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Saint Mary's University really cares about its students. There is always a teacher or other member of staff ready to help you. Perhaps its a small town midwestern thing, but everyone here is really nice. It's not unheard of for someone to strike up a conversation with you at lunchtime or to chat with friends you run into in the plaza. The small class sizes are both a pro and a con. Teachers know your name and are able to give you the help you need but it's also very apparent if you've missed class.
Beautiful Campus and amazing education. Small class sizes and freindly community really makes you feel at home.
There is hardly any diversity at this university. Campus Saftey is a joke and cannot help with anything but removing a parking ticket. Housing is run down with no improvements throughout the years. Very small campus. If you drive through town and blink you’ll miss it.
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Professors are focused on real world learning, not just funneling students through the pipeline, unlike most programs. I received very personal interactions through my online graduate course and was able to take what I learned into real world environments.
Saint Mary's is a great school that is only lacking at the moment good apartment style forms. But the school is working on this at the moment so the problem will be gone soon. And the town of Winona is very safe and has lots to do if you love the outdoors
The online MA in HRM program has gone very smooth for the past year. I have had no problems with any of the instructors. They are all super nice and try to help you as much as possible. The workload seems to be about right for a full-time program.
When I was in a car accident the school took great care of me and my family. Staff members were there in the hospital for me just a couple hours after the accident happened.
The bachelor's completion program is perfect for working adults returning to school. The 8 week classes really make it easy to finish your degree. The professors are knowledgeable and fair.
The staffs real life work experiences and knowledge makes for great conversation on topics that can be very helpful for understanding complicated topics.
Saint Mary's is an amazing community to learn in. Everyone will take the time to learn about you and why you are here. All the Professors teach because they are passionate about their students, not because they are looking to benefit themselves. The classes are small and personal, and soon everyone will become a familiar face on campus! Great facilities and housing as well. Winona is a great city with lots of things to do indoors and out.
This school is good for the students that want a small campus atmosphere. You recognize everyone on campus. The faculty and the staff are great. They are willing to help all students when they need the help. If a student is struggling in class the professor might remind them of their office hours to get the extra help. Their is not much of a party life on campus.
The college itself is very good, they offer a lot of options to support struggling students. The surroundings are also very beautiful and the people are nice. The only real problem is that if you are a man who isn't in a sport going to that school it will be difficult to connect with most people due to the small population that attends and the gender ratio being 1-3 men to women.
I like Saint Mary´s alot. there is a lot of stuff you can do here, and it never gets boring. the teachers are nice, and with the small class sizes, you really can create great relationships with your professors.
I like how at Saint Mary's everyone is connected in some way, and how the professors get to know you as a student, not as just a student I.D. number.
Saint Mary’s is a great school that has really helped me to reach my full academic potential. However, there are a lot of issues many students along with myself have encountered with the school from a financial, social, and academic standpoint.
I have never had a community that has cared about me as an individual as much as Saint Mary's has. While the food is poor, the atmosphere is amazing and everyone is incredibly supportive.
St. Mary's University of Minnesota is located in a beautiful part of Winona, Minnesota. The nature scenery is amazing, but unfortunately there aren't many places surrounding the university to walk or bike to. It is 10 minutes from downtown Winona, which is a cute little town. There are buses that transport students to and from downtown. The atmosphere is very conservative and optimistic. All of professors care about each of their students as individuals. For the most part, the students of Saint Mary's are kind and pretty social. There isn't much diversity, but it isn't too bad. The dorms are all nice and close to classes so it makes it convenient to wake up and go to class 5-10 minutes before it starts. As far as parties, there are house parties and small gatherings in the dorms. Although campus safety makes it difficult for people to throw parties, it makes for a very safe environment on campus.
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During my experience I stayed with a group of juniors that showed me around the campus and they were representing the school very nicely. The head track and field coach took time out of his day to give me a tour around and included lunch and dinner for the overnight visit that I was on.
I have been going to saint Mary's for a year. It is a great school for someone on a budget but who still wants an advanced degree. Staff and faculty are all helpful to academic matters and any question students may have. The application process is fast and straightforward and one can enroll at any times as they do terms not semesters.
Beautiful campus in the bluffs, small campus feel but not too small. The community is great and all of the professors are there to help at all times.
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