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SXU is in a convenient spot of the city, and located on my old stomping grounds. I have had professors that have made me laugh, made me cry, and taught me lessons about myself and my work that I never expected out of College. I am grateful for the many who are at this school providing the support that we need as College students progressing to the next steps of adulthood. I enjoyed my campus family when I did live on campus because it is literally a small community. If I were to receive this scholarship it would contribute to me moving back on campus for Spring 2019 semester.
There is a great deal of corruption at Saint Xavier University. From self-avowed Communist professors, to criminally prosecuted administrators, this school has little concern for students. If you enjoy unrelenting political correctness forced upon you, and hate ideological diversity, SXU is for you! Good luck graduating from here though; SXU’s retention and graduation rates are abysmal.
I like the atmosphere and small classroom sizes, as well as the attention to detail from the staff. The football program is pretty nice and I'm glad to be part of it.
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I love being part of Saint Xavier. The people are extremely kind hearted and very helpful. I made alot of friends, and a lot of the stuff become familiar with you. I like that everyone makes everyone feel like family and very welcomed.
It is simple since most classes are in one building or are near that building on campus. It’s not a party school, but you get the education you paid for.
Saint Xavier is good for the student that wants to commute. They have good academics and they have very good financial aid. They are continuously improving their facilities and it is a tight knit community. With it being so small, it is very safe and everything is within a decent walking distance. Being a 30 min drive from downtown, it is a good way to get a taste of Chicago without having the expenses or danger.
I start school in fall but so far love the campus and all the people have been very welcoming and nice . Can't wait to start this fall.
What I like most about Saint Xavier is the school size. Since it is small you get one on one time with professors. Also they have a lot of resources to help you with your classes.
So far it has been amazing! The teachers are overall great besides a few who fall behind in grading or understanding student issues that can arise. The food is pretty good, especially their bread bowls and paninis. The campus is well maintained but on the small side. Its a nice school and size for someone wanting to stay in a family environment.
After my first year at Saint Xavier University I have realized that it makes students focus on education and only that. The social life is there as far as freshman life goes because of the freshman dorms are made for community life. I’ve heard it gets hard to be social in the dorms once students finish freshman year because school gets harder and students get busier. Overall the education great and the staff cares for the students and most times go out of their way to help.
So far I'm in my second year of college, and so far I have enjoyed myself at SXU. There are so many events that go on, and everyone can participate in. They have given away free ice cream if you take a survey in the diner. They also have bakes sales and days where students can post positive notes on sticky notes on a wall. Everyday is interesting and there is so much more to look forward to.
I love this University. I attended it back in 1991 and due to circumstances, didn't continue my education there. I am back now in the School of Nursing Accelerated BSN program and am excited to continue at the university. I love the richness of its history and the highly regarded school of nursing program. The one negative I've seen so far is in the condition of the science labs, at least the one I have a class in. The lab could use some updating, especially in the equipment and seating. More emphasis needs to be on updating those areas especially if they want to compete with area schools that do update their laboratories.
I loved my experience there. The staff and professors are great and provided a ton of information I'll be able to use in the workplace. They're a fantastic university.
I recently went on a tour and the experience was excellent. After seeing the inside and outside of Saint Xavier I can truly say that the campus is beautiful. The school has many different opportunities to offer, and is a top tier college in the Midwest. I recommend looking at this school if possible it is a great atmosphere I promise.
Saint Xavier University is a warm and welcoming home for all races, genders, religions, and more. You will meet tons of new people and it is a guarantee you will make some of the greatest friends you will ever have in life! The professors genuinely care about your presence in their class and actually want you to succeed. Saint Xavier is everything any college student could wish for.
I think Saint Xavier university is great. There is so much diversity, and it offers many majors and minors. There is so many event and clubs, anyone can find a place here.
Saint Xavier is a school with pretty small classrooms which allow students to connect with their professors. This school is perfect for students who like more attention and one on ones with professors.
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Something I really liked about Saint Xavier University is that it is a school that is specialized in the medical field. I have someone close to me that goes to this school and is studying to become a nurse. I had a talk with her and told me that Saint Xavier is a really good school if we want to study medicine. If I get to attend Saint Xavier, I will have a lot of great experience once I get used to my new form of living.
I love how everyone at Saint Xavier is so friendly. Saint Xavier University makes you feel like home with everyone so welcoming. Overall all the professors I have had are the friendliest and willing to help with anything that we need as students. Saint Xavier is kept clean which also play a huge role for myself since it is perfect to be in a nice clean space. I love how I feel safe in school and around campus. I do believe the only thing that needs to change is that there needs to be more clubs.
Saint Xavier University has given me all of the tools to be successful in whichever career path I choose to go into.
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