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In my experience with Saint Mary’s College the professor’s and the brothers are very helpful and go out of their way to make your experience at the college the best that they can. The housing is cheap considering the rent in the area. Overall it is a good place with friendly people.
Saint Mary's is an amazing school if you want to focus on your education. The teacher are more than willing to help each student and have office hours that are very helpful. However, the night life is not the best. If you don't have a car, it is hard to go out because the schools is in the middle of nowhere. You can get good at public transportation though and go to fun places like San Francisco.
As a business analytics major, vice president of pep band, and midfielder for the lacrosse team, there is a lot to do at Saint Mary's College; if you put yourself out there. I have a great experience in Moraga connecting with friends that I make through my major, through band, and through other athletes that I meet through lacrosse. The facilities are also always accessible to anyone, and there are tons of untapped resources on campus that are available to anyone; if you look for them.
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As a girl from Ohio, i’m destined to feel a little out of place in such a different place. Luckily, the student population is more accepting and friendly than I ever could’ve imagined. I’ve made many friends and even the students I don’t know, I’m not scared to compliment or chat with my classmates.
The professors are all immensely different from one another, in the best way. There is a wide array of teaching methods, as well as personality. It’s always nice to have change in between classes. All of the professors have office hours where students are welcome to come chat, ask questions, and go over grades.
This is my dream school and i’m so blessed to say it has completely exceeded my expectations for college.
I am only a freshman at St. Mary's but I love it. The first semester was definitely rough but Jan Term made me realize this is the place I want to be.
Saint Mary's College is a great fit for me. I prefer a small school, although not everybody does. It felt like home from day 1. I am a business major and I am satisfied with the level of instruction and quality of the program. The instructors are generally well qualified and are effective and skilled. SMC has offered me plenty of social opportunities to make friends. The campus is small and beautiful. The basketball team has a great reputation and the games are well attended. Overall, I am very happy with my decision to attend SMC.
15 years out of SMC, having taken undergrad courses at Berkeley; grad courses at Fordham, Columbia and receiving my master’s from NYU, I know that that this institution is top-notch. It’s definitely a you-get-what-you-put-into-it. You will encounter caring and passionate professors and a community. Every time I visit the campus, it seems more diverse and of course, that’s inspiring. I was a business major but the liberal arts aspects - learning to think deeply and to constantly question the answer with a critical view - is what this school is about. This school opens you up to making connections in material and in the real world. I went straight to NYC for a decade, two weeks after graduating from SMC. I will say that St Mary’s is a bubble; the school isn’t so much about teaching street smarts, but you can easily learn all things academic here, if you choose. Getting involved is key, too. And the alum connections are fantastic.
I really love it here. The small campus allows for a tight knit community, where you can easily talk to whoever you want, whether it may be students, teachers, or other faculty members. The school works hard to help their students succeed, and personally, I thank them for that.
It has a lovely campus. Their dance program is pretty good and diverse. They do not give enough scholarships to dance students. Food is pretty good in the campus. They have a beautiful rec center.
To whom this may concern,

The thing that I love most about Saint Mary's is the campus and its community. The atmosphere on this small campus is inclusive and diverse. Even being a first year student it is impossible to walk into our dining hall without seeing someone familiar and saying hello. People at Saint Mary's are not afraid to stop you in the halls or around campus and say hello. Our class sizes are relatively small, usually around 19 students but no more than 25, because of this, the professors and facility on campus know every student in their classes by name and will notice when one is missing. This inclusive community at Saint Mary's makes the environment more academically enriching and the students get more out of each class. For these reasons I have truly enjoyed my first semester of college and look forward to many more.
I am halfway through my MASTERS Program and so far , I have been very challenged with the curriculum, but am learning a great deal of things to use as I transition into a new career with my masters under my belt.
I am a parent who sent my student to this college, great campus, easy access to classrooms, to the school with needed security but not overwhelming. very pleasant teachers, parents, and students very friendly and family oriented with many activities to attend as a parent and student
I was a student here, until they raised tuition and housing cost yet again. The school claims to give huge amounts of aid then revokes it if you get outside scholarships, and has hidden costs you will not find until after you attend. And I am sad to say, no one will help you if you find yourself in a position like mine where you have to leave after a semester. Not only that, but they won't refund my housing deposit because I am leaving before summer and many of my credits are not transferable to other schools. It is a beautiful campus, many of the teachers are very kind, but the huge flaws completely negate all this, I am sad that I turned down other fantastic schools to attend here. One of my biggest life regrets.

The food is horrendous, like many of the other people on here I have had food poisoning from it. They will not fill your work order if something in your dorm breaks I'm sorry to say. If you need help overall as a student, I am sad to say it will not be provided to you.
I enjoyed my four years at SMC. After learning what I didn't like, I was able to find a career path that I love. During my time here, I discovered that I have a passion for teaching and helping others. I am extremely grateful of SMC for providing me so many wonderful opportunities and connections.
I have loved every moment of my freshman year. The challenging classes and inviting community are some of my favorite parts about the school. As soon as you step on campus there is a feeling of welcomeness and a true college experience.
It's a small school, so there aren't a lot of majors/minors to choose from. The campus is really pretty, but it's in the middle of nowhere. Food is pretty bad, especially on the weekend. Classes are small so that's nice
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I wish I had paid more attention to the reviews on here before enrolling here. There is nothing to do over the weekends; everyone who lives close by goes home for the weekend. The food is TERRIBLE. There is barely any variety or accommodations for people on a restricted diet. The food gets even worse over the weekends. SMC is located in the middle of nowhere so you need a car to go anywhere. There is little to no diversity and it's so small that it's like high school. The classes are also very small, which may be great for some people and not so nice for others. The administration at this school is also HORRIBLE. Getting the classes you want, especially as a freshman, is very hard. If you are looking for a party school, this is definitely not where you want to go. It's very hard to transfer out so be careful coming to this college; only come here if you are completely sure that this is where you want to go.
This is an incredible liberal arts education institution that helped me view the world from an multitude of perspectives. Each class is typically deeply engaging, challenging, and I've found admiration and value in all of my professors thus far.

With these positive attributes in mind, SMC needs to improve in listening to the voices of students by implementing new rules. For example, they've struggled to answer students demands for ethnic equality in our community, and the same for taking bigger steps to implementing green energy.
Ever since beginning at SMC, I have not felt out of place. The atmosphere is very inviting to all kinds, no matter how different you are. The academics are challenging but will make you a well-rounded individual who can attribute to any work or social environment.
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