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I loved how attending this college really brought me out of my shell and introduced me to people that I am sure will be life long friends! The only thing that is annoying to deal with at times is the lack of parking during certain times of the day. But overall I love going to school here.
The advisors are helpful in offering advice about transferring to a 4-year university, but one must take a class to adequately learn about different career paths. Saddleback prepared me to transfer into the Cal State system and their advocacy of "15 to finish" allowed me to transfer with my lower division units completed. The affordability is unmatchable.
I enjoyed all three years here at Saddleback. I was involved in the soccer program which lead me to make many new relationships. I had great professors and the campus is always clean. I spent a lot of time in the LRC in between and after classes working on important assignments. The counselors are great and Mike Long especially helped me out more than a lot. I must give a huge thanks to him because without him, I would not be in the standing I am with my track to transfer to a four-year university. Overall, my experience here was fantastic and I am sad to leave but also excited to start a new chapter in my life.
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I’ve been going to saddleback for 2 years and it’s going marvelous! One thing I will change in the school will be to expand their horticulture department land. But besides that buildings and land are in great condition. The math and science department also go a new buildings a couple years back so it’s fairly new. I do recommend this college to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge with many different people.
Saddleback is a great school if you are wanting to save money. What you put into this college is what you will get out of it. Work hard and you’ll get far.
A big campus. Nice and clean. The staff and students are very helpful and friendly. Everything on campus is located fairly close together. The location of the college is very convenient and easy to find once of the freeway. Saddleback is located in a very beautiful area. From campus you can see the roaming hills.
I went to saddleback and they provided great classes and very helpful teachers. Though I had to take a break for a few years, I am now a returning student dedicated to my education thanks to Saddlback.
I like Saddleback because they offer a lot of things to students, such as access to a lot of information about transferring. They are really good about helping students get to their goals, and they have helped me quite a bit.
My experience at Saddleback has been great! I have loved my professors, and have gained a lot of knowledge from them. On top of gaining much knowledge with my education, I have met life long friends at Saddleback. I have had a fantastic experience at Saddleback College!
This School Sucks..I went to this school for a semester and I gotta say it sucked. Instructors that don't know how to grade. Hot teachers at this school are good for screwing. Especially a couple of ones that I know..a health lady.
I love Saddleback College, there is plenty of resources and support but there is a lack of on campus housing for students. That would help out a lot more college students.
It’s an acceptable school if you already know what you need to do to get out and go to the 4 year college you want to. Otherwise I had an unremarkable experience with the teachers I encountered, and the counselors are completely useless so make sure to talk to the admissions counselors at whatever school you want to go to because every time I went to my counselor I got information that was completely wrong.
Saddleback College was a great experience. I mostly did my coursework through Recovery Education Institute (REI) in Orange, California. The professor's would come to REI to teach us.
great community college. Professors are excellent, lots of different programs, online and on campus. Also in a fun area. close to the beach.
Enrolling at Saddleback College has been one of the best decisions of my life. I've been able to study with professors that truly care about teaching and sharing their knowledge.
Clean campus, great professors. All the staff here that I've encountered has been very nice. The science building is immaculate. I was able to get the classes I needed from the first semester I enrolled here. The only thing is that you need to be careful of some of the counselors. I've had 3 different counselors tell me 3 different things and all of them were completely convinced they were correct. I've heard others complain about the parking, but I have never had even a small issue finding a place to park on campus.
Saddleback College offers many opportunities for students to excel and achieve their educational goals. Teachers here are extremely invested in their students and are willing to help and put students first. Many organizations and clubs are on campus and are very inclusive and diverse. The transfer center is also very good at their jobs and provide students with the tools and advice necessary for them to transfer.
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Saddleback is a very diverse community college that is really known for helping students transfer to a four year. I think that the campus is very student friendly. Saddleback caters to all your needs; free tutoring, counseling, and academic counseling as well. It is a awesome school to go to highly recommend applying there!
So many resources and classes available to students! There are schedules provided , that allow for you to build on, and are varied. Teachers are also awesome, I have only encountered one that I didn't really enjoy.
The professors are really great and influential. They really care about the students and their successes.
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