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I love how everyone at Saint Xavier is so friendly. Saint Xavier University makes you feel like home with everyone so welcoming. Overall all the professors I have had are the friendliest and willing to help with anything that we need as students. Saint Xavier is kept clean which also play a huge role for myself since it is perfect to be in a nice clean space. I love how I feel safe in school and around campus. I do believe the only thing that needs to change is that there needs to be more clubs.
Saint Xavier University has given me all of the tools to be successful in whichever career path I choose to go into.
As a first year student at Saint Xavier, I am glad to say that it has been a wonderful experience thus far. I have met such wonderful friends, and the staff are amazing helpers. There is always someone who can help with anything anyone might need. I really like the fact that the school feels like a second home. Everyone feels welcomed and people seem to enjoy to spend a lot of their time on campus with friends. Something I would like to see changed is maybe add other clubs like sororities and fraternities like many other campuses have.
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I enjoy the atmosphere of the campus and the people are very friendly. It is pretty small, but seems very much like home. The campus is beautiful and easy to get around. The professors are very relatable and, 9 times out of 10, will do everything in their power to help you if you are struggling.
I love that SXU allows Admitted High School Seniors shadow different classes. It is a nice sized campus that offers so much for its students and future students.
I transferred to Saint Xavier University after attending a local community college and my transfer process was excellent! While working on my associates degree, I was able to take classes that easily transferred over to fulfill my bachelors degree requirements. This was very helpful to me because I didn't want to be put back in the 4 year college track. Saint Xavier also offers many scholarships and makes it very easy to set up a non interest payment plan throughout the year. What I would change about the school is that I would offer a greater variety of courses. I would also enjoy having more lounge space in the hallways since many of the students and myself are commuters. Furthermore, I would recommend the school to invest in finding a way to add more parking space because parking is always filled and very hard to find. Overall, I really enjoy the atmosphere and the small school setting, because the professors, students, and alumni are very welcoming and kind.
Saint Xavier is an excellent school when it comes to resources. The school has a large research database that can aid students in their research papers and projects. They also offer very good scholarships and financial aid to those attending. The professors are generally of high standard and are quite exceptional. All the professors I have are very open to help their students with any questions or any concerns they might have. They even encourage students to ask questions because "the stupid questions are those not asked." The campus is beautiful and wide-ranged. The diner, student lounge, library, and study rooms are all open to students who want to socialize, study or do both. There's a Starbucks, a convenience store, and a "snack shack" on campus as well. Saint Xavier is a very nice university for people wanting to receive a lot for their investment in a higher education.
Saint Xavier is a great university-- academics, athletics, and social events make your college experience exciting. As I feel, it may feel like more like high school...small and local (Chicago). Everyone makes new students feel welcomed, despite the diversity the campus brings. Overall, highly recommended university. Definitely feels like home.
As a current student at SXU I can attest that this school does its best to help others and make their college experience the best it can be. I believe that having events on the weekends would help in the community and bring people the opportunity to get to know people and be involved in their free time away from the busy school week.
I love the small class sizes and the professors are very willing to give you one on one help. They have a lot of fun clubs and programs that help you become a successful graduate. Overall the student body is very open and friendly and game nights are the best. Since this is a private school the tuition is pretty high and it increases by a $1,000.00 every year. This is ludicrous in my opinion but it is apparently a necessity for the university. The records and advising is a very helpful office and I recommend using their resources whenever available. Although, I found that there is a disconnect between the financial aid office and this one regarding the compatibility of certain majors. Even though there is a disconnect the staff in these offices are extremely nice and helpful. Also there are some programs such as SSP that assist in helping first generation students and I found them to be helpful. This program also offers financial aid to its participants each fall and spring semester.
Throughout my first year here at Saint X I have had some very interesting experiences. The academic branch of this school is amazing they really prepare you for your field. I'm also apart of the football team here and the atmosphere on game day is amazing. This school is perfect for me something I think should change is the food in the cafe.
Saint X is a great place with great professors! The location of the university gives you many areas to study! I believe here you become a well rounded student!
Saint Xavier University is a very welcoming school. A lot of people go to SXU to study nursing because their nursing program is one of the best and it is very challenging program that will guarantee a full time job at a hospital or anywhere you want to work. The school is a big campus and it is very nice, the professors are hard working and help many of the students.
The admission folks and counselors were wonderful in helping me transfer. They made it easy and uncomplicated. The campus is very well maintained and I really enjoy the atmosphere. The teachers all have been wonderful. I am proud to be enrolled at this school and tell all my friends about it and why they should enroll.
Saint Xavier is an excellent school. The campus is small compared to other colleges but it is still nice and peaceful. They are always trying to get the students involved in either activities or by giving away free food. The teachers are extremely nice and they actually care about. All the teachers there will do their best to help you. The students are also very nice and friendly, it is easy to make friends at the school. Great school, I love it.
I love the small school because everyone knows everyone. Its like a high school. I pefer a small school because I feel like it's safer. I would change the amount of students is the classroom. The number of allowed students is very low.
If you aren't a big campus, or are not comfortable with large class sizes then SXU is perfect. It's a campus where most people know eachother. Just keep in mind that since it is a private school it will be pricey.
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Saint Xavier is a great school to attend especially for nursing. Many people around transfer here once they get to visit the campus. The professors are always willing to help students whenever they struggle. This university is a home away from home for me.
I love it here. Smaller class sizes so you get to know your teachers and peers. For the majority, the teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable in their subjects. They could use a little more parking, but other than that, I am extremely happy with my choice!
Very good school, I finished my first semester already and I found that I really like the regular class room sizes becuase they allow for more of a closer connection to the professor and isnt much of a transition from highschool so its easy to adapt. I Also like the landscape of SXU and the professors friendlyness and how they are all willing to help. They have there own book store and the offices are good at pointing you in the right direction, overall great experience, the only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars is because of price, although it is a very reasonable price and they are geneous, for me personally it's a pretty penny.
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