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The staff are firm but fair. If you engage them in a professional manner, they will most likely take the time to help you. Parking can be a little difficult in the mornings. Excellent student veteran program.
Some professors are awesome and don't make you buy an expensive book. Others will charge an expensive book that you will rarely use and have boring unhelpful lectures. Their air conditioning doesn't work well in one very poorly ventilated building- had to change majors because I couldn't focus in the building with all my require classes for criminal justice.
The art/music program parallels many four year university programs. Highly recommend going to save money for a comparable education.
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A great stepping stone to a 4 year. Just don't stay too long. My experience with my professors varied greatly, just read reviews before enrolling in classes. Can't beat the value.
I was in the science department, and I had some really excellent professors. Unfortunately, the academic counselors weren't really able to help me much with planning for transfer, so I had to do all my own research. Some of them even advised me wrongly, and I had to go against their advice because I knew it would mess me up. Besides that though, I personally never had any issues with registering for classes. Parking gets rough between 9am and noon, so get there early!
I love my accounting professor. She is very engaging and provides you every effort to succeed assuming you do the work. I'm pleased with how organized my online professors are.
Saddleback college has a very nice campus and the students seem respectful. Also im excited to start attending this school in the fall this year.
The students and faculty I have interacted with are definitely devoted to education. There are numerous opportunities for students to get involved on campus.
Saddleback is an experience like no other. It provides a friendly, fun, and exciting environment. The class sizes are perfect and its a great pick for community college!
I liked Saddleback's campus. It's quite spacious and easy to navigate around. The only change I'd like to is easier access to parking but I think that counts for every college.
Awesome community college, huge campus and amazing professors. it feels like you're at a four year university.
Best programs. Very resourceful. I decided to go here because I didn't know what I wanted to do at first and this place helped me out a lot on figuring it out.
Saddleback Community College has been such a good experience in my life. I couldn't imagine anyone failing or dropping out of Saddleback because of all the resources and help that they offer. I am Water polo, swimmer, and diver and I couldn't have thought of any other team or coaches to be with. There are very good teachers at Saddleback and the faculty are amazing workers and helpers. Saddleback has a huge diversity of people and it's good to see that I'm going to a college that's so widely known.
I think Saddleback is the perfect community college to go to if you plan on transferring to a four year university. The classes are interesting and the professors are all excellent and intelligent. It was an easy campus to navigate and there were so many resources on campus that were designed to help the students- like the tutoring center, the library, etc. Loved going to saddleback for three years!
The campus is clean and safe, and all the teachers I had really want you to succeed. There is a wide range of classes offered to meet everyone's transfer needs. The only hassle is parking, which can be a little difficult in the mornings since everyone is scrambling to get to class.
In High school, my biggest fear was not being able to leave my home town for college. Now, as a sophomore at Saddleback Community College, I have learned the importance of taking your time. Attending Saddleback Community College I was able to maintain a full time job as well as remaining a full time student with an overall GPA of 3.35. I was listed on the Dean's List two semesters in a row for academic excellence. The two years I spent at community college allowed me to mature as a woman, and better understand myself and what I want in life. I believe that Saddleback Community College is a top secondary school and has beneficially impacted many students lives in the Orange County area.
Saddleback College is great however the only problem I have is the parking spots. It is full in the morning and really hard to find a spot.
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course availability is excellent with class times conducive to the working individual. College professors are all top-notch with a level of integrity second to none, always helpful, compassionate and exhibiting extraordinarily high levels of concern for their students
I've had some of my best memories here in Saddleback because I've found some really good people in this school. Now, the campus isn't usually known for their student life because most of the time the students are either at home or at work, but when you have a lot of time at your hands and you look around, you can find your niche.
The teachers all want to see their students suceed. I haven’t taken one bad class there. The campus facilities are beautiful and the teachers and faculty all work together to create prepared students for work or furthering their education.
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