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Salem Community College Reviews

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It’s very affordable, and the professors are very good. I would like to see sports back at the college. Also i love that the college has added the food court which is awesome.
Overall, my experience has been okay. My major complaint is that, I would like for the staff to treat their students better. However, the school is convenient for me, which is a major pro.
Salem is a good college. The instructors and professors are awesome. Salem does not have the best food but they do have plenty of vending machines. There is no student living on campus at all so it is not a “party scene” atmosphere. Overall it is a good experience and you will learn a lot
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Salem is a great school for the academic programs. If you want a good education, you're in the right place. Just don't expect much else. The surrounding area is very empty. There are some extracurricular clubs and activities, and an athletics department is being built.
Throughout high school and even after graduation, I dreaded the thought of attending a community college. There is a very well known stigma against community colleges. However, financially, I had no other choice but to attend Salem Community College. I graduated after studying liberal arts for two years to transfer to a four year college. Overall, my experience was thoroughly enjoyable. I had enlightening professors and always interacted with knowledgeable staff members. My classmates and I were mostly on the same path - the transfer to a four year college, so there was a sense of comradery on campus. The only thing I felt was absent for SCC, was the presence of on campus housing, even though it is a community college, that is one experience that I wanted. However, my general experience was good.
Salem Community College is an alright college. In my experience some teachers actually care about the students and the work put forth and other teachers could care less. The admission office is a little unorganized and the financial aid guy is rude.
From what i have seen everything is pretty good. the curriculum suits my needs
I havent taken any online courses yet so this will come
Preliminary review i have not yet graduated
Primary review is that its good
This is a primary review as im not yet attending fulltime
This review is based on my preliminary assessment of the school before full time attendance
This is a preliminary review based on what i have heard and seen from my first short visit
This is a small community college which has a small selection of courses, but offers more one to one than others.
Wide range of class timeing
I take the physical class
Better teaching than high school.
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Good staff and student body.
most of the employees that work in the student union, and finacial aid office here seem like they hate their job and are not always pleasant to the students. there are many professors that care for all their students and make the effort to help them in any way possible.
very transferable, great business teachers
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