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I like to say if you go up some mountains, then go up some more mountains, you'll finally reach Saint Francis University. Being a small university in the middle of nowhere, the students become a tight-knit community who support each other. Whenever there are events, whether is be sport, art, music, etc., the student body shows up to support each other. I made some really good friends that I still communicate with and visit.
I love the environment of Saint Francis University. It's a small town college that reminds me a lot of home as I view this campus as my second home. The students and staff at this university want to see others around them succeed and work towards a better life. We are a tight knit community as a smaller campus everyone is aware of each other from everyday interactions. I love attending and hopefully will graduate from the college amongst the pines.
I really love Saint Francis. I have had really amazing experiences with everyone on the campus. All of the faculty are friendly and caring. The professors are all approachable and flexible. I think the campus is beautiful as well. I really wish they would stop cutting down trees and removing so many of the bushes and shrubs around campus.
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I love the small, hometown feel of the campus. Also, the professors are fantastic here. I would like to see the dorms updated and the directors of Residence Life fired and new people brought in
I like the people on campus, everyone is nice and easily approachable. I love the support and easy access to professors.
I love SFU. There are many opportunities to do things outside of the classroom. The classes are challenging, which I appreciate because it makes me think more.
I love that Saint Francis University is a small school among the pines. The people and professors there really make sure you are not only prepared academically, but for being apart of the community.
This will become your home away from home and the place you long to be. This hidden gem on the mountain top is a community like no other.
Saint Francis is a wonderfu, small university with great programs of study and Division 1 athletics.
Saint Francis University is a great small school. There is a ton of hands on experience and more opportunities than one may see at a larger school. The professors are so incredibly nice and will help as long as you go to their office hours. The social atmosphere is great if you are and athlete, but if you are not involved in sports it can be kind of hard to feel like you "fit in" so to say. It can feel like a giant high school sometimes as well.
I am currently taking classes online for my Master's program. My current experience with Saint Francis has been wonderful.
Saint Francis was not my top choice, but I'm very glad I ended up deciding to go there. The class sizes are small, so there is a lot of one on one time with professors. Also, the professors are extremely committed to helping you succeed and will work with you to make sure you are reaching your full potential. The campus is very small and not around any bigger cities, but the school has activities almost every weekend to make sure students have something to do.
I love this Univeristy. They have a wonderful staff who cares about the education of their students. The university I located in wonderful little town and the campus is beautiful and well maintained. They have a wonderful adult degree and continuting education program.
I love saint Francis!!! If you want to be someone in this world saint Francis is a great start. Being a student athlete here is amazing, we receive a lot of support from the students, and faculty. Saint Francis is a great place to continue your academic career, It is very challenging but with hard work, and dedication you will succeed I promise.
I just finished my first year at Saint Francis and I can't wait to go back for my second year. Even though its a small campus, it is still a lot of fun. As long as you have friends the size of the school doesn't even become noticeable after a while. Everyone is so nice and the professors love being there. The sports are great also. If there's one thing I don't like about Saint Francis, it has to be the winter but I've learned to adapt.
I love Saint Francis University. The school has professors who love helping students do their best. Many students have interviews or jobs lined up right after graduation. Student organizations host activities on the weekends for breaks from work. Saint Francis University is a Division I college but is small so the athletics are good and entertaining to watch. The dorms are small, but they are functional for the needs of a college student. The town has many opportunities for apartments that get rented to SFU students. The campus rarely has incidents regarding the police. Campus Police makes regular rounds around campus to keep students safe.
I love attending SFU. Although it is in a small town with no a whole lot to do, SFU has things going on all the time.
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I really enjoy going to Saint Francis University. When I visited it here for the first time, I immediately felt like I was at home and I was really comfortable walking through the campus. The classes that they offer here are really good, too. They have great resources that are free to use like tutoring, the writing center, and the laptop help desk.
In your first year, the student activities organization tries its best to make sure there are things to do every weekend, giving students an opportunity to go out and meet new people. As someone who may be homesick, it really helps. Bring back Gubbio!
Small sports oriented campus were Athletes get priority over everyone else. Best advice is to be friends with your professors and talk to them they will help you out. I've had a lot of nice, caring, and smart professors. They classes aren't to difficult and very easy as long as you study. There are some bad professors and Highly reccomend you go to and check before selecting a class. Campus is very boring and dry but Greek life is surprisingly good for what it is. Be careful and control how much you drink and Be smart cause the RAs will call the cops and they will arrest you for drinking and you'll have a meeting with Łynn banks. Beyond the boring campus, corrupt campus police, zero drug tolerance, no privacy, cops opening your dorm an searching it without consent or a warrant, and students acting like girls in high school spreading rumors and tons of Drama other than that it's an amazing school with Great Health Science majors. Food is terrible advoid Torv.
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