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Saint Mary’s is a place where I felt right at home from the minute I set foot on campus. Academically it was strong and socially it was like having 1600 sisters. I loved every minute.
Saint Mary’s College is very invensted in the needs of their students. The faculty works with students and offers many options to make sure the students have bright futures.
The students are classy and educated young ladies who have been taught the importance of helping one another,to always be kind and to strive for perfection in every single aspect of their lives.
The teachers really cared about the students and give the students the necessary tools to succeed.
The only problem is that some people in the administration don't look after the students, and sometimes a students can feel neglected due to this.
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I love that it's an all girl school because you are not as intimidated to participate in class and say what you want to say with out worrying about what others will think. I also love the close-knit community and the strong friendships that are created.
Saint Mary's is a great place to find yourself and be supported by everyone around you. At Saint Mary's you meet great people, receive a great education and are encouraged to pursue what you want to do. The porfessors truly care about your success and will do everythign they can to help you.
Saint Mary's College is a wonderful campus with small class sizes and a beautiful scenery. The dorms are wide spread and have very nice lounge areas. The students are all happy about the campus and the lovely new facilities that they are building and improving upon.
I recently just transferred here, and so far its been great! The classes are small, so you really get to create one on one relationships with your professors. The dining hall food is really awful, and you have to live on campus all 4 years unless you want your scholarship taken away. However, the academic part is great!
Saint Mary's College is more than just a learning environment, it is a second home and a place to grow into a well-rounded, educated, and strong woman.
The small campus and tight not community. Then if you want a big campus you just have to go across the street to Notre Dame.
I really like Saint Mary's College because of how welcoming the school is. Going to college four hours from home can be very scary, but this college is so welcoming that it makes the transition easy. One thing I would like to see change about it is the food.
The school does very well with communication with the students. I will be starting in the Fall with graduate school, and I am really excited be apart of the school.
It is an amazing all girls school. They have so many opportunities here that is impossible to not succeed. Great environment. Small school environment makes it easier to learn. You will make friends from all over the world and that I believe is truly amazing. I truly learn so much new information everyday. I get so many opportunities to study abroad and to really dive into so many different societies.
I absolutely love my school. It has been the perfect fit for me. From the friends I have met to the classes I am taking, there is nothing I would change. There are so many opportunities here socially, academically and spiritually, that anyone could find their niche here.
Saint Mary's is a small school across the street from Notre Dame. The college partners with the university so you are able to take classes there and participant in their events as well as Saint Mary's. The college focuses on education and development as women.
Saint Mary's College- Notre Dame, Indiana is the University of Notre Dame's best kept secret. Saint Mary's deep sisterhood, rich history, and outstanding academics truly make it my definition of the happiest place on Earth. Any college has it's ups and downs, and I would do anything to see more diversity on campus, and half decent food in the dinning hall, but Saint Mary's is a true gift, and I am happy to call it my home.
the first days are a lot about meeting new people, orientation is fun because you'll probably meet your friends there. be open to new people, looks are deceiving and you can find amazing people behind looks that you thought they weren't your type of person. you feel so proud of calling yourself a belle almost immediately and it's so much fun
I feel safe at Saint Mary's. SMC takes the students' safety seriously.
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SMC is one of the best choices I made. I know I will never forget the memories that I made there. The school gave me more opportunities than any other school could have given me.
I've been in many different schools' dorm rooms. SMC had the best campus housing.
The facility will be awesome once they finish the renovations.
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