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The food is mediocre, but the people are very welcoming. the campus is amazing, it sits on Sebago lake. They have lots of opportunities and scholarships availabe
This school is very small and close knit. The professors are always available for one on one time. The classes are small making it more personable. Sports are D3 and the whole school is there to cheer on every team. Only flaw is sometimes the food is not the best, but the veggies are almost always fresh from the farm across the street.
Overall, I have had a great experience at Saint Joe's. The students and staff are all very friendly and helpful. Because the campus is small, you truly get to know your professors and build strong relationships with everyone. The campus itself is beautiful, and on clear days there is a view of Mount Washington. The campus sits right on Sebago Lake, so if you enjoy the outdoors, there is a lot to do. The only down-side to this school is that there aren't many places outside of campus. To get to Portland, the nearest city, it takes 45 minutes to an hour.
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The teachers are great and they really help you to succeed. Very small college so I love that you're not just a number. Many great opportunities outside of the classroom. I would like to see the dorms be changed to more modern, include kitchens
I am a student in the Saint Joseph's College's Graduate and professional studies program. I am in love with the online format. It is easy to use and allows me to continue living and working while studying. The professors are wonderful and provide helpful critiques.
I'm a freshman who lives in Cassidy dorm. Everybody here is super nice and the classes are really entertaining. I'm having a great first year and participating in the clubs is a really easy way to make friends
Professors are so approachable and so caring.
Security was initially laid back and would only take action to break up parties, etc. if they absolutely needed to. By senior year, security would search for reasons to write-up any and everyone they could. Security is too power hungry.
Suites and Pods are great. All other housing is mediocre at best.
Great school to meet friends. If you are a nursing or business major then you will receive an adequate education. The college is drastically overpriced for what is offered.
Baseball and Basketball are the focus on campus.
They try hard to prevent anything serious from happening and if anything serious does happen then there is proper punishment.
The programs are great however, finding a job as a freshman is rather difficult.
I'm only a freshman but so fair I've had a really good year here and hope i'm able to continue coming here for my next 4 years however, i would need financial aid to help with that.
The house is well done with RA's being well trained to the house keeping dong a great job at keeping up with the cleanliness.
As the Assistant baseball manager I've come into contact with the Athletic programs here and I have to say they are well done. The coach is also very very good and always does everything in his power to help his men and others on campus.He expects us to help out around campus and be involved individuals that look out for the college community.
This college has been a very great time for me with everything on and off campus to do.
Review Saint Joseph's College of Maine
It's your average housing. I wish we had more town houses on campus for people who wanted to experience an apartment
We offer a variety of programs from fine arts to business, to nursing. Since it's a liberal arts school, you will learn more than just your major which only helps you
Campus safety is always around, you always feel safe where ever you're walking. You can call campus safety or the nurse at anytime
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