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SLU Madrid is a private, Catholic university located in Spain. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 605 undergraduate students.
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Avenida del Valle 34
Madrid, Spain

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Don't help you much with finding internships. Same thing if you want to transfer, they just want you to go to Saint Louis, Missouri.
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I began my freshman year of college at SLU Madrid, and am already transferring right away for next semester. I don't really think the school should even take permanent students, as it seems like a better place for the study abroad kids who come. The resources on campus are very limited, most kids just go to class and go home. Even though it's a small school, it's hard to get to know people, and the professors aren't great for the most part either. I'm really disappointed.
SLU Madrid is small American university in Madrid offering a surprising variety of courses and degrees. Ideal for students who want to study abroad in Madrid and have great access to travel throughout Europe.