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My experience attending Salem University has been a great inspiration and motivational experience to succeed and continue on completing my future goals .The courses are easily accessible and informative .With many accessible help tools available taking courses are made easy and well taught by professors who care for a successful academic experience.Having a well informative library accessible to all .Many courses available . A very well diversified school. The only thing that needs to change about the school are the school colors.
I love then environment and how everyone is kind. In the classes, they're small. I rather the class size be small because you're an actual person and not just a number. If I could change something, then I would add a swim team because I was a swimmer for four years and I would love the chance to compete again.
Salem State University is a typical four year institution that offers accommodations for both residential and commuter students. I enjoyed the very spacious library that was just built on campus. The library used to be open much longer, until 2 am every morning but now they are only open until midnight, which I think hurts many nontraditional students who have other commitments. The on campus food options are also disappointing and often sickening. Lastly, the parking situation is horrendous. Resident students have a dwindling amount of parking currently, and the amount of space for resident students decreases yearly and becomes more expensive.
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I love how inclusive the campus here is! I would however like to see more preparedness for the real world.
I am a freshman, so I have not experienced much so far, but from what I have, it has been great. The food is really the only downer, I would say. But the professors are great, class availability, the honors program, and all the sports and clubs are really great. Also getting a free gym membership to the gym on campus is great.
I like Salem a lot academically. Socially this school lacks a lot. There has been a lot of brutal prejudice things going around campus. Although these things occur, the school does a very good job at minority coming together so that everyone feels both safe and equal.
There's been problems recently with racism. Particularly graffitied racist messages on Central Campus. It can also be difficult getting assistance from the school in various ways. Whether it be the Nav center, student life, disability, ect. answer times tend to be slow if sometimes at all. It varies depending on the office you're reaching out to and how annoying you're willing to be.
Being a second semester freshman I have defiantly seen a the difference between being in high school in my hometown and now living in Salem for school. The overall community of the school is a little smaller than I would prefer but I am slowly adjusting to it. The school has so many intriguing programs that are available to all of the students which allows us to expand out knowledge in a variety of ways, especially outside of the academics factors.
It is a very good college but is very heavily commuter based so the parties are off campus and the dining halls close on the weekend so only one is open. All of the staff is very nice and wants to help but they don't care if you finish in 4 years or 10 they just want money.
The school is very easy to get too, parking is usually easy to find, I loved it here. I learned so much and my professors were willing to help out whenever needed. I am going back soon for another degree and I cannot wait to attend the college! Great events, great gym, great people and teachers, and wonderful learning environment!
The worse decision I ever made was attending Salem state. I am a female, and I was physically abused by a guy on campus and the University did absolutely nothing about it, instead, they prevented me from certain parts of campus as if I was the aggressor, all while I had police files and restraining orders. I brought this issue up to the Dean and till this day I haven’t heard back from her. If you’re concerned about your safety, please, reconsider Salem State.
I am a senior year nursing student at Salem State University. I am entering my final semester and will be graduating this upcoming May of 2018. My experience at SSU has been a good one. My major has challenged me and I feel as if I am prepared to enter my field of work after graduation. I have been challenged constantly and this has made me stronger in the long run. Something that I would like to see changed at this university is the cost. The cost of attending SSU has continued to increase every semester and has made it very difficult for students to continue with their undergrad education.
I️ really like the professors at the university and the wide selection of courses to choose from. The diversity isn’t the best at the university though. It would be nice to see more diversity. It’s also extremely expensive to live on campus and the dorms don’t live up to the price tag. The bathrooms are always a mess and sometimes when things break they are like that for a while.
Salem State University is one of the most affordable institutions within the Boston area. Despite being relatively low cost it offers a very solid level of education. The university allows students from lower income families to have an affordable higher level education which is more than worth the money. The institution has recently changed from a community college to a state university and is slowly gaining more and more attraction as numerous different programs are slowly getting accredited.
Salem state university is a wonderful school. Classes are not as filled where you can have one and one with the professors. The professors here are very helpful and are willing to help. Academics overall is amazing, I have learned an exceeding amount of things.
not a ton of school spirit, but the professors are extremely helpful. There aren't too many clubs to choose from, but there is probably something for everyone. If you're an incoming freshman, definitely try to live in Marsh, its really nice and for the most part pretty clean.
I like Salem state because it is a very diverse campus with so many different types of people. There are so many ways to get involved and students voices are really heard.
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I actually really loved a lot of my classes and professors! As a night student, most of my professors were adjunct and worked in the field. Their real-life experience really added to what I was learning. Overall, I feel it's a good place for people who are going back to school/working while going to school.
The issues I have with the school have more to do with "behind-the-scenes." The advisors kept telling me the wrong information. I was set to graduate then told I needed another class, then another. It is very difficult to get a hold of anyone there, financial aid, bursars office, the registrar...When I started you could call people individually. Now, everything goes through the student navigation center, which just makes everything take longer!
I like the convenience as an older student; being able to attend day and evening classes while I work full time makes my life easier. Through their flexible scheduling in terms of classes, I am able to complete my degree and work full time. I wish the campus was more diverse and I hope some day that it will be.
Salem state is a beautiful campus with great professors that are engaged with their students and want them to succeed.
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