accepting of everyone. There are so many opportunities across campus as well as beyond the classroom for students to succeed.
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Salem State University is a wonderful college. All the teachers are super helpful and they work with you. The staff at Salem State University is great and also helpful. I do not think I would change anything for Salem State.
Personally I like Salem State, the staff is beyond helpful and understanding. But the buildings could use a remodel and the food options can be changed up a bit.
I love the classes and the community. The classes are challenging and the professors are great. The Social Work classes are offered in the evening which is great for working students.
Salem state has been a great school. Many of my family members and friends have graduated from Salem state and have had great experiences
I chose Salem State for its affordability and education program. The best education in the state of Massachusetts. The program really prepares you for K-12 setting, community education, or other forms of education. I highly recommend. I lived on campus and the resident life is amazing there. All of the programs really help in the college experience.
Salem State University has been a great experience as a graduate student. Despite some traffic in the city, Salem is a great location to attend college with many resources around. The professors are friendly and helpful. The library is has a great environment. I also got the chance to travel to Rwanda in Africa that Salem State provided me with.
My experience has been good so far. I have enjoyed most of my professors and classes. I do believe that they need to change their shuttle system, food options, parking and visitor policies.
Average overall experience, not bad but not amazing. Most professors are not too difficult and most classes are lecture style which is nice. The only downside is that the campus life is pretty much non-existence because most people who are students are commuter students.
One great thing about Salem State are the extracurricular activities they have to offer. Me being a part of the school's radio station is my favorite part of being in this school. What could be better is the social aspect of the school. A lot of times I can go into a classroom and there's nothing but silence. Depending on the class, the professor can ask a question and the students will be unresponsive.
I am an evening student at Salem State transfer from Santo Domingo, my experience at Salem State has been for the most part pleasurable when needed assistance on academics I have received help needed. Would recommend the school.
SSU is a very racist institution. Coming from a racist high school, I was hoping for new and diverse experiences but when I reached campus, I was disappointed because it looked exactly like my high school. At times I felt unsafe because of discriminatory language and hate acts such as the drawing of a swastica in the snow or having to read "Die niggers" on the baseball field.
Salem State University recently got the status university it was previously a college. It is in general a good school. It is quite expensive for the service it offers. The student life lacks a lot. Help centers in school like the admission and the center for students need serious improvement.
Going to Salem State University is a pretty good experience, the campus is well designed and nicely incorporated in the town. There are plenty of small food places and food chains at remote distances. Even though the parties aren't all that they have a couple of good bars
When I was in high school trying to figure out what college I want to go to Salem State became my dream school and first choose college when I applied. I love everything about Salem state. I love that it is in an easy walkable town and that it is closed knit easy to go to your classes, I loved my dorms I stayed in and the roommate I have, I also love the chooses of clubs and organizations on campus. The food could be better but other then that I love it there and can't wait for my last year. I am also thinking about applying there again for my masters in social work.
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Salem State is a nice campus, but classes vary from very good to very poor. Food is decent, housing is below average, and activities are limited especially during weekends.
Salem State University is a great aforable college. There is a huge amount of resources, transportation friendly, and great resource.
I like the different opinions of students and faculty on campus and the right to express their opinion even if it is negative regarding the university.The right to express discrimination by minority students is heard by the administration,but not always resolved.The affordability of the higher education is attractive and the commute is easier than driving into Boston,and quicker than taking the train.Access to the Salem State food pantry is helpful and builds community .The athletic teams and facilities are top notch and build healthy bodies and minds.
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