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The school needs a bigger cafeteria to accommodate for large number of students during lunch and dinner hours. They should remodel many residence halls. The tuition increases, but no change anywhere. Where is the money going to?
Saint Mary's college will be great for students who strictly want to focus on academics or graduate school. If you put in the effort, you will be successful. Classes are small. It is extremely difficult to get classes without a good lottery time.
Social life is minimal. There is no good balance of people who want to work hard and party hard. Most people are friendly but do not want to be your friend.
Dorms come in single, double, and triple forms. Communal bathrooms get cleaned once a week. Since arrival, I have been evacuated, had water shut off, and construction outside every day.
All teachers are interested in their subject. You cannot be distracted in class. Sometimes when I visit office hours, I do not receive the help I wished for. But they are available at least once a week.
Saint Mary's style of learning is so out of this world from the way I was taught in public schools back home. There is so much constant learning through conversations with your peers instead of information straight from a textbook.
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Communication is poor throughout the campus. Some departments are super helpful, however others are extremely difficult to work with. I find that they focus their attention towards incoming students rather than honing relationships and allowing current students to be successful. This school tries to look prestigious and extremely concerned for their students, but they typically are not. That is not to say every department is unhelpful, however it has been a trend that the focus is solely on first years and prospective students rather than the ones who attend and pay for the college currently.
Good school overall. I liked the friendlyness of the professors and their gym where I spent a lot of my free time.
Being at Saint Mary's College has been a great experience for me. While it was hard at first to try and socialize with others, especially those of my peers, I quickly learned that it was quite easy to interact with everyone around. That is because most of the students there are like me: many feel shy at times; they sometimes struggle with finances and keeping up their grades; and are even confused about day-to-day occurrences like current events or how to write a proper essay. Being able to relate to such people has allowed me to feel like it is okay to make mistakes and be confused, because there are others that are probably feeling the same way as I do. This college has helped me better interact with other students and better understand what I can do to better myself. I feel like this campus is like a second home to me.
Saint Mary's is a fantastic school. The Professors knowledgeable and encouraging. Saint Mary's also has an excellent career center with a proven track record of getting student's desireable jobs post-graduation.
Life on Saint Mary's is peaceful as can be. Look from any window view and you'll get a beautiful scenery of the surrounding forest or the beautiful campus. In addition, the class size is well enough for you to raise your hand when you have a question or are having trouble. It's like a second home to you, and anyone student you pass by will be happy to help you out or make small talk with you. There is never a limit to the number of friends you can make. Because that's what Saint Mary's is all about.
Great campus and great environment. I expected the people there to be a bit stuck up but I feel very welcomed.
Overall I have loved going to school at Saint Mary's! I have met so many people and because it is a small school I feel like I really get to know my professors. There are lots of events on campus and I feel like the staff truly try and accomodate students. There is a new, awesome rec center! Because it is a small school, there aren't as many opportunities socially such as fraternities and sororities, which is disappointing. I also wish there were more food options on campus. Lots of the buildings on campus are very out dated because it is such an old school. There isn't much to do in the area, so you have to drive to get lots of places, which makes it hard if you don't have a car.
I love Saint Mary's! It's a great environment for learning and there are many on-campus resources to help students in their academics. Teachers encourage their students to succeed and are successful in helping their students do so.
Amazing psychology department! Lack of diversity and increasing tuition prices. The professors care and you are able to create relationships with them because of the small class sized.
The school is amazing because it offers an incredible amount of support and this makes failure almost impossible. The whole campus is both environmentally and socially beautiful and amazing. By this, I mean that the people are astonishingly kind and the campus is beautiful with all the nature it is surrounded by.
I like the location and the social atmosphere of the college. The professors take the time to help you outside the classroom as well. I have learned more about myself at Saint Mary's and I feel I have gained new skills and improved my skills. I have also gained some friends and great memories.
In my experience with Saint Mary’s College the professor’s and the brothers are very helpful and go out of their way to make your experience at the college the best that they can. The housing is cheap considering the rent in the area. Overall it is a good place with friendly people.
Saint Mary's is an amazing school if you want to focus on your education. The teacher are more than willing to help each student and have office hours that are very helpful. However, the night life is not the best. If you don't have a car, it is hard to go out because the schools is in the middle of nowhere. You can get good at public transportation though and go to fun places like San Francisco.
As a business analytics major, vice president of pep band, and midfielder for the lacrosse team, there is a lot to do at Saint Mary's College; if you put yourself out there. I have a great experience in Moraga connecting with friends that I make through my major, through band, and through other athletes that I meet through lacrosse. The facilities are also always accessible to anyone, and there are tons of untapped resources on campus that are available to anyone; if you look for them.
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As a girl from Ohio, i’m destined to feel a little out of place in such a different place. Luckily, the student population is more accepting and friendly than I ever could’ve imagined. I’ve made many friends and even the students I don’t know, I’m not scared to compliment or chat with my classmates.
The professors are all immensely different from one another, in the best way. There is a wide array of teaching methods, as well as personality. It’s always nice to have change in between classes. All of the professors have office hours where students are welcome to come chat, ask questions, and go over grades.
This is my dream school and i’m so blessed to say it has completely exceeded my expectations for college.
I am only a freshman at St. Mary's but I love it. The first semester was definitely rough but Jan Term made me realize this is the place I want to be.
Saint Mary's College is a great fit for me. I prefer a small school, although not everybody does. It felt like home from day 1. I am a business major and I am satisfied with the level of instruction and quality of the program. The instructors are generally well qualified and are effective and skilled. SMC has offered me plenty of social opportunities to make friends. The campus is small and beautiful. The basketball team has a great reputation and the games are well attended. Overall, I am very happy with my decision to attend SMC.