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Overall, a good school. Small classes were the best part of Saint Mary's. The staff everywhere are nice. There are many parts of the campus that could use improvement.
Class sizes are small and very interactive for a wide variety of learning experiences. There are many resources that are very accessible to students. The campus is beautiful!
So far, I'm really enjoying my experience at Saint Mary's University! I am an online student and the school provided me with an iPad, which is so great. The class structure is easy to understand and the professors are typically very quick to respond to any questions or concerns. I do wish we were able to take more than one class at a time, but I can understand why the university does not allow it.
Review Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
There isn't much to do unless one is over the age of 21.
Since it's a small town there aren't a lot of parties and if there are, some are lame or not everyone knows about them.
It would be nice to have more courses as options.
I heard stories that the school wasn't very diverse until last year in 2015 which was the first year that SMU had a lot of diverse students.
it's perfectly safe, there aren't a lot of interactions.
I love the professors. I like how the professors are intellectually challenging and keep you on your toes. They seem to care and always offer to help students in order for us to succeed. I am appreciative of them.
there is a lot of support and these sort of things don't happen too often.
I can't complain about the living environment at SMU. The rooms are good enough to sleep in, the rooms I have gotten from last year were nice and spacious.
There is a good amount of students, faculty and parents that attend the home games, they aren't very crowded but people do show up to watch the vents.
In my opinion I feel like the University's tuition is too high for what it really has to offer. We could use more programs and a more active student life Because there aren't many applicants, campus seems dead most of the time. Other than that the professors are great and students are friendly.
I have had little interaction with career services but from what I have heard, they are great at helping students.
The courses are excellent, and the professors are as well. The professors know your name and help you the best they can.
The campus is very safe, the students in attendance, to me, seem to be very harmless.
Living on campus allows for fast transport to food, workout, and class venues but it would be nice to be able to live off campus, or the choice to at least.
Review Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
Some sports are better than others, Hockey is a big hit. The crowds at the events are always extremely small which is disappointing.
The classes are great, but the students in my classes are much different than myself, tricky to find good friends.
there has been some great people that have come from campus and they give us numerous options
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