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My experience at Saint Augustine's University was a very interesting experience. I have had so many learning experiences in the classrooms, I have met many new and interesting people and professors, and many more. I would recommend this university for other students.
The living conditions could be better. But the university is a great starting point and is a very homely environment. It is very small in numbers, but you will have a place to get involved as well as get awesome opportunities.
As of right now i am loving Saint Augustine university. There is alot to do but the only that bothers me is the safety, anyone can walk on campus. We should also have more school activities
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This university will sell you dreams. I got accepted into a lot of schools but I chose this one because when I visited it seemed so family oriented. once I got here I still loved the school until things got real. Security DO NOT CARE if you're hurt or in danger. they allow students who don't care about their education to run the campus. Administration seems to be "scared" of students. The cafe is horrible and the lunch staff is rude. I will say it is a lot of freedom and I like having my own bathroom but it's not worth it....
I like that the teachers are very helpful when i need help with assignments and the school is made from friendly people and maybe the school could have better food
I love the small environment and how you are able to get one on one help with you're professors. I tend to agree that professors put a lot of effort into teaching their class.
it's been good so far just. I haven't yet gotten that flaring pride of my school yet
most students don't push themselves to max of their potential, but you never know one of the laziest people in the class are as intelligent as the best A student. they need more push
  • 8 months ago
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its god, the staff are friendly and helpful
Need to create more better looking buildings and amenitites to attract the students
They need to get their act together and become good examples.
The football team are not trying hard enough, to show that they have what it take's to compete, and be a star.
My school was able to give me the tools I needed for my career, both academically, practically and emotionally, to deal with the obstacle that I will face as time comes by once I begin my journey to the next level.
Campus is secure. Fenced environment.
Student center is old dated, with not many resources.
  • Mar 1 2016
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Some professors can exhibit a bit more interest in student learning.
Many dorms empty due to low enrollment.
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It's good, have friends who are Greeks.
Sports teams not ver good.
It is a goog school, however, jsome professors do not take the necessary time to help you fully understand. Enrollment is down due to financial aid and the university administration is more concerned about keeping the doors open. Not a lot of opportunity for internships either.
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