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I love Saddleback College. It offers good programs and instructors, a varied schedule, and good academic support. I took many classes there over the years. Eventually, they sent me a degree in the mail! I didn't realize my classes had added up to an Associate's Degree. I especially enjoyed the art department.
My academic career here so far has been a part of the Nursing Program, although I have also taken Pharmacology and Spanish at this school. All of the professor's I have had so far are incredibly knowledgeable in the areas that they teach. There always seems to be resources, and specifically in the nursing program do the office staff reach out to students often with work and scholarship opportunities. I've been to several community colleges already, and this one has the best campus and sense of community.
Saddleback has some good teachers, but it is very difficult to get classes that you need. Counselors make it difficult to transfer out in 2 years, but if you are determined it is definitely possible.
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Saddleback College is an amazing college that provides university level teachers at a community college price. I found that the majority of the teachers were dedicated to having high standards of excellence and performance. The only thing I would change is get a larger parking lot. I have thoroughly enjoyed each class taken at this college.
Great value. Pick your professors wisely. They fix problems and seem to spend my tuition money intelligently - the school has improved significantly in a short period of time.
Professors are extremely helpful and have many resources outside of the classroom to help students understand difficult concepts. The campus is small and easy to navigate, however parking is a nightmare!
Saddleback was a good start for me. I went from wanting to be a part of the fashion industry to being interested in psychology. The professors were nice and helpful and the counselors help you as much as they can.
I started at Saddleback in 2016. I was nervous to start but Saddleback has been a great transition school for me. All of the professors I've had have been so helpful and respectful. They treat you more like a peer than a student because they are truly invested in your academic success. Just like any other school, however, you have to put in the work. Good grades don't come easy. Now that I'm transferring out, I feel so prepared and ready to start my next chapter and I'm very satisfied with my experience at Saddleback.
I absolutely love Saddleback College. The professors are amazing. They are so nice and caring and are genuinely incredible people. I’ve taken numerous classes and can’t complain about a single one. The teachers want students to succeed and do well and go out of their way to help students. They have really great classes there with lots of options and varieties. The school loves to put on events and encourage student envolvement. You will never not feel supported and cared about at this school. I highly recommend going to Saddleback College. The campus is pretty, the students are nice, and the staff is very helpful.
Some departments are superior to others. The environmental studies program is unique compared to other community colleges. Leaves you well-rounded as long as you put in the work.
It was a great school, but it did not offer enough student life. The professors were great and always willing to help!
The only issue you might have is with Financial Aid. They take forever to process it and really will try to run down the clock so you won't get the money you need for school
I like that Saddleback feels very similar to high school with the social environment, yet gives the flexibility that I would expect to find in a university.
I loved being at saddleback! They have a tutoring center, which really helped me with doing well in my classes. Also the teachers are willing to help students that are struggling as well. For the most part, the campus is pretty nice except for the SM building that is a bit depressing in some areas.
I have attended a previous college where I did not feel like I was getting any guidance from counselors or professors. At Saddleback I have been able to get any of my questions answered and I feel that I have the tools I need to reach my goal.
My experience has been good. The campus has a nice layout and the academic are pretty good. It's in a okay location in Mission Viejo. Both enterues to the school are by busy intersections. Overall Saddleback is a wonderful school.
The staff are firm but fair. If you engage them in a professional manner, they will most likely take the time to help you. Parking can be a little difficult in the mornings. Excellent student veteran program.
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Some professors are awesome and don't make you buy an expensive book. Others will charge an expensive book that you will rarely use and have boring unhelpful lectures. Their air conditioning doesn't work well in one very poorly ventilated building- had to change majors because I couldn't focus in the building with all my require classes for criminal justice.
The art/music program parallels many four year university programs. Highly recommend going to save money for a comparable education.
A great stepping stone to a 4 year. Just don't stay too long. My experience with my professors varied greatly, just read reviews before enrolling in classes. Can't beat the value.
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