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I love the small school because everyone knows everyone. Its like a high school. I pefer a small school because I feel like it's safer. I would change the amount of students is the classroom. The number of allowed students is very low.
If you aren't a big campus, or are not comfortable with large class sizes then SXU is perfect. It's a campus where most people know eachother. Just keep in mind that since it is a private school it will be pricey.
Saint Xavier is a great school to attend especially for nursing. Many people around transfer here once they get to visit the campus. The professors are always willing to help students whenever they struggle. This university is a home away from home for me.
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I love it here. Smaller class sizes so you get to know your teachers and peers. For the majority, the teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable in their subjects. They could use a little more parking, but other than that, I am extremely happy with my choice!
Very good school, I finished my first semester already and I found that I really like the regular class room sizes becuase they allow for more of a closer connection to the professor and isnt much of a transition from highschool so its easy to adapt. I Also like the landscape of SXU and the professors friendlyness and how they are all willing to help. They have there own book store and the offices are good at pointing you in the right direction, overall great experience, the only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars is because of price, although it is a very reasonable price and they are geneous, for me personally it's a pretty penny.
My experience at Saint Xavier University as a freshmen in college was productive and interesting. Even though I could not afford to live in the dorms, the school reached out to me in various ways. There were many events to attend and the events were very social. The staff is helpful; they reached out to me and cared about my grades. Whenever I needed assistance, the staff was always there to put their oar in. My first semester here was fantastic. Also the diversity of Saint Xavier was a big percent. I met many new, fun, and interesting people that I never knew I would encounter. I learned from many people and professors many useful concepts. This school has taught me to be more open-minded and I have only been attending for one semester.
I love the sense of the whole students, staff, and faculty being like a big, diverse family. Everyone is so friendly and accepting of each other. Sometimes I just wish the campus was a bit bigger.
The school is great. Has great staff and students. The environment is really friendly. There is help all around the campus.
Currently a Junior at Saint Xavier University. The professors are great, and amazing! Lots of diversity in the classrooms, but very clique-y among the girls that go there.
I think Saint Xavier University is a great school! Everyone is very helpful and friendly. The teachers are very knowledgeable in their fields and are always willing to help! There are always so many things going around campus making it quite easy to become involved! I love how the classes are fairly small. One thing I would change about this school would be their selection of evenings courses. I understand that the university is more of a traditional school and has younger students, but with their increasing number of working transfer students, I feel they should take that into consideration and offer more evening courses. Overall, I really enjoy attending SXU!
I have not attended a game, but around the school you can see a lot of school spirit
I am a freshman but I feel that I have been at this school for a very long time. What I like about Saint Xavier is that you feel welcomed right away. There are different activities held so that all students can participate in and help them feel included. You just feel like you belong here.
We do not have a Greek life.
The athletics at my school are great because there is a lot of school spirit and students who don't want to play on a varsity team have a lot of fum in intramurals.
Hello I am a college freshman, so you may be wondering how could I possibly know about the school? Well because of the multiple visits I took up to the school and the two days I stayed at the school, I feel like I know this school already. My school is so unique because they really make sure that incoming students feel very welcomed. They don't try to dismiss our nervous feelings, they tell us to embrace them because it's normal. Because of this single fact and many others I would choose this school over and over again.
nothing spectacular about the degree. If compared to major college/university degrees, its far behind in job application pool.
dont know anything about it
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Not interested in Greek life, dont even know what it is
Not interested in school athletics. There to get a degree
Teachers dont care about students
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