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Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing - Illinois Reviews

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I was able to be accepted by my senior of highschool with an ensured spot. They are also allowing me to attend a semester early without having o reapply. All of the staff are friendly and willing to help.
Saint Francis is a great school connected to a great teaching hospital. The professors are great and clearly have a passion for teaching and nursing. I have truly felt like each one of them has wanted to see me succeed. While the school isn't the newest or flashiest they have adequate accommodations. Having the school connected to the hospital makes having clinicals so easy. It's great being able to just walk over. The staff at the hospital are welcoming to students and understand that you are there to learn. Overall a great school which opens doors to a hospital with infinite job opportunities as an OSF Healthcare affiliated hospital.
This place is a rip off. Constantly raised fees with no explanation for them, except that "well other colleges do it too". Completed a 4 year masters program, only to find out upon graduating that they completely restricted our areas of practice. They knew for 2 years that this was happening but did not notify students so that they would not lose money from students transferring programs to another school. It's a "catholic" school, so I suppose we should have known that we would get ripped off at some point. Pick another school.
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I have had good experiences so far. The teachers push you to the max because they want their students to succeed. OSF is very big here in Peoria Illinois and being a part of the school and working at the hospital is really rewarding. OSF has a passing rate on the NCLEX of 93% which tells you a lot of how committed they are on their students to pass and succeed.
Very bad part of town to live in near campus.
very open at this college
We do not have internships.
I think the truly value our education for nursing.
The college is located in a unsafe area of town however I have seen police patrolling often
I have really enjoyed my time here so far.
I think this college is very trendy and update to date on social life with the use of social media.
we have none available however the survery wouldnt let me leave these answers blank.
Library is awesome however the other areas need updates
I think the attachement to the hosptial sets this college apart.
I think there should be more choices for late night.
I am an online student and have rare exposure to other students in person.
In grad program, strong competition for "the big 3" core classes. More instructors are needed.
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Few scholarships available; cutbacks took away employee waiver.
Few student activities due to large online student body.
Small computer lab, easier to bring your own.
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