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My experience of being in Saint Peter's University is great. Most of the faculty and staff are amazing and they help out their students. The school is very diverse and students are really friendly. There are many resources that are available for students when needed.
Saint Peter's is amazing, they are very accommodating and you do not have to hesitate to ask anybody anything.
I am a sophomore studying Chemistry- Forensic Science. The Forensic Science unit is fairly new so there can be improvements on hands on laboratory and more classes dealing with Forensics itself. Other than my major, core requirement classes have mixed feelings. I do appreciate taking basic classes such as English, Math, and History, but I do not find it important to take electives like Art, Language, and Theology. The professors are very helpful and students can always rely on (some) of them. The Campus is small which is better for intimate communication and networking with professors and guess speakers. Overall, I will represent myself with great attitude from future graduating for Saint Peter's University.
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The professors are great, if you need help with anything they would be happy to help you. It is a good school with a lot of opportunities. After graduation, every students needs a place to work at, Saint Peter’s has networking and will ensure you a job.
It is probably the worst school in the area. The dorms are depressing, the library is depressing, the wifi speed is terribly bad. The Cafeteria food is probably the worst thing. This is a commuter school so breakfast and lunch during the week is pretty decent, do not rely on it for the dinner and weekends, there is almost NO food and the quality is really bad. The meal plan is overpriced, you’d be better off eating somewhere else for the amount of money you pay. The management of this university is really bad. They will even trick you (told me I did not turn in my key, when I clearly did) to get money out of you. As I mentioned above, think twice before coming here. Maybe it’s better paying a couple thousand dollars more and attend a better school.
Personally I feel as the school can improve but I'm getting I thought I would get when I transferred here. I feel as if I belong here and I haven't been happier.
I would like to see the dormitory change since the school has barely old buildings. I like that the school is small and it is very easy to catch up and learn.
Overall a good school, the professors are normal and the classes are very small.
Facilities definitely need to improve.
My experience at Saint Peter’s University has gained me exposure to a variety of informative business lectures and workshops which serve as an enlightenment and early insight to the corporate world standards and recruitment processes. During my time at Saint Peter’s I’ve acquired skill sets that will serve me in my career path and have learned valuable insight from my marketing, management, economics, programming and accounting courses. The information I have acquired from my courses has allowed me to view the world differently. Having the ability to be dynamic, efficient, effective and resilient has allowed me to be a well rounded individual not only in my field of study but other fields of study as well. The student body is diverse and has allowed me to better understand cultures differing from my own.
Entering Saint Peter's University, I was truly amazed of how great the professors and students were. Everyone was very welcoming. Professors really push you to be a better student and also person.
My experience at Saint Peter's University is amazing. This School is very diverse different people, different cultures, different languages. Saint Peter's makes me feel very comfortable, even though it's a small school I feel like I'm at home. The professor is amazing with office hours and getting you to achieve the years you have in Saint Peter's. Dean, administers, campus safety, students all are amazing and definitely make sure our 4 years in Saint Peter's is very comfortable and home oriented. There's always someone to talk to wheater your down, want to share good news etc list goes on and on. I recommend this school to all my friends and their friends. I picked the best school to jump-start my career. Thank you Saint Peter's.
I like how diverse Saint Peter’s is. Everyone is very accepting and easy to talk to. It was easy to make friends.
Amazing college located a short train ride from NYC and the Jersey city waterfront. I found the atmosphere friendly. The staff helpful and for the most part the class environment engaging. The only negative is the surrounding neighborhood which can be a turn off for most people not use to an urban city school.
My experience was good, meeting new students majoring in different studies. It’s also a great experience to be involved in different types of activities the school come up with, I’m able to learn new things and apply it to my daily life.
I registered at Saint Peter's University for one purpose to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. My mother graduated from SPU and I wanted to follow in her footsteps. So far I enjoy attending this college. I absolutely love the professors here and I have enjoyed meeting alot of nice people here. We enjoy working together to accomplish school projects. I have been invited to join the dean's list two years in a row and plan to join for my Junior year. I can't wait to graduate in 2020 and hopefully I can become a State Trooper in the near future.
Saint Peter’s Universiry is a pleasant experience. The university isn’t too big to where you’d get lost or anything. The environment is pretty clean and friendly. The dorms and apartments are a decent size. The food could be better from the cafeteria because sometimes they just serve nasty food. The experience so far has been good.
I personally like Saint Peter's University, the Dorms could use some renovation but more importantly the education is great!
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Did not enjoy location, the vibe, the professors, the material, or the dorms. Overall i did not enjoy my first year of college here.
HONEST REVIEW OF SAINT PETERS. Waste of money and time. DO NOT go to Saint Peter’s especially if you would have to live there. There is no traditional Greek life. These one caf and it’s awful. Students are intolerant and feel as though they need to be spoon fed everything. Athletics are awful trainers don’t care about their jobs and there’s no good sports. No events on the weekends. No parties to go to. Your best shot at fun is dorm drinking with 3 other people but if you get caught watch out they’ll make you do an absurd amount of community service hours. Everything on campus is breaking or rotting. Every building leaks. The maintenance staff is lazy and incoherent. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. SPU IS A TRAP I WISH I HADNT FALLEN INTO
I liked the energy, students and faculty sharing their experience and making it a comfortable college to attend. Saint Peter’s Univeristy is a very unique college because they offer many different areas of study compared to other college. The campus ministry sparked my eye when I went for a visit because it shows our religious faith and I really loved that. I’m excited for my college experience.
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