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Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Reviews

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I love SMWC. I love the campus environment and the teachers. The school is a dry campus. There is no drugs or alcohol allowed on campus I love that because I'm not really into the party scene. For people who are big parties should think about that before coming here.
I loved the atmosphere of the Woods! Everyone is so welcoming and is all about helping you suceed. The class size is very small once you get into your major which allows you to create a better relationship with your professors. I do wish that they offered a wider variety of majors in science.
This is only my third week at SMWC as an online student, but even after going to campus once and emailing and talking to professors, registrars, and my advisor I absolutely love it. Everyone strives to help you succeed and are really helpful and also very understanding. Everyone I know that has gone here was right! It is a beautiful amazing college. Everybody empowers each other and I’ve met some incredible folks.
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The campus is gorgeous. The financial aid is not so great, but all the professors are so welcoming and kind.
Great college to attend. Ranked best school to attend by USNews. The campus is beautiful. The professors are wonderful to work with. And the staff are a wonderful group of people. I am blessed to attend this beautiful college.
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is an awesome school. Since it's so small you know just about everyone! The professors are wonderful and the small class sizes you get plenty of one on one help.
The campus is absolutely beautiful and amazing. The professors and instructors truly care about your success. I would like to see that the financial aid office be more helpful in finding ways to pay for tuition since it is so expensive.
I love this school. My four year experience was priceless! Small class, sizes, caring professors, BEAUTIFUL campus.
As a student at SMWC, I had an unbelievably positive experience academically, socially and culturally - I was able to study abroad, to hold leadership positions in many campus groups and committees, to develop my own initiatives, and I felt as though I was 100% supported academically. As an alumni, I have felt that same support through career counseling, alumni networking, and the simple, yet unique feeling of being "home" when I'm on campus.
This place is the perfect place to empower leaders. It breads strong, intelligent and capable leaders with a voice. SMWC absolutely changed my life and gave me opportunities I'm positive I wouldn't have had anywhere else. It's a setting designed to help students succeed. The smallness helps to give students more support from professors, faculty and staff and an easier time accessing resources. Town is just minutes away with plenty of things to do and places to go for a night out and away from homework. It provided me the opportunity to play college sports, make lifelong friends and launched me into a career I love just 2.5 months after graduation. Without a doubt the best decision of my life was to attend this college and I owe so much of my success to my alma mater and the faculty/staff who helped encourage, support and challenge me along the way. You will not regret the decision to attend Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College!
I loved my experience at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. The Masters of Leadership Development was a perfect fit for me. I was able to work full-time and complete my degree in one year. The skills I learned were invaluable and the professors were wonderful. They really cared about me and my future.
As a graduate of the campus program, I recommend that anyone looking for a small liberal arts college experience look into Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College! The people, the environment and the programs are truly something special. College is an experience and an investment in your future...make the right one. Don't miss out on what SMWC has to offer you!
I love my small campus and the opportunities it brings to get involved. Everyone here is so kind, friendly, and helpful! The dorms are spacious and they maintain some of the original charms from when the building was first built in 1923. The only real complaint I have is that the food they feed us here is expensive and not great quality. Other than that I believe I go to a great college with amazing character.
As the parent of a 2016 graduate of the college, I am very pleased with the quality of education she experienced while at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. Because it is a small, private school, she had excellent personal attention from faculty, she was able to become a leader on campus, she learned how to think for herself, she felt encouraged to study abroad and participate in numerous service learning trips. We are both exceedingly pleased with the degree she earned, and the beautiful campus buildings, grounds and atmosphere is just icing on the cake!
The people here at SMWC are fabulous and very friendly! However, some of the teachers don't have the best teaching methods!
I have yet to see what my career prospects are as a BA of "Professional Writing."
I never saw the housing offered at SMWC.
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Again, I have never been interested in "Greek" life, so my opinion on this is not helpful.
I just don't care about athletics so my opinion on this is not helpful.
SMWC has been very convenient for me as a working mom. The online module is very practical and easy to navigate. The professors are likable and knowledgeable, and for the most part very available to students. The study material has been largely engaging and interesting.

However, the faculty departments are somewhat evasive and very difficult to reach by phone. Many of my previous credits from a community college were NOT transferable, even though I did thorough research before deciding on SMWC. I discovered this to my chagrin and was forced to re-take several courses (dangerously depleting my financial aid). If you choose to transfer credits from another school, do not expect a straightforward answer from anyone at SMWC concerning this process. Expect to re-take even the most generic generals (ie English 101!!!, Intro to Philosophy, Intro to Religion/Spirituality, most Math courses, etc).
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