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Saint Mary's College - Indiana Reviews

484 reviews
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I absolutely love my school. It has been the perfect fit for me. From the friends I have met to the classes I am taking, there is nothing I would change. There are so many opportunities here socially, academically and spiritually, that anyone could find their niche here.
Saint Mary's is a small school across the street from Notre Dame. The college partners with the university so you are able to take classes there and participant in their events as well as Saint Mary's. The college focuses on education and development as women.
Saint Mary's College- Notre Dame, Indiana is the University of Notre Dame's best kept secret. Saint Mary's deep sisterhood, rich history, and outstanding academics truly make it my definition of the happiest place on Earth. Any college has it's ups and downs, and I would do anything to see more diversity on campus, and half decent food in the dinning hall, but Saint Mary's is a true gift, and I am happy to call it my home.
the first days are a lot about meeting new people, orientation is fun because you'll probably meet your friends there. be open to new people, looks are deceiving and you can find amazing people behind looks that you thought they weren't your type of person. you feel so proud of calling yourself a belle almost immediately and it's so much fun
I feel safe at Saint Mary's. SMC takes the students' safety seriously.
SMC is one of the best choices I made. I know I will never forget the memories that I made there. The school gave me more opportunities than any other school could have given me.
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  • 8 months ago
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I've been in many different schools' dorm rooms. SMC had the best campus housing.
The facility will be awesome once they finish the renovations.
It is one of the best places on Earth! SMC promises you so much in the beginning and they fulfill those promises if you put in the work. The experience is memorable and life changing. It is all worth it!
Seems pretty good to me
So excited, can't wait for this fall!!!
Overall I'm glad I picked this school because it is providing me the education I wanted.
Saint Mary's is considered a very prestigious school
  • College Junior
  • 9 months ago
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Campus security makes the campus feel very safe
Saint Mary's uses very old buildings as dorms. They tend to be run down with some problems because of age but I think they're beautiful
I don't know much about Saint Mary's sports teams but the athletic facilities need a lot of work
I really wanted a small college experience and with Saint Mary's I get the intensive education I was looking for. I came into Saint Mary's as a transfer student the spring of my sophomore year. The professors know their students by name and care about their success. Every person who works there is helpful and welcoming. The entire environment of the university is welcoming. The curriculum pushes it's students to broaden their intelligence while challenging their minds.
I've loved Saint Mary's since the first time I stepped foot on campus. The atmosphere was delightful an everyone has been kind and supportive. I've learned a lot from every teacher I've had thus far. The two years I've experienced at Saint Mary's have been difficult, yet phenomenal!
I sat in on a travel writing class and it was great. The atmosphere was open, the students were respectful, and the conversations were intelligent.
From what I have gathered with speaking to professionals, I am under the impression that they take sexual assaults very seriously, however, from other reviews, I get the exact opposite impression.
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