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When I was in high school trying to figure out what college I want to go to Salem State became my dream school and first choose college when I applied. I love everything about Salem state. I love that it is in an easy walkable town and that it is closed knit easy to go to your classes, I loved my dorms I stayed in and the roommate I have, I also love the chooses of clubs and organizations on campus. The food could be better but other then that I love it there and can't wait for my last year. I am also thinking about applying there again for my masters in social work.
Salem State is a nice campus, but classes vary from very good to very poor. Food is decent, housing is below average, and activities are limited especially during weekends.
Salem State University is a great aforable college. There is a huge amount of resources, transportation friendly, and great resource.
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I like the different opinions of students and faculty on campus and the right to express their opinion even if it is negative regarding the university.The right to express discrimination by minority students is heard by the administration,but not always resolved.The affordability of the higher education is attractive and the commute is easier than driving into Boston,and quicker than taking the train.Access to the Salem State food pantry is helpful and builds community .The athletic teams and facilities are top notch and build healthy bodies and minds.
Salem State is an amazing university with nice professors. Who are willing to help you in your academic life. The housing staff is also really nice and helpful. There is always a fun activity on campus from carnivales to movie nights.
I'm currently going into my junior year at Salem State University and I cannot express how much I love being a student here. I discovered my passion for History and stepped out of my academic comfort zone due to all the tremendous amount of support I receive from my professors and the faculty. I am also a First-Year Mentor and helping the incoming freshmen every year brings me so much pride and I feel a great amount of gratitude at the opportunities having this job gives me. Furthermore, SSU made my dream come true as I am studying abroad this Fall in Ireland - this would not have been possible without their guidance and overall enthusiasm. I love Salem State and I am a proud Viking!
I am a theatre arts major at Salem State Univeristy, and going into my sophomore year. As a theatre student I am involved in a lot of extra curricular activities. The shows, plays, and musicals that we put up are fantastic, and they are a great way to meet good people. Every professor I've had has been nice and welcome to open discussion in the classroom. Even my math professor my second semester was enjoyable. The school is far from perfect, but I enjoy it at Salem State University.
Small school but is still a good learning atmosphere. Greek life made my experience in this school better. One thing i will say is that food needs to be improved as well as parking and shuttle transportations.
Salem State University was chosen by me due to the fact that it is a highly diverse campus. From growing up in a very diverse city in Massachusetts, I have always experienced living at an environment where you can find people from all parts of the world. This has helped me be more understanding of others, comprehend how we are all the same and we only distinguish ourselves by our culture, language and religion.
One thing that I wish Salem State can better themselves on is their food. I personally live on campus and my dorm does not have a kitchen, so me and thousands of other students rely on their food. We all struggle to eat good food. I am not asking for some high end cuisine, but I ask that they provide us food that will make out money worth.
Salem State has been a great home for me over the last three years. Now reflecting and looking back at my experience, from the moment I stepped on campus I felt welcomed. I was able to join multiple student organizations (Latin American Student Organization, Student Government Association, etc.,) that made me feel like family and helped me pursue the role of becoming a student leader on campus. I loved being able to have such a role on campus which led me to become an orientation leader at Salem State to welcome all new students just as Salem State welcomed me.
Salem State is an affordable university with many degree options. The business building is well maintained but the school of nursing could use much updating. The location and option of hybrid and online classes are convenient for a graduate student who is working full time.
What I like about the school is that the school is very diverse. The school is well equipped with people from various ethnicity and race. The inclusive environment Salem State University creates allows students to learn different cultures and help build interrelations between people from all over the world.

What I would like to see change is the tenure that some professors have. Every semester, student give feedback on how teachers performed throughout the semester, however because tenure, some teachers are not surveyed and cannot be assessed by students. I don't think it is a good idea that they cannot be surveyed because the art of learning never stops till we die, hence these teachers can continue to learn from students' feedback and make necessary changes on the classes they teach.
The reason I choose Salem State as my college was for two important reasons. The first was for the program my major is involved in. I am a Theatre Performance major at Salem State and the program there is one of the best in the whole country. The professors are amazing at their jobs and they take the time to get to know every student on a personal level. I have only been there for one year and I already feel like everyone knows me. That is the best part about this school. The second reason I chose Salem was for the location. I love the city and I enjoy going downtown with my friends and seeing all the historic and exciting things Salem has to offer. I especially love how fun and exciting Halloween is every year. Even though the school is not perfect, then again, what school is? Even with the imperfections of the school itself, I still think it is the perfect school for me.
I transferred from North Shore Community College to Salem State University. Salem State University has a lot of great student and staff same as NSCC, I have had such an amazing experience attending this four-year college. I like the school environment, I have not yet seen something that can make me think about transferring to another college. The only thing I could complain of is the parking situation, it's really hard to find a parking space even though you pay for school parking ticket and end up parking in the streets. If you live on campus, there is no need to worry about.
After completing my first yearn I have never been more disappointed in my life. The lack of care for the student body and overall vibe of the campus is saddening.
Salem State is very diverse and inclusive with everything they do, including having gender neutral bathrooms. The library is full of twists and turns, and you're always likely to find a nice quiet spot to study. There are also rooms where you can talk and study with your friends! I love the fact that my school brings so many different kinds of people in; this is where I met all of my current best friends! There are two things that stick out the most to me when it comes to what should change within the school; the bathrooms (at least speaking from the girl's point of view) do not have any ventilation, so we're breathing in the grime from the wet shower walls. So maintenance could do something about that! Second, the food. There is rarely ANY vegetables out and a lot of the food is extremely salty or coated in something most likely unhealthy; there are also not a lot of vegetarian options.
Hated salem state, not my type of school.. boring on weekend and the campus wasn’t for me. Professors were really nice and classes weren’t to hard but i didn’t feel like i was at home when i was there so i decided to transfer
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When you walk around there are a variety of people walking next to you. Class sizes are good and most teachers are great at their jobs.
The people there are very helpful and they are always willing to help their students with everything.
I haven't been to salem state yet but it is a very good school. I will be transferring over in the fall 2018. I'm very excited to know more about it and see all of the diversity they have.
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