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Saint Augustine's University is a private small four year university. This school is built upon the episcopal church and is a great school for any body who likes small schools.
I enjoy it wish it had more programs . I really enjoy the fact it gives others a second chance. Also really enjoy that it’s a small college
I like that there is time for one on one with the professors. You can walk to most of the buildings around campus and they are not to far. You are to talk to your department dean and you can also talk to the university president either by making a appointment. Sometimes you don’t even have to do that, you will be walking and see the president walking also and he will talk to you.
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Saint Aug is a poorly functioning institution with low student morale, poor faculty retention, unkempt facilities, and underwhelming academic programs. I was dripped on by a moldy ceiling tile in the ladies' room. Water leaked into a lighting enclosure during my class. My professors often cancel class. The faculty, staff, and students mistreat early college students.
The overall feel and environment of St. Augustine’s University is very homey. Most of the professors care and will help you when needed. However, some improvements can be made.
I would like to see them change the way they run the school. They run the school how it used to be ran in the 1970's.
While attending Saint Augustine's University I have had an average experience. The people are nice but the school is unorganized.
Black mold, leakages, and roaches in residence halls, Very disorganized school in finance & student affairs departments. School is in debt & they take it out on the students by making their tuition skyrocket. With all the money they raise & take from students you’d think they’d fix campus issues like unfinished field, no locker room for athletes, closed down buildings, and limited parking. I understand that the school is in debt but no student wants to enroll into or stay in this environment.
My experience at the school so far is great it open avenues for you get internships and later jobs. The life at the school is pretty good becasue you get the chance to be involved in activities that are being held on the campus.
Saint Augustine's university is a historically black college that does not have many students attending the school. therefore schooling facilities are adequate for everyone, for example chairs, desks, food, and many more. the community of saint Augustine's university allows one to grow as an individual without being spoon fed or having opportunities delivered on a silver platter. opportunities are available for everyone, but in the school it is encouraged to be initiative and take on the world as an adult.
the staff at the school is accommodating and committed to doing their work, from the food that we eat to the security taking their time to help anyone even with a small matter such as finding locations to certain areas of the school which is important for visitors and freshman.
it is a place that lets you see the world as it truly is, as there are people from various back grounds from within america to international students.
It has been a great experience. Academics are great. Every professor cares and takes time to know you.
I like the family based type of school it is. I would like to see changes in diversity and the planning for school activities and the way they have set up the different dorms.
My experience at saint augustines is a very good experience, I have done so many things here on campus and I have met so many people who acts like me. I have been able to focus without any distractions. I've also gotten to know my professors and they know me. I was undecided about coming here but I do not regret it. Great people. The campus isn't big but it is a perfect size for me.
Something that I like about the school is that there is teachers who are always advising you to be successful and the importance of going to graduate school. It is a small campus so everyone know each other. Something I’ll like to see change is the good that is being provided on campus. Better variety that student could have and actually enjoy so they do not spend so much money buying food outside.
Financial aid is a little off but everything else i great. The food the people and the activities. Although the staff is kind of crazy with paperwork. They lo
St. Augustine itself was okay. Trying to get any answers regarding scholarships, admissions etc, was painstaking. The classes were fine. I ended my freshman year with a 3.4. The cafeteria was not good. It wasn't open half the time and those that played sports barely ever got to even use it. Lots of money spent dining out. The campus apt type living was not bad. It was a decent sized room and had to share a bathroom with the guy next to me. Just do your research before going to ensure they can help you with scholarships.
Saint Augustine's college is a wonderful college that provides a great learning environment and ensures black excellence. It's a private HBCU in Raleigh, North Carolina and my experience was great. The teachers care about their students and make sure they can do everything they need in order to succeed for their degree. The environment is peaceful with lots of learning activities throughout the school. Me personally I say my freshman experience at Saint Augustine was perfect and i recommend this school to anybody.
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I really enjoy the classes and the professors. The professors are really cool, and help you get the assignments. The campus is really close to restaurants and the city of Raleigh really helps you get a job.
My experience at the amazing Saint Augustine’s University was I believe very average freshman experience. I really love this school because it’s a small campus and everyone is so nice welcoming. Also almost everyone knows each other so there’s no reason anyone doesn’t have any friends.
I can say that saint augustine's university is a very small school, and you can get to know your professors better and its a very safe environment. What needs improvement is financial aid because they're raising the tuition and they're giving less money.
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