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Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Reviews

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The reason I chose Saint Mary-of-the-Woods is because of the campus size, the beauty of the campus, and the friendly atmosphere of the college. If you're not a fan of huge schools, SMWC is perfect for you. It is easy to find what you are looking for and everyone is very friendly and helpful. I feel safe and happy at the Woods and I would never pick another school to attend.
I like the small classroom experience at the Woods. Being a nursing major it helps have a close nit relationship with my peers.

I would like to see a change in accommodation of study areas throughout campus. It can get crowded in the few study spaces and I hope one day they expand on this endeavor.
Note: I'm an online-only student, which limits what I can give feedback about.

I'm in the online paralegal certificate program, which I decided to apply for after seeing the stellar reviews. This program definitely lives up to its reputation. The professors are great, and the content is a great mix of practical and theoretical. I'm especially a fan of PL112, which is a crash course in using the WestLaw database - a fun but extremely practical class that I'm really glad I took, because I think it'll help me the most in my future career. If you're considering the paralegal certificate program, you can't go wrong here.
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I have had a very great experience at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. I have recieved great education and received more funding here than at any other school. All departments really work well with you to get you done with school with the greatest success.
The classes are small and inviting. Knowing almost everyone on campus really does help you make friends and learn how to stay connected to the communities around you. If you choose to go here, you'll have an amazing academic experience for sure!
I loved the atmosphere at Saint Mary’s. It felt like home away from who and everyone was so welcoming. Everyone is so helpful and really work one on one with you about any questions or concerns you may have. I especially love the student ratio which allows for more one on one basis with the students.
Private college that provides a lot of opportunities for kids in all aspects. There is a lot of leadership roles we can apply for and activities to be involved in.
Saint Mary of the Woods has a beautiful campus along with a great atmosphere. All of the professors are very helpful and friendly. As an athlete my professors are willing to work will my schedule so I am able to excel in all areas of my college education.
I love Saint Mary's. Everyone is friendly and it's a great community to live in. My professors are the best I've ever had and they always make sure everyone in the class understands a topic before moving on. I think parking is a big issue here so I would like to see that change.
I have had an overall good experience at Saint Mary of the woods College. I have had a lot of struggles that have caused me to be a little distracted and the school has worked with me to achieve my overall goal of getting my bachelors degree. I enjoy the tutoring option and the help each professor gives and the academics are good as well.
Haven't gone yet just accepted for the year of 2019 for my master's degree. I had to get two referrals and submit a written essay as to why I wanted to attend saint mary of the woods college. Since I am 37 and I work as a freelance programmer I wanted to attend Saint Marys so I could continue working while going to school. I was just offered a position with Ellucian and will be relocating soon so I am excited to start at the university.
It has a beautiful campus and small class sizes that give you more 1:1 time with the professors. There is a lot of philanthropy and history to go with the school. It has newer liberal arts opportunities that some public liberal arts schools may not have such as; strong music therapy and art therapy majors.
I love SMWC. I love the campus environment and the teachers. The school is a dry campus. There is no drugs or alcohol allowed on campus I love that because I'm not really into the party scene. For people who are big parties should think about that before coming here.
I loved the atmosphere of the Woods! Everyone is so welcoming and is all about helping you suceed. The class size is very small once you get into your major which allows you to create a better relationship with your professors. I do wish that they offered a wider variety of majors in science.
This is only my third week at SMWC as an online student, but even after going to campus once and emailing and talking to professors, registrars, and my advisor I absolutely love it. Everyone strives to help you succeed and are really helpful and also very understanding. Everyone I know that has gone here was right! It is a beautiful amazing college. Everybody empowers each other and I’ve met some incredible folks.
The campus is gorgeous. The financial aid is not so great, but all the professors are so welcoming and kind.
Great college to attend. Ranked best school to attend by USNews. The campus is beautiful. The professors are wonderful to work with. And the staff are a wonderful group of people. I am blessed to attend this beautiful college.
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Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is an awesome school. Since it's so small you know just about everyone! The professors are wonderful and the small class sizes you get plenty of one on one help.
The campus is absolutely beautiful and amazing. The professors and instructors truly care about your success. I would like to see that the financial aid office be more helpful in finding ways to pay for tuition since it is so expensive.
I love this school. My four year experience was priceless! Small class, sizes, caring professors, BEAUTIFUL campus.
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