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This school is great start if you struggle with school. They help you out in every area you struggle with. The teachers are great and I highly suggest going here if you are still trying to figure out what to do with your career path.
From my experience as a first year college student is that its easy to find your classroom much easier because all the classroom are all in a circle so that you can just find your class easily without having to waste much time to look for your class.
In high school i attended Saint Paul College and my experience was phenomenal i loved the environment very friendly teachers just all around great school
Review Saint Paul College - Minnesota
If I had to sum my experience, I would have to say valuable. My education here has been worth it thus far. I have learned a lot about my subjects from good teachers from doing my generals here. After this school, I intend to transfer.
I love the environment. It's so peaceful, everyone is helpful and nice. It a great school. I love that the professor are really trying to work with students to help them succeed in their future. The power of you program is also an nice offer for 2016 graduates also.
The only frustration I've had was with financial aid services. Which was a constant obstacle to over come again and again. Mainly caused by one staff member specifically, HOWEVER, I have not seen that specific person since. The College must have been aware of the problem.
The professors take pride in what they do here. And are especially devoted to making sure you succeed. Most have open office hours in which you may visit for advise and/or private tutoring, simply adding onto the many free additional resources the college already provides.
There are a lot of possible career options to pursue at this campus. All of which varies in specialization.
The only complaint about being at the community college for generals would be I am still conflicted on the many choices of Major I want to devote myself to. The workload varies with the instructors you choose, each one has a different style to go about teaching than the other. I haven't taken personal advantage of work-study, but it seems from those who do like they are treated well. You can tell it's not even customer service, they are generally happy to be there working for a college that supports them.
Minnesota's "Saint Paul College" , community college is a very affordable and reliable place of intellectual study. The Instructors are very well versed in their fields, and there is not a all a lack of onsite support such as various tutoring stations for Math and Writing. There are also multiple computer labs for students to access to complete assignments. The ground floor features additional resources as well such as a large public study space, library and enrollment assistants such as financial aid, and transfer services.

The dining food is one of the best burgers I've had as well. Cooked by the culinary students. An all round pleasant experience.
I wouldn't come back here if I could. It's decent but not enough different opportunities. It's okay as a starting point for about 2 semesters.
I haven't transferred yet. Flexibility is tough. There's not enough different versions of the classes I want or need.
I don't like a couple of my online classes. My friends who have taken in class versions of the courses have not been assigned as much work as I was. There's a lot of weird configuring to do with the timing of in school exams and limited availability for these tests.
The teachers are amazing. They truly love what they teach and make you feel that love. The class sizes are small to medium, never too many people in a class. Most classes are similarly taught. There isn't a wide variety of courses available.
It is a decent school. It's hard to get access to people that want to help your career flourish beyond the teachers because the people who work in the office love to just send you back. It was hard for me to get an appointment to sit down with my the woman in charge of my major. The person in the office just told me to follow the paper requirements and apply for my classes as so. It was really frustrating as a freshman in college and messed with my motivation for the first year. Other than that, people are nice and outgoing or usually stay out of your way. My teachers are amazing people who are really there because they love what they do, so that helps a lot.
Haven't have any online classes.
It's great I'm going to have a career. Maybe.
Review Saint Paul College - Minnesota
My experience has been okay.
I'm learning more this year.
It's been great so far for my first three days.
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