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I've been able to stay in contact with my teachers well, although last semester my English professor stopped posting assignment for 1 month and I couldn't contact him. This semester has been much better and I think zoom meetings should be required for some classes.
I've enjoyed my time at Saddleback although I wish I were going in person. Of course I believe it is for our safety and hope that one day Saddleback will figure out a safe solution for all of their students. They've been very helpful with helping their students during these difficult times. I've been able to contact a counselor whenever I'm in need of one.
Due to Covid-19 everything has moved to online learning. At first it was a bit of a weird transition, but the staff has done a great job of adapting and making this transition easier.
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I love the staff and everyone there! They are kind and very helpful in answering my questions or pointing me in the right direction. I would like to see everyone back on campus, but due to Covid-19 I know that won’t be for some time.
Saddleback offered online classes before the pandemic hit and I had taken many of my classed online already. I think that the professors were very well prepared to move learning all online. Many professor record their lectures which is beneficial because you can go back in case you missed anything. Furthermore, the discussion boards that some professors have help keep students engaged and see the opinions of their peers.
I chose to go to Saddleback because it made sense financially and the quality of education has been pretty good, especially for the subjects under the umbrella of liberal arts and social science. My classes have been slightly challenging and I do feel like I'm actually learning. It's a good school, the professors and advisors actually (for the most part) want you to succeed and are invested in helping you when you need it. They have many classes to choose from and it's easy to find at least one interesting class each semester.
I have always had a good experience. I liked taking a lot of classes that weren't offered at my high school here like Python, Computer Science, ASL, and Multivariable Calculus. I haven't had one teacher that I felt wasn't fair and accommodating.
My online experience was good. Professors had a lot of office hours so that students that needed extra support could get that. Everything, from assignments, tests, and finals felt fair.
The Professors I have got the chance to take classes with are very experienced and passionate about the subject. The facility at school however is not very impressive. The math and science building is very old and in my opinion, needs a serious upgrade.
There are two different types of online classes at Saddleback due to Covid. The first one is the usual online class where you do not have to attend class at any specific time. All you have to do is log in once or twice every week to do the discussion board for participation and the week's homework. The second one is the converted online class where you have to be online at a specific time. These classes are pretty much the same as the ones you take on campus. The professors I have taken try their best to make the experience in class as interactive as possible to give the same vibe as normal classes.
I took Farsi/Persian language class online. There were no issues and the teacher was available for personal virtual consultations when needed.
I took Interpersonal Communication at Saddleback with Mr. Torres. It is probably the best class I've taken in my whole educational journey. All content taught was applicable to real life and he used interesting anecdotes to engage the students. The school also offers lots of international language classes. Good online courses. Class hours were good and there was lots of parking. The area is nice and school is close off of the freeway.
A good college. Professors are good and my classes online were challenging but my professors made the effort to keep my classes engaged.
Good online classes. Professors are engaged. You can communicate with classmates through Discord which is very useful.
I have attended a four year public university, a private university and multiple community colleges. Saddleback College has been my best experience out of all of them. The staff & faculty truly care about their students. The education quality has been comparable, if nothing better, than my previous schools. I would recommend this college to everyone!
The online experience has been great. It has been an adaption for everyone but with the professors being invested in their students and willing to help has been great.
Online classes are easy to navigate since they use canvas, but due to covid, a lot of teachers who normally teach in person are now online. Some teachers are still adjusting, but overall it is easy since saddleback offer so many online classes precovid.
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Saddleback College is easy to navigate and it is easy to register for class and enroll. Most of the staff are super helpful, but it can take a while for you to find someone to help you.
This school makes it easy for everyone to be able to attend a variety of courses they offer. I only have two minor issues: the website and the complicated mapping of courses. The website is hard to navigate through and always shows some sort of technical issues blocking students from accessing information regarding courses. The classes are also difficult to choose when the school requires so many other classes to be attended in preparation. For example, for me to take general Chemistry, I have to complete Precalculus, which requires a prerequisite course as well as taking a class called Chemistry 3, which is not even an offered course to take.
So far, navigating the digital world of academics during quarantine has been a breeze. The instructors understand the difficulties many students are facing right now and the use of platforms such as Canvas has been useful.
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