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Private not-for-profit, Catholic
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Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
2850 Abbey Plaza
Collegeville, MN 56321

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367 reviews
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Wonderful school and wonderful people. The school offers so much to the students between the academic help and the activities to do on the weekends, they have so many resources to utilize it's almost too much to ever get to all of it in four years. But the school is lacking in the housing by not having the nicest of dorms and not giving the open opportunity to live off of campus which means your forced to pay the high dorm fees for only par dorms. Going with almost all the students being required to live on campus means that the party scene is quite a bit smaller than virtually equivalent schools , you can take that how you would like. It is college and so the focus is your studies and for getting a great education and meeting great friends and professors this is the place. I personally enjoy the ability to talk with all of my professors whenever I have questions and knowing that the professors know me more than just a person who took their class but knows real qualities about me.
Living on campus so far has been one of my most favorable experiences. Especially freshman year, as the school very much encouraged us to meet one another and hang out, so we did. To describe it, it was like one big year-long sleep over. Multiple movie nights, video game sessions, and just late-night talks with friends. There were so many good times. The first and second year dorms aren't the best, but being able to live close to good friends makes up for it. Upperclassman get better options when it comes to housing so I am looking forward to a nice apartment either next year or my senior year. The campus itself isn't very big so all dorms are pretty conveniently placed when it comes to attending buildings for class. Although I, myself, have never really had an issue with the housing process, I've heard from older students that it can be quite frustrating sometimes. Overall, the campus housing at Saint John's has been a great experience.
What I love about Saint John's is that we are really one big family. The entire community of the school is really like your brothers and sisters and the monastic community as well as administrators are equivalent to aunt, uncles, parents, and etc. I am very grateful for the community because almost every school other than CSBSJU are not as close-knit as we are at CSBSJU. If anything had to change it would be how much a community is open to the idea of change, this goes for policies.