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The professors always go the extra mile for students and there's always something going on with campus activities
Career services do their best to be helpful and it's always appreciated, but they do not understand the sciences as well as the science staff, and thus more students go to science professors for employment or internships off campus
Campus Safety is always present and the head of safety cares about the students
Review St. Thomas Aquinas College
Aquinas Village have dorms that are convenient and spacious
STAC is a small school with a community feel, where it feels like everyone is friendly and connected
If you want to have a good time its pretty easy to go out and have some fun!
RA's are really strict so you just have to watch out
I think this school does a good job to prepare you for the real world if you use the resources offered to you
hasn't been a problem from what I know of
There is only two Greek life affiliations at my school.
Being a student athlete I think my school has the best facilities that fit our school size.
It's small and focuses on their athletes a lot which makes me feel important. The professors are great but my advisor does a terrible job getting me prepared for graduate school however there are other people that can help and are more knowledgable.
Experience was fantastic. Couldn't have asked for a better experience
Teams are really winning a lot recently. It's great!
Both health and safety services are run by highly intelligent and caring officials who are concerned for the safety of all students physically and emotionally. Although they are often not respected by the students on campus, they do get their jobs done effectively and efficiently despite criticism.
STAC has been preparing me for the real world since day one. The connections they have made with outside businesses and their alumni has created the utmost of opportunities for their current students. I am highly confident that when I graduate I will be hired fairly quickly and I truly believe that is because of the excellent reputation that STAC holds and the connections they have created over the years.
St. Thomas Aquinas College has so much to offer, it provides a welcoming atmosphere and provides so many opportunities for all students in all fields. Whether it's social life, academic life or financial assistance, STAC allows for success in all categories. I am proud to be a SPARTAN!
Review St. Thomas Aquinas College
Greek life on campus is not as many expect. Many believe that STAC doesn't have a Greek Life scene or that it is crap and not what they view as "true" greek life. The largest and most known is the Co-Ed Service Fraternity known as Alpha Phi Omega. They pride themselves on Leadership, Service and Friendship. It has become and integral part of the STAC community and is a great way to get involved.
Athletics is a large part of the STAC community. Many STAC students are varsity sports players that are attending STAC on a partial or full athletic scholarship. STAC has a variety of sports teams, with several sports recently added including men's and women's field hockey and lacrosse. The facilities are some of the best around. A professional grade, multipurpose turf field for is used by the majority of sports on campus. STAC also has exclusive access to a minor league local baseball stadium for the Spartan Baseball team. STAC has also recently expanded their work out gym so that athletes and all students can have the best equipment and facilities. Not to mention the constant upkeep they do to the gym and athletic offices to ensure the best experience for the athletes and the coaching staff.
St. Thomas Aquinas College is inviting, engaging and full of opportunity. They offer a variety of programs in which they have some of the best resources for. I have to say for those who have negative reviews, then you are not making the best of it. Any college is what YOU make of it. STAC has given me the opportunity to not only grow in my program and my future career, but to grow as a person. I've had the opportunity to be involved in so many different aspects from clubs to career experiences, everything from student activities to campus ministry. STAC prides themselves on allowing you to be the BEST YOU EVER and they have certainly allowed for myself and many others to do that.
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