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I've toured St. Edward's twice and each time I went, I was surprised by the diversity and openness it has to offer. When I stepped foot on the campus, I felt at home which is something I was looking for in a university.
I came to St. Edward's not expecting much, but it did surprise me in some aspects. I made very good friends, and I found the classroom size and the teachers to be very helpful. There are some things that I feel should change, the food being a big part. There are 2 dining halls on campus, both of which close at 8pm. After 8, there is little to nothing to eat. One of those dining halls is also closed on the weekend. The thing that is opened latest on campus is the coffee shop, which is nice, but doesn't serve much food. There is also not much range of food, and the food is way too expensive for what you are getting. I great addition to campus would be perhaps an actual restaurant on campus, or something that serves food after 8. The activity on campus is also not the best. There are times of the day where the campus is dead, and I wish I saw more interaction from the students.
One thing I would have loved to know prior to going to this school... There is usually only one professor per subject. For example there is only one art history professor and one sculpture/art inquiry professor. This can be a problem. If you are required to take two semesters of a particular subject, you are required to stay with that same professor. If you do not get along with them you will have to take them again or change your major! Complaining about a professor is very awkward and not worth it. You have to sit in front of the professor and the dean of your subject and talk through it. It will almost always not go in your favor as the deans are buddy buddy with the professors. Most of the professors are tenured too. ON a side note, The food is not very good and it is over priced. For example a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is 6$. A turkey sandwich is 8$.
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I feel as though my relationships with the counselors and professors is real and personal.
They empathize and communicate strongly, and have treated me like I'm a part of a family, even before I was admitted to the school.

I've been to public university as well, and felt as though I were on a conveyor belt. Complete opposite experience at St. Edward's.

The classes are also always small, which lends to more networking, personal relationships, and engagement.

I'm really over the moon about going there.
I like where the campus is located and the culture it has, but there is a lack of diversity within administration and staff.
I love St. Edward's! It's a beautiful campus, the students and professors are all so wonderful, and the volunteering opportunities they have are amazing!
I love the community and close environment. The numerous opportunities that are offered and the willingness of professors to help you succeed.
A safe and beautiful campus, full of helpful and friendly people. so many ways to study abroad and serve the community are available here. It's one of the nicest places I've ever had the privileged of staying at.
I'm just starting out here, but honestly, I would like for the bathrooms to be better. It's really awkward to hear everything, the shower is small and there's this rusty knob above the middle of the shower, and the toilets are super majorly loud.
The dorms are honestly alright I guess, but when comparing them to other colleges they seem lackluster.
The food, campus, and professors are good though!
I love the small community. The staff and faculty genuinely care about the students. I wish there was more school spirit.
Beautiful campus with a view of down town. Friendly environment, great professors and staff. Have many different opportunities for jobs and internships.
My mother and I visited the campus and were impressed with their Academics. The size of class and the life coaches assigned to you so as 2019 freshman .You will get guidance and continue to grow spiritualty.
As an ethnic minority coming from a low-income household, I felt my experience was different from the majority of students that attend here. It has been been a great learning experience and the education I have received has been highly valuable. The campus is beautiful as well. However, being a private university, I feel that some economic and humanitarian decisions have not been the most adequate or appropriate in the best interest of its students. There seem to be few professors who are humble and genuinely care about my success. My education and friendships gained here have been the most rewarding, but other aspects of attending and living at St. Edward's University have made me feel as if I could have made a wiser decision attending a more affordable university.
I enjoy the small classroom atmosphere which enables close relationships with the professor and a more easier learning experience.
The campus is beautiful and is filled with large amounts of greenery. The professors are extremely nice and helpful and are willing to answer your questions. The only thing that I believe needs improvement is the parking situation.
My overall experience at St Edwards University has been great! Everyone is very welcoming and makes the campus feel like home. The dorms are nice and there are various ways to get involved with the student life on campus. As for the local area, there are many stores, restaurants, and things to do during your free time.
Expensive private school. As much as I love the people that I met there, student life is very small and every friend I met was in a mutual class. The professors are very verbal about their contracts and openly do not care about your well being. That goes for the art program.
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Wonderful school with wonderful staff. They have a great reputation here in Austin and many graduates leave here starting great careers. Yes it's a private school but they really help you with getting financial aid as well as scholarships.
St. Edward's University is a small beautiful campus located near downtown Austin. The professors are amazing, and you can tell they care about their students. The job I have now is due to a professor writing me a recommendation letter. Go Hilltoppers!
I really enjoyed the experience, it provided me the opportunity the open up and find myself as a person at the same time of obtaining a great education. I have met great people and well educated students at this university. Professors at St. Edward's University work hard to ensure that their students understand and are able to apply the knowledge learned into the students intended field. Overall this campus is hidden gem.
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