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Saint Louis University - Madrid Reviews

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Don't help you much with finding internships. Same thing if you want to transfer, they just want you to go to Saint Louis, Missouri.
I wish I could give this awful, unorganized, inefficient, all around TERRIBLE school zero stars. The faculty are scattered and biased against certain students from certain parts of the United States. Even worse, department heads are virtually useless and dumb. I wish I had attended any other school in Madrid, this school is not worth the money or time. Don't get me wrong, I made great grades because it's not hard to do here at this brainless institution so this isn't a spiteful post, it's just the truth.
I began my freshman year of college at SLU Madrid, and am already transferring right away for next semester. I don't really think the school should even take permanent students, as it seems like a better place for the study abroad kids who come. The resources on campus are very limited, most kids just go to class and go home. Even though it's a small school, it's hard to get to know people, and the professors aren't great for the most part either. I'm really disappointed.
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SLU Madrid is small American university in Madrid offering a surprising variety of courses and degrees. Ideal for students who want to study abroad in Madrid and have great access to travel throughout Europe.
SLU - Madrid and the city of Madrid in general are very safe.
Although I am only a freshman, job prospects seem to be pretty good.
I have enjoyed my time at SLU - Madrid very much so far.
The athletics program is small on account of us being a small school.
Overall, my school is excellent at engaging students and faculty. However, it is a bit small, and for that reason it can be limited in resources.
Regular seasons, no snow in the winter but it gets very cold and the summers are very hot.
You are pretty safe on campus. Be aware of gypsies that hang out outside of the campus buildings. They are very fast so keep your valuables close and dont let anyone surround you or try to get you to sign any papers for them.
There are 2 computer labs which are usually very full, you can print in both labs and at a seperate printing center. Network reliability goes on and off as it pleases and is not very fast ever. However, you rarely need your computer unless you are bored between classes.
Always a great time when you go out. be sure to find a lot of hole-in-the wall bars. Explore around your neighborhoods! Also for very cheap is 100 Montaditos, a great chain place that is very affordable. Overall, clubbing and barhopping is a must for Madrid and generally affordable however certain places have expensive cover charges. Try to grab drink before you go dancing. Drinks in clubs are expensive. Everywhere is accessable by metro or walking.
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