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Saint Paul College - A Community & Technical College Reviews

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Its good so far. D2L is easy to navigate and the teachers are great communicators. I like online classes because I don't have to commute.
I'm just starting at Saint Paul College and so far the professors are great. I would improve the customer service in regards to tuition, financial aid, OneStop, and so on. It takes forever for someone to get back to me to answer my questions or whenever I call it rings until it goes to voicemail. Also there were some charges that were not disclosed to me when I initially enrolled
After the spread of the covid19 virus, The college quickly transition to an online format which meant all classes including those with labs were to be offered online. Though I thought this was going to be impossible at first, the college made it quite feasible through Zoom and Microsoft Azure. Learning online At Saint Paul college has been a amazing experience for me since i had access to course material 24/7 and all instructors were readily available via emails and chat group.
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Saint Paul college has been great with helping me both financially and academically. Financially, they provided scholarships opportunities for those who meet criteria such as the Trio Scholarship/ Grant. This has ease the burden of paying for classes out of pocket and created more study time for me.

Also, the College offered tutoring assistance and private study spaces which has greatly helped me in improving my GPA. The diversity of Saint Paul college made it easier To form study group with students of similar backgrounds taking same classes.

So far, I’ve enjoyed my learning experience at Saint Paul college and which it was an institution where I could acquire a Bachelors degree.
My online coursework was very well organized and easy to navigate. Communication via email regarding coursework has a quick respond time.
I had the absolute most amazing college experience during my first full year of college. I am very excited for fall semester to already begin. I wholeheartedly recommend Saint Paul College among other postsecondary institutions. In my honest opinion, the instructor's I have had are very knowledgeable in their respected fields of study.
Saint Paul College is a great place to start your education. With many great teachers and advisor to help guide me through my education.
I did not go to St Paul collage but one of my friend waswent to school for high school. So I want go to that school for school. Because there have good access for go to school at St Paul collage.
A very welcoming place where the professors are qualified and respect the students like the adults they are.
It is a diverse society where are kinds of people meet and stay peacefully. The lectures are really good and one can get great help from them if needed. The school is also generally accepting and welcoming meaning that they try to make is easy for anyone to apply as long as they are qualified. It is also located in a good safe environment with Immense packing lots both indoor and outdoor ones. One can also truly enjoy the environment during the summer as it is well taken care of and has beautiful scenes. The security of the school are quite vigilant therefore making the place a very safe place. The college doesn’t provide dorms or housing but accepts international students.
I like how Saint Paul College has a very welcoming staff that makes it's easy to ask for help when needed. This college has big signs in the hallways making it easy to navigate compared to many other colleges. Also, I enjoy the little activities that they have around the school due to the great student life committee. If I could change one thing I would say for this college to be less cliquey. Many students stick with the same people making it hard to make friends. But don't get me wrong this is a great school with a very diverse body of students making everyone feel at home.
What I like about Saint Paul college is that there are many friendly staffs that willing to help you out. The campus has many different activities. Many of my professors are very nice and recommend me to tutors whenever I needed help. Thanks to Saint Paul College I feel more confident in my learning.
I met a very close friend of mine there and the students that attend the college are very kind and friendly though the area around it is kinda sketchy.
First-year attending this school and I already have a lot to say. The advisor's office isn't always the best place for students to go. They cant always provide with all the help you need.
The teacher are knowledgeable of their respected subject and it is nice to have a one on one help with the teacher.
I came here because it was close to home, but I've ended up really liking it here. The average age is around 26, so it's a pretty great place to be a nontraditional student; I never feel out of place here. There are lots of campus activities throughout the semester, which are pretty fun, and who doesn't like free stuff?

The cafeteria food is also good, and dirt cheap, especially compared to MCTC. The salad bar is a steal, and very fresh. There's also a student restaruant run by the culinary students open on certain days. I haven't been yet, but I've heard good things.

Instructors are hit or miss; I've had my share who were definitely phoning it in. But there are some real gems here too, especially in the higher level math and computer science classes. I've got a great foundation of skills now that will see me through my bachelor's.
Saint Paul College has outstanding Professors that are very helpful and give clear lectures. They have cheap and delicious food reserved in the cafeteria too! Its a 5 minute walk from downtown Saint Paul and is close to Harriet Island. The cost and tuition is very affordable.
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Saint Paul college has a great employees who would help you in anything you need. They don’t discriminate and are not biased of other students. Saint Paul college is a great school for people who want to experience being in a diverse, small and homey place where they can have people there for you. Many schools advertise that they are there to help you but believe me Saint Paul college is there to help you every step of the way.
I like how the campus is one building and isn't so different from highschool giving myself some transitioning time to get into a bigger university. I like how the students are diverse and open to friendship. It really makes it easier to go. It is in a nice location downtown Saint paul making it easy to commute from work and home.
I would to see changes to it's current status under probation, but I also believe it will get over it in no time. It's a pretty outstanding college and I'm glad I chose to go there for the first 2 years. The staff are helpful, the students are friendly, and the overall feeling is really comfortable so I know a hope that Saint Paul college gets over this obstacle. I love it! It makes me want to further my education without a doubt.
The school is really nice and the people there are really friendly .you feel safe and ok in that school the rooms there really great and the prof. There really nice people you can maks friends easyly because people there are really friendly and nice they also help you when you need something.
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