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There are a bountiful amount of networking opportunities through clubs and events. Along with tons of faculty eager to help you get the best out of your education and your career.
I liked the jesuit education echoes through coursework. One thing I think SJU can improve on is their student resources and student aid.
When I visited Saint Joseph’s University, I had a great experience. The campus was beautiful, the tour guide was great, and their location was ideal.
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We did a college visit and have friends and family that have graduated from St. Joes. It's a beautiful campus, not too large where you get lost in a crowd. I am considering St. Joes for the fall of 2020.
Saint Joseph's University does have its problems, but overall it isn't a terrible place to go to school. The academics here are rigorous in all departments and teachers take their jobs very seriously. Food on campus sucks, especially if you're a freshman and can't cook your own food. Students here are generally nice, even though they are moderately cliquey. The staff and public safety security is really kind and they make SJU feel very secure.

Several racist incidents have occurred on campus during the past couple of years that aren't being handled right. The school lacks diversity, and is made up of mostly the same rich white catholic demographic.

The school is located in a good area, and although there is already much to do on campus, there is even more to do in the city which is just one SEPTA stop away.
Saint Joseph's University is a great school to be apart of for so many reasons. There are so many different clubs and activities to get involved in you can never feel like you are missing out. Also Saint Joseph's University os a friendly community where everyone who comes feels immediately welcomed.
Great school with many different major offerings. For the small class sizes they still have so much to offer. Sports and other activities.
It has very nice campus and a lot of people who care about you. There is not a lot of color people or diversity. They food life is really good and they have a lot of stores around. There is many activities to do and trying new things.
I loved my time at SJU. The campus has a small school feel with the resources of a large state school. The faculty at SJU are highly regarded and many of my professors held or were pursuing advanced degrees.
I am a student transferring out of Saint Joes because of the lack of diversity. Commonly posted on Saint Joes website is pictures where they would try to make it seem like the campus was diverse when really there is a lot of segregation and a lack of inclusion and diversity.
Overall great experience at SJU for both undergraduate and graduate school. Quality Jesuit education to make well rounded students that are well prepared for future success.
I love SJU. The community is so welcoming and a lot of the faculty takes time to focus on their students. The school spirit that is present on campus is so obvious to anyone that walks through. I've never felt so immediately welcomed into a community. The clubs and activities available are diverse and unique, and the location of SJU allows for a lot of fun.
Saint Joseph's University is my home, the kind community and supporting professors allow me to become the best version of me. I am in Alpha Omicron Pi, a social sorority, and the women there are the best women I have ever met and the social sorority gives me opportunities like none other. Campion, the dining hall, isn't great but it's edible food which is expected from a college dining hall.
Excellent instructors and available classes. There are countless options and areas of study, and the support given is incredible. Any time I have a question, I get a return call or email promptly. I have returned for classes for certification and was able to register and start in less than two weeks!
Saint Joseph’s is in a beautiful area, with a wonderful campus. The campus has plenty of green area inside a busy city. Improvements can be made in the dining hall and recreational facilities for students. Meal plans can be improved and updated, as well as exercise equipment and space for
the non-athletes.
I had a wonderful 4 years. I made some awesome friends. But i wish they focused more on the students that are not in the business school. The food could get better.
Honestly, it's excessively average, student involvement it either very competitive or not good at all. the classes aren't competitive, but campus ministry, clubs, and frats are.
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I love this school, the only problem I have with this institution is the dining hall. The food is sub par. Also, try to hire newer coaching staff for athletics.
very friendly atmosphere, from students to professors, staff. have become more involve in campus life. this school offers the ability for day and evening students interact and form bonds.
My experience at Saint Josephs was amazing. I always thought I knew that I wanted to be in a quitter area and not in the city. However, when visiting I realized you get the best of both worlds, you get the city and the campus still has grassy areas. The campus is beautiful with a gothic stone look. All the students have a balance between academics and their social life, eager to make friends and work towards their goals is exactly what I am looking for. I felt at home when I visited, and can not wait to spend the next chapter of my life there.
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