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The interior is very nice and staff is also very nice with respectable attitude. Saint Paul College is top college in the nation because of many reason. I currently enroll to go there because it near me and it's cheaper. Student will always struggle with financial therefore this is a good option.
Anyone can get in. Which is great for those of us who just need an opportunity. But they make it way too easy to pass for slackers and that leads to a lot of people not knowing what they're doing so group projects suck. I know, I know, that's common. But I've gone to two other colleges before, and the slackers in group projects at this school are at a whole other level of incompetence. AVOID group work here at ANY cost. However, people are very trustworthy here. Wallets and laptops get turned into lost and found, that kinda thing. I've never witnessed or experienced of heard of any sexual harassment here. There are all-gender restrooms, lots of elevators, a lockable phone charging stations, bike desks, and a lot of other great facilities.
I love the school. So many programs to offer and the staff is great. Versatile schedules and a very diverse student population.
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The age and maturity level of Saint Paul College is higher than traditional colleges, making it the best experience for me. Being a recent high school grad, I enjoyed getting to learn from my older peers, who live hard lives and also have different perspectives from myself.
Overall a fantastic school. While I only initially enrolled to get some gen eds out of the way, the faculty and staff constantly went above and beyond to make sure I had a good academic experience. All of my classes/instructors where fantastic and I always felt as if I left the class with a wonderful understanding of the material, and if I didn't the instructors were always available to help.
Saint Paul College has an extremely diverse student body and a wonderful staff. The teachers and the faculty there are ready, willing, and able to answer any questions, provide any assistance, and do anything within their power to make things work for students. Saint Paul College is in a wonderful location right beside downtown Saint Paul, and recently finished a new addition to accomodate future growth. I came to Saint Paul College to complete my two years of generals and then transfer to a 4 year college to get my Bachelor's Degree. Thanks to the help of the wonderful teachers and staff, and the flexible class schedules, I have been able to do so in about 17 months.
I attended Saint Paul college in 2012 and 2013. It is a GREAT atmosphere. My credits are in Health Information technology. The instructors are outstanding and always available if you need help. The culinary students cook all the food in the cafeteria and it is excellent! The college just remodeled a wing for medical courses and it resembles an actual hospital, very impressive. That's why I want to go back and continue my studies to obtain a degree.
I loved going to Saint Paul College, my experience was great I like the small setting of the school and how the teacher was really concerned about each and every student.
I like it because the instructor are understanding and reasonable. If I ever need any help they help out with no hesitation.
Saint Paul college is a very excellent college with a beautiful campus. The professors are nice and willing to make time for you if you need extra support. The campus is a safe place to be and the security system is firm. You can also counsel your concerns with the staff and they are going to help you with a solution.
I love the assistance iven while enrolling also hands on along with patience workers to assist.Its professional,great staff
The teachers are willing to help if the students are willing to learn. Great environment, theirs are lot of major to chose from.
I found the school to be dim, school, and quiet. However, the class sizes where small, which made learning easier, and course were flexible in my opinion. I enjoyed many of the faculty, they tend to be very witted and kind. I think for the price and the education, you can't beat this 2-year.
This school is great start if you struggle with school. They help you out in every area you struggle with. The teachers are great and I highly suggest going here if you are still trying to figure out what to do with your career path.
From my experience as a first year college student is that its easy to find your classroom much easier because all the classroom are all in a circle so that you can just find your class easily without having to waste much time to look for your class.
In high school i attended Saint Paul College and my experience was phenomenal i loved the environment very friendly teachers just all around great school
If I had to sum my experience, I would have to say valuable. My education here has been worth it thus far. I have learned a lot about my subjects from good teachers from doing my generals here. After this school, I intend to transfer.
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I love the environment. It's so peaceful, everyone is helpful and nice. It a great school. I love that the professor are really trying to work with students to help them succeed in their future. The power of you program is also an nice offer for 2016 graduates also.
The only frustration I've had was with financial aid services. Which was a constant obstacle to over come again and again. Mainly caused by one staff member specifically, HOWEVER, I have not seen that specific person since. The College must have been aware of the problem.
The professors take pride in what they do here. And are especially devoted to making sure you succeed. Most have open office hours in which you may visit for advise and/or private tutoring, simply adding onto the many free additional resources the college already provides.
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